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The Last Whites Of The East End

"Have you ever wondered, perhaps, why opinions which the majority of people quite naturally hold are, if anyone dares express them publicly, denounced as 'controversial, 'extremist', 'explosive', 'disgraceful', and overwhelmed with a violence and venom quite unknown to debate on mere political issues? It is because the whole power of the aggressor depends upon preventing people from seeing what is happening and from saying what they see.Enoch Powell.

This week the BBC broke with all protocol and historical precedent by airing a documentary which was somewhat sympathetic toward the White British who've been ethnically cleansed by the British establishment. 

There was some element of the usual BBC trickery, for example, one of the most prominent of the 'White British' fleeing Newham, the East London Borough where this was filmed, was mixed race, half Black/White who was married to a Romanian woman, they had a young daughter, another young man was half Indian and one of the people most sympathetic toward the fleeing Whites was a Bangladeshi. But nevertheless, the BBC broadcast a documentary in which White British people who're being ethnically cleansed had an opportunity to look  straight into the camera and say ''We're being ethnically cleansed!''. Usually, when the BBC report on 'sensitive issues' they neuter the content by overlaying a moronic slapstick-lite soundtrack to make it all seem a bit of lark, Last Whites of the East End was mercifully spared it.

 The demographic transformation of the old Cockney East End has been brutal, the 2011 census reported that White British were down to 16% of the population, and that was taken 6 years ago, it is now estimated to be 12%. Within that, wards such as Green Street East and Green Street West are now 4,8% White British(!). It cannot be stated enough, there was no democratic mandate whatsoever for any of this, there was no public debate, nobody voted for it, indeed, as we shall see, the British establishment did everything they could to stop the East End Cockneys voting their way out of it via the BNP. If any other ethnic or racial group had been treat in this manner by their own political class it would be considered a crime against humanity.

 The general tone of the documentary can be summed up as one of loss and loneliness, the passing of an age. The Oakham family have always been in the East End, their ancestors were the 'salt of the earth' Cockneys Charles Dickens wrote about. The matriarch of the family, Debbie, is preparing herself for the flight of her one of her daughters, the daughter has two children and, like so many others, has decided they should not be brought up as a White minority. Debbie understands but nevertheless, it's just another bond being severed, another little strand of East End history being cut.

 Muslims don't drink so all the pubs went under, all that remains is a dilapidated working men's club held aloft on the pensions of those too old and too poor to leave Newham. The landlord of the club describes the club as an ''oasis'' where the Whites can ''mix with their own''. The grizzled old Cockneys spend their time in the club drinking lager and engaging in nostalgia, remember the year that...what about the time Charlie....oh he was one alright!. The imbecilic Leftist on Twitter might quip ''They came here because you went there'' and the club certainly gives an impression of actually being a long forgotten colonial outpost, lager, darts and old women ballroom dancing as the Black and Brown Islamic masses shuffle passed just yards away outside.

 Mixed race Tony laments the passing of an age ''It's all gone'' in times gone by Tony was made to feel uncomfortable because he was too dark, now he's a minority again because he's too White, and with a young daughter he too is now fleeing to the White Flight safe haven of Essex. Because as Tony explains, nobody, absolutely nobody, wants to bring up a little girl in an area dominated by Muslim men. 

The BBC's soap-opera "Eastenders" which is set in London's East End is often criticized for it's non White quota, in reality, as a reflection of the East End, Whites are hugely over-represented, making up around 70-80% of the cast. If the soap was to accurately portray London's East End it would be radically different. There would be subtitles throughout most of the show, non Whites would make up 88% of the actors and the story lines would centre on the interactions between Somalians, Nigerians, Jamaicans, Pakistanis etc. The Queen Victoria pub would have closed down years ago and turned into Mosque or government funded African out-reach centre. Nobody would watch the show because nobody could possibly identify with such a ''community'' they would switch off, just like the real life East Enders ran off. 

 During the course of the documentary various people ask how this could happen, the Bangladeshi interviewed scorns the Whites for simply ''throwing in the towel'' and leaving without a fight. Tony tells an anecdote, a young White woman he knew was physically and verbally attacked by a Somalian girl, she was called a ''White slag''. Tony asked the White girl why she didn't fight back, why put up with it? she replied that she couldn't, she was White and if she tried to do anything she'd be accused of racism and her life would be destroyed, safer and easier to just be insulted, and the non-Whites know it. Others in the documentary have other, similar, stories to tell. So in a sense they've answered their question. Whites could never fight back, the game was rigged against them from the start, anything they did would be called racist, and indeed, when they tried to mount a defence by voting for the BNP that is exactly what happened.

