Wednesday, 11 May 2016

The Great White Leader

Europe’s Last Dictator and Prince Joffrey

By Rationality 

There is a country in Europe that is not obliged to take in millions of refugees. A country that is more like a theme park modelled on the Soviet Union; the hammer and sickle are everywhere. A country that has very strong borders and proud of it. A true European ethno-state. Welcome to Belarus...

There is something I absolutely love about Alexander Grigoryevich  Lukashenko, the President of Belarus, inevitably known as ‘Europe’s Last Dictator’. Maybe it’s the nostalgia of the USSR or his Prince Joffrey son, Nikolay, always by his side (I imagine there will be a twist and really it’s Putin’s son or some insane Jewish conspiracy to take Belarus away from its people in some Game of Thrones plot re-enactment). A hard man that takes no nonsense. Of course бацька bats'ka, "daddy" has an autocratic style leadership and as things stand now, you are probably less ‘free’ as a citizen of Belarus then here in the UK. This is certainly a police state and you wouldn’t want to mess with the law there. There isn’t the same abundance of consumer products as here and there are less economic opportunities. But he keeps his people safe and free from the degeneracy and moral decay of the outside world, globalisation and importantly the Islamic hordes our ‘leaders’ have brought in, in their millions (that they don’t even disguise with ‘humanitarianism’ and ‘our duty’ any more. It’s the Agenda stupid and nothing but nothing can stop it). It’s inconceivable that Europe in 2016 has such a throwback from another era. Slowly we realise why strong White autocratic leaders are not allowed to rise to power here in the West…

Minsk is a wonderful place to go and recommended. There are hardly any immigrants in Belarus so there’s no loitering, unease, petty crime and vandalism; though it has to be said the police state has a lot to do with that. Minsk is clean, it is modern and it works. There are no tawdry strip clubs or debauchery and you feel safe walking around at night. It may be a little dull to some. The Orthodox Church is thriving, as in Russia, and evidence of a society where Christianity is respected unlike the un-disguisable putrid mess it is now in the West. But most of all what Belarus has is cohesiveness and a bond between its people that is unlikely we will ever see here in the UK again. It wasn’t that long ago we felt similarly.
X Factor communist style

This is a scene from the 70th year anniversary Great Patriotic War victory celebrations last year. You can see the identikit apartments, the well-choreographed communist routines, the flags, the main memorial and the peaked caps of the Belarusian service officers. You can also see the kids and they just look so normal, completely white and homogeneous and you know they will never lose out to what our kids have, by being at the mercy of the non-European kids and a political and social structure working against them. No gang rapes. No molestation. No identity politics. No miscegenation. There’s much to be envious about.

But paradoxically this is a very communist regime. A dictator, the promotion of family life, flags, marching, strong borders, armed forces and patriotism feels more like the right wing dystopia we have been conditioned against all our lives with Hitler, yet we see the same thing in Europe today with the opposing political ‘totalitarian’ regime Germany destroyed itself to fight. As we descend into a different type of communism in the West right now, more (((international))) based, our values such as freedom, opportunity, liberty and civil representation slowly slip away towards autocratic authoritarianism. However Jewish international communism wants to abolish the nation state, identity, sexual morality and the family, Russo style nationalistic communism exists to defend those values. What system is more ‘left’ or ‘right’ wing in this context? It seems absurd that a far left regime preserves the values we hold dear.

With the rise of Donald J Trump we recognise what we have been missing all our lives, strong leadership and popular policies that rallies the European American people. Someone who stands up against malevolent forces. This environment enables the collectivisation of European Americans due to a shared purpose of belonging to a race and culture that has been steadily and purposefully eroded. It isn’t just about agreeing with Trump’s policies, it’s the common interests between the vast amount of supporters to build those networks to promote political solutions. The treacherous neocohenservative movement is finished in the US thanks to Trump, leaving a gap the Americans must fill. 

We see Great White Leaders elsewhere such as Putin, Orban and Lukashenko stand up to the internationalists and their malign power. Instead in the UK we get shifty salesman types such as Cameron and Blair whose purpose is not to unite, but to bullshit us constantly, keeping us bewildered resentful and divided. PR spiv front men. TPTB hate it when we work together as they have spent so much time and effort in keeping us atomised and individualistic, powerless to resist their never ending, with what is the true definition of the word ‘evil’  against us. As they plunder our continent and bring in the barbarians to sack Rome, Europe desperately needs a Great White Leader for us to rally behind. Putin and Trump are the template for what works. Behind such a man we will work together and we will be unstoppable.


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