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The ''Nazi EU'' Conspiracy

If Only...

There's a surprisingly large segment within the British cuckservative Right who, when they look across the channel at Europe today and the European Union which governs us, at Europeans suffocating under mountains of falsely generated debt, at millions of Muslims and non Whites flooding our homelands, at the mass rape of European women by those non Whites, at the Hate Speech laws which silence us and the fanatical doctrines of anti-racism...these Britcucks then look upon all of this and think:

 ''Yes, yes, it's clear to me now, Nazis won the war and are running the European Union, we are living in the Fourth Reich!''

Boris Johnson recently alluded to the EU  being comparable to a Nazi Empire, UKIP MEP Gerard Batten defended Johnson and went further still, pointing to his own research on the subject. You see the ''Nazi EU'' meme splattered all over comments sections and twitter accounts and blogs leaning toward the EU-sceptic Right of British politics, you hear it in the pub, one of the more common phrases is ''The Germans are doing with peace what they couldn't do by war''. One nut-job has even written a book called 'The EU: The Truth About The Fourth Reich - How Hitler Won The Second World War'

"It is no coincidence that just about every country in the European Union is getting poorer while Germany continues to get richer and richer.
 "We may think we won the Second World War. But we lost. It is no surprise that we are all living in the Fourth Reich.
"Knowingly or not those who support and defend the European Union are supporting the Nazi legacy."
 "It was Funk who predicted the coming of European economic unity. Funk was also Adolf Hitler's economics minister and his key economics advisor."
It continues: "The Nazis wanted to get rid of the clutter of small nations which made up Europe and their plan was quite simple. The EU was Hitler's dream."

This conspiracy theory reeks of a petty little Englander mentality, in an age when all Europeans are being phased out via mass immigration it's divisive and self defeating, it also betrays an astounding ignorance of National Socialism and modern Europe.

 UKIP's Gerard Batten's blog post offers us a convenient entry into trying to understand this myth, Batten writes:

  In 1942 when the German’s still thought they were going to win the war they produced a report entitled the Europaische Wirtschafts Gemeinschaft – which translates as theEuropean Economic Community.
  This report was written by various bankers and academics and laid out a plan for how Germany would manage the economies of the conquered countries of Europe after a German victory.  The report was drawn up under the leadership of Professor Walter Funk the Reich’s Economics Minister and President of the Reichsbank.
 The report contained sections on Agriculture, Industry, Employment, Transport, Trade, Economic Agreements, and Currency.  It proposed the ‘harmonisation’ of European currencies and a harmonised currency system.
 If this all sounds all very familiar it is because the basic plan for the European Economic Community of 1942 was very similar to the actual European Economic Community that came into existence in 1957 under the Treaty of Rome.
So the point here is that National Socialist Germany had plans which, in the event of a victory, would be implemented throughout Europe, under German guidance. But what matters is not that such plans existed but what their ideological and philosophical aims were, a united Europe is one thing, the question is why unite it and for what end. It isn't very difficult to imagine how a Nationalist Socialist European Union would be because the National Socialists told us their views on pretty much everything. So it's simply a matter of comparing the present EU to National Socialist principles and ideals and seeing if they are similar, or even comparable.

A consistent theme within the National Socialist world view is that financial institutions and Big Business should not rule the people, that they must play a subservient role in the life of the nation and not intrude upon or disrupt the life of the people. As the 'The  Program of the NSDAP' explains:
 ''....Once these two points are achieved, it means a victory of their approaching universalist ordering of society in the true state over the present-day separation of state, nation and economics under the corrupting influence of the individualist theory of society(Liberalism) as now constructed. The sham state of today, oppressing the working classes and protecting the pirated gains of bankers and stock exchange speculators, is the area for reckless private enrichment and for the lowest political profiteering; it gives no thought to its people, and provides no high moral bond of union. The power of money, most ruthless of all powers, holds absolute control, and exercises corrupting, destroying influence on state, nation, society, morals, drama, literature and on all matters of morality, less easy to estimate.''
So does the EU of today put the interest of Europeans before the interests of money and business? well, as The Guardian reports:
"Thousands of companies, banks, law firms, PR consultancies and trade associations are there to bend ears and influence the regulations and laws that shape Europe's single market, fix trade deals, and govern economic and commercial behaviour in a union of 507 million.
Lobbying is a billion-euro industry in Brussels. According to Corporate Europe Observatory, a watchdog campaigning for greater transparency, there are at least 30,000 lobbyists in Brussels, nearly matching the 31,000 staff employed by the European commission and making it second only to Washington in the concentration of those seeking to affect legislation. Lobbyists sign a transparency register run by the parliament and the commission, though it is not mandatory.
By some estimates, they influence 75% of legislation".
And so it's safe to assume that a political organization containing 30,000(!) business lobbyists vying for influence and control over the European populace as a serf class, was not what Adolf Hitler or the National Socialist Party had intended. National Socialists were equally damning in their indictment of international banks and their enslavement of Europe through usury/interest as they were of the cooperate lobby groups, again from The  Program of the NSDAP:

