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Radiohead In The Age Of White Genocide

I was pleasantly surprised to see Radiohead return with their weird, and strangely addictive, brand of angst laden introspective ambient rock. Listening to music which could, understandably, be deemed miserable and depressing has often struck me as a particular and peculiar European pass-time. What bands such as New Order or Joy Division or Nirvana or Radiohead are actually singing about is by the by, they tap into a latent melancholia which has always existed in the European soul, which European musicians, whether modern or classic, have always explored.

 A brief glance at the titles of Radiohead's songs and albums over the years reveals quite quickly where they are coming from-Fake Plastic Trees, Paranoid Android, Fitter Happier, Climbing Up the Walls, How to Disappear Completely, Life in a Glasshouse, Ok Computer, Sail to the Moon etc. Radiohead are exploring the isolation, atomization and malaise of post-modernity, the internal struggles, the dark cloud of feeling the world, and our lives on it, are superficial, that it simply ''shouldn't be like this!'' wrapped up within lead singer Thom Yorke's emotional falsetto vocal and copious dollops of melodic brilliance.

 The typical Radiohead song conjures an imagine of an obese slob who watches reality television between random bouts of wife beating, the wife being a soulless dead eyed tramp who has no dreams or longing beyond mobile phones and consumer junk. Our slob, in a one-time only moment of self awareness, steps outside himself and contemplates the dead animals which he ate without thinking, his shit job, the wars being carried out in his name which he doesn't understand and then, allowing a solitary tear to trickle down his fat cheek, it dawns on him that when he was a boy and pure of heart, he dreamed of so, so much more.

 So where is all of this stuff coming from? what drives Radiohead intellectually? what sits behind all those cryptic lyrics and lashings of operatic existential angst?

 Thom Yorke describes reading Noam Chomsky's ''Manufacturing Consent'' as a ''Formative Moment''. According to Chomsky privately owned mass media, high finance, the Military-Industrial Complex and the political class, all co-operate and compliment each other in achieving convergent goals. This is ''The System'' and The System has reduced the masses to a Kentucky Fried Chicken munching horde of farting retards, spoon fed ''Wars on Terror'' as the last hummingbird on earth chokes to death on the noxious gasses created by the furnaces of capitalist production. Or as Radiohead put it:

an empowered and informed member of society 
will not cry in public
less chance of illness
tires that grip in the wet 
a good memory
still cries at a good film
still kisses with saliva
no longer empty and frantic
like a cat
tied to a stick
that's driven into
frozen winter shit 
fitter, healthier and more productive
a pig
in a cage
on antibiotics
There's obviously a good bit of meat for the Nationalist to enjoy in this interesting brand of Left Wing thought, though it doesn't tell us anything we didn't already know. The problems appear when we delve into precisely who, or what, is actually at the heart of The System. The System, for these thoughtful Leftists, is self perpetuating, who runs it or why isn't important, it is the structures and power centres which drive it, regardless of who operates its control mechanisms. It spreads and grows because it must spread and grow, it's more like The Borg from Star Trek or Islam, it's a virus, its purpose is to perpetuate itself. You will note that this is not the same as the far more moronic and poisonous doctrines of White Privilege Theory peddled by the more recently birthed SJW school of Leftism. Indeed, it's quite reasonable to assume that The System itself created the SJW movement to misdirect an awakening citizen-consumer as to the identity of The System's operators. 
Too Many Woods, Not Enough Trees

 Any Nationalist worthy of the name should be able to cut through these Leftist webs with consummate ease.Why, if The System is simply a means to gain more power and resources and consumers, why then is it so paranoid about one relatively useless patch of desert scrub in the Middle East? To be fair to Chomsky he has been highly critical of Israel and neo-conservatism in general. He's asked that the Holocaust be made open to public debate. But only Nationalists look deep into the inner core of The System and see, and speak, and create amusing memes about, who or what is there, and as we know, it's members of Chomsky's own group, the Jews. The suspicious White Nationalist mind might even go so far as to accuse Chomsky of brushing the footprints of his people out of the snow...

 My issue with Radiohead is that they're pouring heartfelt and very White emotions, melancholia and empathy into a dead-end created by the same group who, ultimately, are responsible for the creation of The System which has created the misery of the world, the misery and despair which Radiohead articulate so well. 

Why weep for a tree frog when Norwegian children born today will be a minority by early adulthood? a change which The System has forced to occur within just 3 decades, a change which will overturn at least 10,000 years of history! That is the ambient rock power ballad I want to hear and it isn't a million miles away from where Radiohead, or other thinking Leftists of this hue, are now intellectually.

Our people will never find salvation in universalist ideals because you cannot possibly defeat a power structure which imposes universalism with yet more universalism. If we establish that nature and the natural is more spiritually fulfilling than crass materialism then why not go further, why not bring it all the way home to the human and then on to the ethnic and racial and understand that we are part of nature and should be treat as such, yet for ((some)) reason the intellectual Left has no problem with introducing the equivalent of the tree frog and the scorpion into the Irish countryside if we idiotically call them social constructs. And so the destruction of The System rolls on, crunching over everything of value like a tank over skulls. There is no way out of the labyrinth of modernity for the Leftist mind, they're trapped.

 Or are they?

One of the new songs from the latest Radiohead album 'A Moon Shaped Pool'' the aptly named ''Daydreamer'' features  Thom Yorke wandering aimlessly through houses, streets, car parks and alleys, it's their standard theme of the atomized individual going nowhere without purpose. The video ends with Yorke scrambling into mountains and finally resting in a snow cave, he has escaped, but he is not yet at home there.
From a strictly musical perspective Lau Nau, a young woman from Finland, is not that far from Radiohead, she deploys a similar melodic and vocal structure to Yorke, she isn't as technically accomplished as Radiohead, few are, but she has escaped the labyrinth of The System, her music is not a damning critique of modernity or being a consumer drone, she's passed beyond it, she's returned home, she's an Aryan girl in a snowfield. 
Has the girl in that video read Chomsky's work? probably not and nor should she, it's all junk compared to the purity of spirit, the embodiment of natural innocence and belonging she seems familiar with. 
And Radiohead? perhaps, just perhaps they and others like them will, one day, find their way out of the maze of modernity, but until then, we can appreciate their postcards from the heart of The System.

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