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Dylann Roof vs Black Lives Matter

The Dallas shooting spree in which five White policemen were murdered by a Black man, Micah Xavier Johnson, comes almost exactly a year after a young White man, Dylann Roof, walked into a church and shot nine Black people. There's quite a lot of symmetry between the two men's motivations, Xavier carried out his mass shooting at a Black Lives Matter protest and ended telling the police '' “he was upset about the recent police shootings” and “wanted to kill white people, especially white officers,” Dylann Roof explained his motivation too ''You (Blacks) rape our women and are taking over our country''. So both men attacked 'The Other' because as they saw it their own group was under attack, their motivations are, objectively speaking, quite similar. 

 And so with that in mind we can expect to take a look at various media outlets and the manner and tone of those media outlets in reporting the murders committed by Roof and Johnson and reflect the similarity in motivation...can't we?

The Guardian opinion piece is by an African who laments:

He or she then continues...

''I am so tired.
I’m not just physically tired – although I can count the hours of sleep I’ve had the last two nights on one hand. I’m spiritually tired. My body and bones ache, my heart aches, my eyes blur, my brain is struggling to process the everyday while it processes the unavoidable.
 I, with so many of my black brothers and sisters, am on the long watch.
This time it began with the shooting of Alton Sterling. A man shot multiple times by police outside a store while selling CDs with permission of the store owner. Like many other black people, I try to avoid the videos showing the violent deaths of my brothers and sisters at the hands of the state, but it is so hard. There are so many videos, so much death.''

And so this person's first thoughts after the mass shooting of White people by Blacks, is with the well being of other Blacks. We can therefore expect that when The Guardian reported on the Dylann Roof murders the reporter first expressed sympathy for White women who've been raped by Blacks and Whites who've been marginalized by Non-Whites...except:
''The massacre in Charleston was not just an isolated hate crime carried out by a mentally ill racist in South Carolina. It is simultaneously representative and starkly indicative of the rampant racism structurally embedded in America, the responsibility for which, it might be argued, bears no exemption for any American, especially white Americans, north or south, republican or democrat. 

...That cloak of righteousness shields white America from having to face its contemporary prejudices and the historical biases from which they are a result. This cloak of invisibility also inhibits white America’s moral and psychological capacity to acknowledge and understand the magnitude of those historical and contemporary prejudices, and the effects they have on our society.

The Charleston shooting was not an anomaly, but a manifestation of the violence cultivated in America towards black communities. The shooter, Roof, is a product of a system that has been breeding hatred and bigotry in America since the first Africans were kidnapped and forcibly transported here in the 15th century as slaves under deplorable, inhumane conditions.''

Meanwhile in The Independent 'Wail Qasim' wails:
 ''It’s a profound sentiment today: it was not the protesters marching for an end to state violence against black citizens who shot Dallas police officers, and it would be unjust to imply that is the case.

Many will be shocked and saddened by the death of these officers, especially police working across the US. This will be a time of grief for the whole city of Dallas, too. Yet already the black community across America is grieving this week.

The shootings of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge and Philando Castile in Minnesota – only a day apart – have reignited calls to address that black people are being killed by law enforcement at an alarming rate. It was these killings that sparked the protest in Dallas. Sterling and Castile’s deaths reminded America that, nearly two years after Ferguson, little seems to have changed. That remains true even after today’s events.''

Qasim dedicates precisely one sentence! to the shot White policemen before pushing the Black Lives Matter narrative. So how did The Independent report on Roof? did they throw out a few words on the dead Blacks and then continue to rail against the rape of White women and working class Whites becoming marginalized? of course not, the writer tediously drags out the 'White murderers are terrorists' meme for an entire article:
''...Yet still the West allows white people to keep flowing into our countries. Surely the time has come to say enough is enough, and if we’re to protect the right of citizens to go innocently to church, we must eliminate these breeding grounds of white terror, by sending drones to bomb white countries such as Finland and Andorra.

Some so-called ‘‘moderate’’ white people might say Dylann Roof was not representative of all whites, but we need to ask why they’re not doing more to integrate the terrorists into civilised black ways. Universities such as Harvard or Yale, where most students are white and therefore susceptible to the radicals’ message, should stop teaching yachting and rowing, and make everyone play basketball on a court with potholes, in a block where police sirens never stop wailing.''