   "Thralldom of interest is the real expression for the antagonisms, capital versus labor, blood versus money, creative work versus exploitation. The necessity of breaking this thralldom is of such vast importance for our nation and our race, that on it alone depends our nation’s hope of rising up from its shame and slavery; in fact, the hope of recovering happiness, prosperity and civilization throughout the world. It is the pivot on which everything turns; it is far more than a mere necessity of financial policy. Whilst its principles and consequences bite deep into political and economic life, it is a leading question for economic study, and thus affects every single individual and demands a decision from each one: Service to the nation or unlimited private enrichment. It means a solution of the Social Question.(9)
The fact that today great economic enterprises cannot be set on foot without recourse to loans is sheer lunacy. Here is where reasonable use of the state’s right to produce money which might produce most beneficial results.”(11)
This is absolutely not what any reasonable person could call ''fence sitting'' on the issue of debt and financial enslavement to debt and interest, it is an unequivocal refutation of it and rejection of it and replacement of it in its entirety. If the European Union was now under the influence of National Socialist ideals Europe would be debt free, indeed, the ((bankers)) would be lucky to be alive, so is this the case in modern Europe?

As we can see, almost all economic activity in the core European Union Nations is predicated on servicing debt and paying interest, the actual debt is never meant to be paid off, the aim is to literally enslave Europeans via interest or ((usury)). So the economic argument for the EU being a Nazi institution is a non-starter.

Another line of reasoning that Nazi EU theorists use, as they must, is that the German people, as a people, have benefited from the EU being a Nazi plot. For example, under National Socialism the German birth rate soared, if we are all living under a Nazi Empire now then we can expect to see that happening in Germany right now, can't we?. In actual fact the German birth rate is one of the lowest in the world, this is largely due to German women being shoved into the factory and the office as consumer/prodcer slaves and feminism, both of which would have appalled National Socialists. Even without immigrants swarming by the million into Germany under these conditions Germans would eventually go extinct. 

 The National Socialist ''25 Point Plan'' tells us exactly where they stood on immigration and diversity:

4. Only those who are our fellow countrymen can become citizens. Only those who have German blood, regardless of creed, can be our countrymen. Hence no Jew can be a countryman.
 5. Those who are not citizens must live in Germany as foreigners and must be subject to the law of aliens.
 8. Any further immigration of non-Germans must be prevented. We demand that all non-Germans who have entered Germany since August 2, 1914, shall be compelled to leave the Reich immediately.

In 2015 more than 1 Million non-White immigrants entered Germany against the express wishes of the German people. Within just 4 years Germans in the 18-30 age range will be a minority in their country if these trends continue. And a frighteningly large part of the mainstream Right in Britain still believe this is what Adolf Hitler would have wanted for Germany!
 On New Years eve in Cologne immigrants carried out a series of mass sexual assaults on German women. Hundreds of German women were molested on the streets of Germany by non-White men, and then the local press buried the story. Now lets just imagine that by some miracle a few thousand non-Whites had managed to enter Nazi Germany, and then organized themselves into rape gangs. Would the German people have reacted with indifference and the media buried the story? or would every last non-White male have been rounded up and shot or, if he was lucky, thrown into a concentration camp?

This is the worst conspiracy theory of all time!