There's a recurring theme in British politics, Whites will happily vote for Labour or Conservative, they'll carry on voting for them as their areas begin to change racially, but then, at last, when it's obviously an attempt to socially engineer them out of existence, they desperately ''lurch to the Right'' but it's always too little too late, it's the last scream before the fall of the axe. This trend was seen in areas of Yorkshire and London during the 2000's with the BNP. As The Guardian reported at the time:

 The far right British National party is to field a candidate in the race to become executive mayor of the east London borough of Newham.
The news comes on the same day that the home secretary, David Blunkett, attacked the BNP's "vile racism" and called on politicians of all parties to fight against the far right's influence in next month's local elections.
Newham has traditionally been Labour-dominated and if the BNP is to win it has to defeat Sir Robin Wales, the council's current leader and clear favourite for the mayoral job.
The party's platform includes plans to cut back all local spending on projects that promote multiculturalism, halting any expenditure on asylum seekers and giving "local British people" priority on housing waiting lists.

By 2005 so many of the White British in London boroughs were panicking that the BNP looked to set to make serious electoral gains. So much so that the entire political and metropolitan establishment, with the BBC playing a central role, united in a concerted effort to destroy the BNP. 
The Guardian ''Parties unite to try to drive BNP off London council''

Little has distinguished Warren Northover from any other backroom activist during his five years in the Labour Party. He has attended meetings, stuck down envelopes, handed out leaflets and canvassed for two MPs. But today the silver-haired taxi driver becomes the key figure in a cross-party effort to resist the drive into London of the racist British National Party and to stop it gaining a foothold in the south-east.
 In today's byelection in the Goresbrook ward of Barking and Dagenham, Mr Northover, 70, will try to wrest back the BNP's only council seat in the capital.
It was relinquished when Daniel Kelley, who won the ward last September, stood down citing ill health. But the extremists see the retention of Goresbrook as key to a wider plan to capture a block of seats at next year's council elections. They have the springboard of having secured 16.9% per cent of the vote in Barking at the general election and the knowledge that 10 council seats could fall with just a 5% swing.
 But other parties are determined to stop them. Both the Liberal Democrats and the Greens have withdrawn their candidates to give Mr Northover a better chance, and the Tories have fought a vigorous campaign. The seat will also be contested by UKIP, which could drain votes away from the far right.
In recognition of the importance being accorded to the contest, the Home Office minister Hazel Blears visited the ward on Monday. The campaign has been assisted by a coalition of anti-racist activists, church groups and trades unions.
Many dispute the motivations of the BNP, claiming that Nick Griffin was a stooge and the whole party a setup, but the point here is that the British establishment was absolutely determined to destroy the ethnic and cultural composition of Cockney, White working class London, and that short of some IRA style terror campaign there was nothing the Whites could do about it. And so they fled, to stay and do nothing meant to live in what amounted to Pakistan, Somalia or Bangladesh, to protest left you open to attack by the entire governing and media class, as well as violent attacks at the hands of their  UAF thug gangs. Escape was the only option.

 An entire culture and ethnic group, the heart of historical London, now scattered across White Flight zones dotted around South England. And it still isn't enough...

The hour-long programme, aired last night, focused on the disappearing traditional Cockney culture in the London borough of Newham.
Some who tuned in were so offended by the opinions expressed that they compared it to white supremacy propaganda.
"Hitler documentary in the afternoon, #KKK documentary just finished and now #LastWhitesOfTheEastEnd? F**king British TV at its racist best," fumed one viewer on Twitter.

The reaction of the Liberal Left to the documentary was tediously predictable, in The Mirror reported:
The hour-long programme, aired last night, focused on the disappearing traditional Cockney culture in the London borough of Newham.
Some who tuned in were so offended by the opinions expressed that they compared it to white supremacy propaganda.
"Hitler documentary in the afternoon, #KKK documentary just finished and now #LastWhitesOfTheEastEnd? F**king British TV at its racist best," fumed one viewer on Twitter.
Another then posted: "Just caught up with #LastWhitesOfTheEastEnd on iplayer. A documentary on life in Newham, where I was born & bred. What a load of racist tosh."
The White British were called racist when they objected to the first immigrants, they were called racist again when they said they were worried about becoming outnumbered and then, finally, they were called racist one last time when they simply left the area. The rodents of the Left are not magnanimous in victory, their hatred is boundless. 

It's quite possible that one of the reasons the Liberal Left loathed this documentary wasn't just their ideals being exposed as a sham at best and genocidal at worst, it was because many of the vacating Whites were answering questions which preempted Left Liberal thinking. Debbie's daughter, Amy, explained straight out that she ''preferred her own (White) kind'' and then added ''nobody minds when the Asians do the same''. The standard response to White Flight by the Liberals has been to cite ''fluctuating house prices'' it's just people being upwardly mobile, and they're saying this in response to the documentary, despite the White British looking directly into the camera and saying ''I'm leaving because it feels like a foreign land''.

 The Last Whites of the East End left me feeling surprisingly optimistic. One of the most terrifying words a Nationalist can come across is ''integration'' and what this documentary made clear was that integration isn't happening on the scale our enemies expected, our people are segregating themselves. It was the story of a battle lost, but not by any means the end of the war.

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