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Why I Hate: Part 1: Anti Fascists & Friends On Facebook

I thought I'd add something of a personal touch to the blog with a series of posts which will detail some of the experiences and mental changes I went through which turned a politically aloof young man from northern England into...well, the kind of person who runs a blog like this. It isn't that my experiences have been particularly brutal or grueling, but rather that millions of White people will be undergoing something similar, a sense that something is seriously wrong with the world around them. Each of these people will be grappling with mental road blocks and psychological hurdles, my aim here is to use my experiences living on the European continent with the diversity and coming across the struggle online etc, to perhaps find a way to identify where our people are in their transition and then to help bump them along a little more swiftly.

These posts will not be in any chronological order, each will be a stand-alone post which will go up every so often and will have the label ''Why I Hate''...

Anti Fascists & Friends On Facebook

In 2008 I finally had the internet installed, I worked in Holland for a petrochemical company and though it paid relatively well, I was working with immigrants from Turkey, Morocco, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Equatorial Guinea, Iraq, Somalia and pretty much any other Third World dump you can think of. During these years I spent most of my time utterly baffled at what was taking place, that these people were allowed into Europe. Having installed the internet and allowed myself to be pestered into joining Facebook by friends and family I went looking for answers on the BNP groups, at this time the BNP were at the height of their ''surge'' in Britain. 
 To my surprise the BNP pages and groups did not consist of White men explaining strategy and tactics, providing answers to other White men such as myself. What I discovered was two camps, the first made up by young working class White women, most of whom had children and were posting under their real names. The second was a highly organized group operating under fake names who ruthlessly and relentlessly attacked and insulted the inarticulate and ill-informed working class White women.

 This was the first time I saw anti-racists at work. The stereotype that working class Whites have of middle class Whites is of a spoiled, university educated cretin, and these Lefty Trolls were all that and so much more, but something else had happened to them, they were warped, brainwashed and twisted. They'd gone rotten.

It had never occurred to me that White people would organize themselves and intellectually arm themselves with the aim of actually assisting the Third World hordes invading our country, it left me astounded. I began to tentatively make comments questioning their motivation, and each time was met with accusations of ''racist'' and ''bigot'' etc. I also noticed that everything that we, as working class Whites, could say in our defense had been preempted  and anticipated, countered and made obsolete. 

We, the White British, were immigrants, we were lazy and too stupid to understand that the economy would collapse, we invaded their countries, we're violent moronic thugs incapable of understanding common humanity, we were living in the past but that past never existed in the first place, what right does an uneducated chav from Sunderland or Halifax have to complain about the Indian doctor who treats you in the NHS, on and on and on. These working class Whites, Tracey from Carlisle, Emma from Sheffield, had no intellectual means by which to combat this Leftist onslaught, they were pilloried, eviscerated, day in day out. It fascinated me, where did this kind of thinking originate? why was it invented and by whom? for what purpose?

 The Lefty Trolls didn't stop at merely intellectually humiliating the BNP supporting Whites, they stole photos and created fake accounts to find out personal details, they called their phones and asked them why they were racists. One young woman called Nicola who I'd ''friended'' had social services come to her home and spend three hours questioning her on politics and what she discussed with her son. Her son's school was asked to report if the boy showed any ''racist tendencies'' and Nicola was informed that indoctrinating children into ''hate'' was tantamount to child abuse and likely to result in having her son being taken into care.

Much of the discussion was centred on Islam and Muslims, especially the behaviour of Pakistani men, the Asians themselves would join the Leftists in attacking the working class Whites on a daily basis, rape and death threats directed toward working class White women were commonplace. If these threats were put to the anti-racists the response was complete indifference or the accusation, that this was nothing compared to what the (newly formed) EDL was dishing out to Muslims.  

  On one occasion a ridiculously ''pumped-up'' Pakistani called ''Ahsan'' posted a primitive gif, a video which started playing automatically, he added the comment ''LOL! WE RULZ YOUR WHYTE BITCHES!!!''. The video began playing, it lasted perhaps 10 seconds, in it two young White girls, about 15 years old, were on their knees performing oral sex on two Pakistanis who were triumphantly punching black power salutes into the air.  My initial reaction to this was one of denial, this must be taken from a drama or something, it isn't real, perhaps some arty Channel 4 thing. Except the quality was appalling, there was the guttural laugh of the Pakistanis behind the was real. My hatred of these Lefties and their Muslim allies shifted instantly from an intellectually curious one and general dislike, into visceral and emotional hatred, a  deep and profound loathing and a feeling of impotence, where was this happening? how can it be stopped, yet I wasn't even in the country, but surely somebody is doing something?! Of course, the people who were trying to do something were the very people who were being threatened and attacked while trying to organize via Facebook.

 Trying to compose myself I replied to Ahsan's post with ''I hope all you Lefties can see the reality of what you support now''. A female Leftist called ''Hazel'' who I'd gathered was a big deal within Hope Not Hate circles, then answered with ''Oh come on, they aren't the first girls to go a bit crazy on vodka and cock!''. You see, for a 14 year old or 15 year old girl to find herself on her knees before a racially triumphant Pakistani is simply all part of what a modern independent woman goes through ''wild nights'' etc. And as for the men, oh well, boys will be boys. 

There is no ''middle ground'' possible with such people, there's nothing left to discuss.

 What I took away from the whole experience was that there's nothing within the standard political and cultural discourse to deal with this level of hatred, neither their hatred for us or mine/ours for them. I'd spent my whole life reading the history of the early 20th century (standard narrative of course) the bodies in pits, mass executions, show trials, purges, it seemed totally incomprehensible, that level of barbarity...but not anymore, now I understood it very well.

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