Saturday, 11 June 2016

Fear & Loathing In The European Hive-Mind

Both the Washington Post and The Independent carried the same anti-Trump article this week, according to research coming out of two New York universities, Donald Trump's voters are far more likely to be preoccupied with death than any other demographic group, the researchers,  Sheldon Solomon and Florette Cohen (Yeah, I know) have carried out a series of word association tests and psychological studies and concluded that, subconsciously, the meteoric rise of Donald Trump is due to his ability to tap into a simmering angst among a vast proportion of America's population.

 The Independent:

On television and on the stump, at debates and in speeches, Donald Trump is reminding the American people that they are going to die.
The reminders aren’t explicit, and they probably aren’t part of an intentional strategy. All the same, much of Trump’s rhetoric could have the effect of bringing his viewers’ omnipresent fear of death closer to their conscious minds, according to Sheldon Solomon, a psychologist at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, N.Y.
 That includes his emphasis on terrorism, unsurprisingly, but also his preoccupation with immigration. This focus might be helping Trump, since Solomon’s recent research shows that people who are thinking about death are more likely to say they support him.
 Study subjects who were prompted to talk about their own death later rated their support for Trump 1.66 points higher on a five-point scale than those who were prompted to talk about pain generally.
“I’m not suggesting that any of this is calculated, but almost everything that he does is demonstrably effective for raising these non-conscious, existential concerns that in turn make his kind of candidacy all the more alluring,” Solomon said.
So let's get the obvious out of the way, these Jewish academics are talking about White people here, Donald Trump's voting base is overwhelmingly White so what Solomon and Cohen are reporting is that the White people voting for Trump are subconsciously thinking about death and despair and are generally gloomy about the future:

 The participants who had been asked to think about immigration had death on their minds, too — almost to the same extent as those who had been asked to think about death explicitly.
Assigned scores from zero to one based on how many words related to death they produced, those who had been asked to think about immigration scored 0.92 on average, while those who had been asked to think about death scored 0.96. Those asked to think about pain scored just 0.19. There was no evidence that the effect was greater for conservative participants in the study.
Yet the results accord with those of similar studies that suggest people interpret challenges to their culture as threats to their very existence. A different group of researchers found that after a group of Canadians read an article in which Canadian cultural tropes were mocked, they were thinking about death, too.
 Solomon said these results suggest that the fear of death is one of several interrelated psychological concepts that could help explain why Trump has been so successful, including authoritarianism, an aversion to uncertainty and racial prejudice.

It's highly likely that this data will be hurtling its way onto Critical Whiteness studies courses, or some other Social Justice gibberish, but nevertheless, the data, if not the purpose of these tests, is intriguing, what they reveal is that huge numbers of White people are subconsciously associating mass immigration and ''cultural change'' and the general liberal zeitgeist, with death!. The question is...why?

 Most of these people would not consider themselves as 'racist' they will view themselves as good citizens, they have the constitution and dislike what the Americans call ''Identity Politics'' and yet, as these Jewish academics have discovered, there is a latent racial awareness there and they're riddled with angst as a group, as White people.  

In 1950 a White father could rest easy in his bed at night knowing that the nearest Black or Hispanic men were a healthy 1000 miles or so away, the Blacks which were in America were safely segregated. A Norwegian man could sleep easy knowing that the nearest Muslim gangs were 3000 miles away from his daughter. With the possible exception of the Faeroe Islands and the Australian Outback, no White parents can have this peace of mind today. Decade after decade, year on year, they've watched as 'The Other' has incrementally encroached upon their living space, and thus their security, today in many cases that 'safe space' has been reduced to just a few metres.

Nationalists often point out that our advantage is in working with nature while our enemies have to work against nature's grain constantly, if the liberal left, narrative were to be believed then European Americans would not be associating immigration or demographic change with death, unless they had been directly affected, for example, if a White person had lost a family member due to a Black shooting spree or Islamic bomb, then it would be understandable to associate those groups with death. But for these feelings to be held by such a huge number of White voters suggests they are subconsciously reacting as a group. Professor Frank Salter explains it thus:

The result is that friends form an intermediate pool of kinship concentration lying between the ethny and the clan. Within the clan the nuclear family is the most intense concentration of kinship , while geographical races and humanity as a whole are the least concentrated. In descending order of concentration, kinship runs thus: Nuclear family, extended family (clan), friends, ethny, race, humanity.
Whether or not these people are racially aware is beside the point, their brains are noticing that the territory and security and resources which its own biological group has access to is being reduced drastically and that this is, fatal, it is death. The internal workings of the mind do not look at the demographic transformation of, say, California, and see diversity, it sees the extinction of its biological counter-parts, the map is literally turning black, the void spreads exponentially.

 When Solomon and Cohen's report finds its way into the SJW brainwashing hub they'll set up a straw-man argument, they'll assume the subjects are ignorant bigoted hicks because there's very little chance of their direct families being blown up or shot by non-Whites. In actual fact the concerns and fears of Trump's voters are hovering around ''ethny'' (White-American). A few weeks ago a White woman was terrorized and threatened and had eggs blasted into her eyes by a non-White mob, that image then goes out across the media and internet and other Whites see it, what they see is one of their own under attack, the problem, of course, is that here too our Jewish academics and Cultural Marxists have been at work, to view such an attack in racial terms would amount to, they would argue, the latent racism and White Privilege of Euro-Centric USA. 

European-Americans are tangled up in a web here, their brains are trying to sound off the alarm bells over loss of territory and racial invaders, while at the same time being hampered and crippled by Jewish intellectualism. It's almost as if by design, as if one collective was waging war upon another, a genocidal war at that. It is the paradoxes and double standards, the general situation and their impotence as a whole, which is leading to a preoccupation with death and gloom.

The goal of the Nationalist is to shift our people's fears and anxieties from the unconscious to the conscious, from latent to explicit and overt, to make them stand tall and demand their own collective interests be realised and to dismantle any organization which tries to stop us. This is what we often refer to as ''The Great Awakening'' all other collective racial and ethnic groups oppose us doing this and unsurprisingly, the Jewish collective oppose us most of all. 

Let's just imagine a hypothetical situation wherein Europeans have achieved a full awakening and regained control of all the organs of the state and the media and financial institutions, we are now using that power to reclaim our territory and secure a safe and happy future for our people. Two academics, Jones and Watson, approach a young Jewish student (who has not yet moved to Israel) and ask him to take part in a series of psychological tests...what would his subconscious be saying then?

They know this already, of course, which is why they want us to be fearful and threatened rather than themselves, and they're pouring vast resources into maintaining the status-quo, including testing us as a scientist tests rats. It makes sense for them to behave this way from a biological perspective but by that very same reasoning and morality we are obliged to act for our interests, come what may...

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