Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Brexit Special

The British people stand on the cusp of giving the Globalist monster a serious poke in the eye. If the British people vote to leave the EU it will not destroy it, but it will mortally wound it as the EU desperately tries to contain nationalistic feeling arising within the subjugated people of Europe. Nationalists, conservatives, Alt-Righters and Far Rightists everywhere, after decades of defeat, will finally be able to say that we won something, not by any means the war, but at least a battle, and who knows, perhaps one day we shall look back and think of Brexit as the turning of the tide, of the beginning of the end of Globalism. 

 By extricating ourselves from the EU we do not solve all of our problems, but we do cut them down to a more manageable size, right now when we ask 'who is doing this to us' the mind whirls with labyrinthine plots and spaghetti-like bureaucracies operating down dark corridors far away, and, of course, myriad Jewish-led Think Tanks and lobby groups,  if we leave then we can simply point to our own ruling classes and more easily hold them to account.

 Our task as Nationalists outside the EU will be to needle and undermine the EU at every opportunity and to never miss a chance to give aid and support to our brothers and sisters on the continent in this great struggle. We must be like dogs against a bear, alone we don't stand a chance, but together we can wear it down, grind it away and exhaust it...and finally kill it.

Because the British referendum on the EU is an ongoing story this post will be unlike others posts in that it will be updated as more articles or insightful YouTube Videos or Tweets etc appear, this post will be 'live' for the next few days.

Majority Rights have an excellent set of analysis posts by Guessed Worker:

The politics and metapolitics of 24th June 2016

View to a kill

A test of political maturity

Also highly recommended is Greg Johnson's

Vetoing The Dream: The Case For Brexit

Millennial Woes has been doing a series of interviews and analysis

Red Ice Live - Matthew Tait: Brexit

Omniphi Media: Brexit, Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Shut It Down!

"Stop the populist suicide": Jewish lawyer calls for referendums to be prohibited by treaty

Nick Griffin writing for Occidental Observer:

The #StolenReferendum: How Cameron & Co have ruthlessly exploited the murder of MP Jo Cox to save their skins and the EU ‘Project’

What’s Missing from Brexit

Voting to Leave Europe Is the Most un-Jewish Thing You Can Do

Elizabeth Hurley backs Brexit:
Millenial Woes live with Dave Yorkshire:

The issue of polling stations providing pencils instead of pens is becoming a major talking point, here some sort of Asian mocks the concern of Brexiters using a common leftist 'trope'.
Johnny Collins - Leave Her Johnny (sea chantey)

BBC Brexit coverage LIVE


Liberal politician Paddy Ashdown:

'' God help our country!!''

Liberals and non whites react with tolerance and respect for democracy:
Nigel Farage:

 “We have done it without having to fight, we have done it without a bullet being fired. Dare to dream that the dawn is breaking on an independent nation.” 
“This is a victory for ordinary people, for good people, for decent people,” he said. "The people who’ve “had enough of the merchant bankers.”

The British public on the BBC live feed:

Hardcore Marxist Feminist reacts to people standing up to Global Finance:

Loony Liberal has hilarious meltdown on hearing that the bigots and racists have won:

Brexit Wins! Globalists Lose! | United Kingdom's EU Referendum

More live chat and analysis with Millennial Woes and guests
Cameron resigns after defeat:
Donald Trump: Brexit is a 'great thing'
Daily Stormer on Cameron resignation:
VICTORY DAY: David Cameron Just Resigned!

BBC EU Referendum Coverage Live Continued...
You Can't Stump the Trump Volume XXVII (You Can't Barrage the Farage)

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