 And yet it infests the weak tea conservatives of Britain, it took me all of 2 minutes to go to a Breitbart London thread and find this:

It would be quite easy to write a 10,000 word post detailing just how moronic this thinking is, what's more important is to try and understand why they think it. Leaving aside petty inter-ethnic squabbling and chauvinism, and ((outside influence)) who encourage this muddled thinking, the problem is really one of people living in a 2 dimensional world trying to understand a 3 dimensional world. They resemble the 'Flatlanders' of pop scientists:
In their world view Nazis equate to evil, so having established that the EU, political correctness and Muslim immigration is evil they have, logically to them, concluded that somehow Nazis must be involved, even when what they regard as the new evil runs diametrically against everything the Nazis stood for. The two figures in the picture above represent our cuckservatives, the EU and Muslims, say, are the sphere, but living in their Flatworld they can only see the bottom of the sphere, and are drawing their conclusions from that.

One of the great many mistakes the Flatlander cuckservatives have made is to think of National Socialism as an objective evil, and not as a reactionary and anti-liberal political philosophy, because if they did, then the question has to be answered 'Who or what were the Nazis reacting to?' could it have been people such as Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi a ''pioneer of European integration'' and who wrote the book 'Pan-Europa' decades before Nazis drew up their plans? more famously Coudenhove-Kalergi wrote:

The man of the future will be of mixed race. Today's races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in its appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals.

Kalergi was, then, what we might call an ''internationalist'' and though not Jewish himself he was definitely philo-Semitic:
"Instead of destroying European Jewry, Europe, against its own will, refined and educated this people into a future leader-nation through this artificial selection process. No wonder that this people, that escaped Ghetto-Prison, developed into a spiritual nobility of Europe. Therefore a gracious Providence provided Europe with a new race of nobility by the Grace of Spirit. This happened at the moment when Europe's feudal aristocracy became dilapidated, and thanks to Jewish emancipation".
And this paid off well because Kalergi and his work to create a pan-European 'Eurasian-Negroid' was enthusiastically backed by extremely powerful Jewish banking magnates:
"According to his autobiography, at the beginning of 1924 his friend Baron Louis de Rothschild(Jewish) introduced him to Max Warburg(Jewish) who offered to finance his movement for the next 3 years by giving him 60,000 gold marks. Warburg remained sincerely interested in the movement for the remainder of his life and served as an intermediate for Coudenhove-Kalergi with influential Americans such as banker Paul Warburg(Jewish) and financier Bernard Baruch(Jewish). In April 1924, Coudenhove-Kalergi founded the journal Paneuropa (1924–1938) of which he was editor and principal author. The next year he started publishing his main work, the Kampf um Paneuropa (The fight for Paneuropa, 1925–1928, three volumes). In 1926, the first Congress of the Pan-European Union was held in Vienna and the 2,000 delegates elected Coudenhove-Kalergi as president of the Central Council, a position he held until his death in 1972".
According to Hitler, Kalergi was:
Unfortunately, his Pan-Europeanism earned vivid loathing from Adolf Hitler, who excoriated its pacifism and mechanical economism and belittled its founder as "a bastard."[20][21] Hitler's view of Coudenhove-Kalergi was that the "rootless, cosmopolitan, and elitist half-breed" 
And so if we're to investigate what it was the National Socialists were reacting to, then it's reasonable, indeed, perfectly logical, to conclude that they were reacting to a push by Jewish Money power to destroy the ethnic and racial make-up of Europe and reduce the European population to a mongrel slave class, and this isn't even to mention the Jewish involvement at that time with Bolshevism and Marx, which was only a slightly more unpleasant form of slavery under which Europeans would still toil as slaves under the whip of their Talmudic masters. The same masters who wrote the draft legislation for the European Union, as they themselves proudly boast:
What's remarkable about these conservative Flatlanders is that they're looking for the right thing, but in the wrong place. The Europe we have today is the Europe that was always in the making, before Adolf Hitler ever even climbed onto a podium, but the reason that so many people are stuck in 2 dimensional thinking is precisely because 'history is written by the victors'. 

 Unless, of course, the Flatlanders believe the Nazis also dedicated vast resources into painting themselves as the epitome of evil and that they should never ever question the official narrative.... 

Hat-tip to Augur Mayson for providing sourced material

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