Saturday, 4 June 2016

Donald Trump, Islam & Europe

You wouldn't think it by paying attention to the whores of Europe's political and media class, but Europeans are potentially just one year away from living in a world in which America has banned Islamic immigration or is in the process of doing so. The fact is a Trump victory in America will expose the European elites, their lefty henchmen and the liberal media as the genocidal obscenities they are, and they are either too stupid to see it or in denial.

 What the liberal class call ''Far Right" parties are on the rise across Europe, even Germany shows some signs of life, this puts the European elites into a game of whack-a-mole in which they frantically run around the continent trying to bash the latest insurgency back into the ground, Austria one week, Hungary the next, France soon. They can play this game because they know they have the tacit approval of their fellow anti-White liberals in the U.S. But what happens when they turn around and discover that the U.S has transformed, not just into another mole, but a 15 foot half tonne bear, and he's no longer on their side?

 Who you gonna run to now, libshits?

Unlike the Islamic invasion, or the suffocating funk of Political Correctness, or the existence of the EU itself, Trump's moratorium on Muslims will be the will of the American people, they will have voted for it. And no amount of howling by blubbery Social Justice weirdos and hysterical editorials in the Guardian can change that. Consequently, Europeans are going to begin asking a few questions, if Americans can vote to stop mass raping terrorists being forced on them then why can't we? who is doing this to us?. The inevitability of ''diversity'' will be brought into doubt.

 A few weeks ago the supposedly conservative Prime Minister of Britain invited the far Left half-caste in chief of the U.S to lecture Britons on why we should hand over our freedom and sovereignty to the EU. The President's word carries weight, he's the ''Leader of the Free World'', in reality few people think of Obama in those terms, and indeed, Leftists such as Obama would wince at the very term ''Free World'' and it's implications of European, White superiority. But Donald Trump certainly will assert himself as the leader of the free world. So how will Europe's liberals react when the most powerful man on earth says things such as:

We've long since passed the point when people thought of the liberal Left as just a bunch of well  meaning dopey hippies, even the Dalai Lama thinks they're nuts!. The masses are starting to notice there's something at the heart of modern liberalism, something ((dark)) something ((evil)) something more ((sinister)) and ((vindictive)) than we ever managed. It's the moment of realising that little Bobby doesn't just like standing on spiders, he has many jars full of spiders with their legs ripped off which he gazes at obsessively.

 And a Trump presidency is going to be like an angry father coming home and asking ''What the hell is going on?!''.

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