The Guardian and The Independent are 'respectable' Left leaning MSM outlets, let us brace ourselves as we delve into the Neo-Marxist swamp of Salon, which actually makes The Guardian look like The Occidental Observer.

 A Black man who ''just wants to kill White people'' because of perceived oppression  goes out and does just that and Salon reacts with:

A White man who kills Blacks because of the 'perceived' brutalities inflicted on Whites, particularly White women, at the hands of Blacks goes out and kills Blacks and Salon reacts with

The Huffington Post has decided to riff on the ''Don't blame Black Lives Matter'' vibe but when one takes a closer look at the double standards and hypocrisy the news outlet seems like a sick demented farce:

''...This (I want to kill Whites) statement will undoubtedly add fuel to the fire, and racist America will insist that the horrid actions of one shooter is reflective of an entire race, or in this case, a movement that aims to protect an entire race. But the only thing that this tragedy proves, once again, is that one angry person with easy access to guns can incite horror. Public mass shootings in this country are overwhelmingly committed by white men, and yet, have you ever heard someone blame the entire white race for one white person’s crimes?''

The Black author of this article asks us a question ''have you ever heard someone blame the entire white race for one white person’s crimes?'' in actual fact yes, an example can be found just two paragraphs above on this very article, but what's worse is that The Huffington Post, the very same news outlet this moron writes for, carried an article after the Dylann Roof murders called:

''White folks created white supremacy which is perhaps the greatest evil of our time, then out of greed and fear proceeded to openly support it by pretending it’s not there. And it is exactly that profound neglect of us not addressing white supremacy as to why people of color are still being lynched and receiving social, psychological, economical and institutional injustice and inequality. As white folks we have to realize that we need to address this for our interest as well. 

The cost to all involved is enormous. We will never be a peaceful or functional society living out lies. Everything has a way of coming back full circle and realistically how much longer do you think our society can tolerate this great evil called white supremacy? Isn’t it about time as white folks we stop being racially selfish and lazy and stand up and do something about it? Remember Ignorance is bliss until it bites you in the ass.

Today in 2015 we have blatant modern-day lynchings of black and brown folks being executed by our white biased/racist law enforcement. We have a white supremacist terrorist who killed nine innocent souls while black churches are still burning. Today we disproportionately lock up people of color in the world’s largest mass incarceration complex while some white folks can be seen proudly waving their Confederate symbols of white supremacy all over our nation. In 2015, all of our American institutions are still operating under a structure and system of white supremacy. All this while we continue to be programmed by our highly whitewashed media and educational system.''

The author then provides Whites with a six point plan to absolve themselves of their White Supremacy, here are a few:

1. Acknowledgement/Acceptance of racial reality. To find the moral courage and truth by letting go of our greed and fear that keeps us irrationally clinging to the dominant position, privileges and benefits that white supremacy has given us. So that we may put behind us our years of cultural white supremacist conditioning, thoughts, and values by facing the very hard and uncomfortable truth racially about our self, our race, our culture and our country.
3. To listen, learn, and believe what people of color are saying about their life in America. They are our teachers racially.
6. To pass it on by telling, teaching, and sharing your new racially unbiased truth and reality, with all children (and start them early), with your white friends, family and co-workers, with everyone and every place. Work to decolonize the minds and hearts of all, especially our nation’s institutions

This retard is using the media to push the narrative that White people are programmed by the media into being White Supremacists. This is the real issue here and as we can see, all we have to do is compare how the media have reported on the murders of two men with superficially similar motives. The idea of Black oppression and White Supremacy is utterly absurd when the motives for Dylann Roof's murders are not even discussed because to do so would be racist and oppressive to Blacks.

 If there is a pro-White media indoctrinating Whites then where is it? it obviously isn't The Huffington Post where the Jew, Jesse Benn, can actually write an article called:

And now Jesse has his wish, and mustering all the empathy a Jew can possibly have for White people, Benn reacted to the murder of White cops with:
The narrative double standards, the paradoxes and mental leaps and back-flips needed to believe and internalize what we are told by the media regarding 'Black Oppression'' and 'White Supremacy' are so nonsensical that it's simply incoherent unless you bring in a third group, a group which wants to wound Whites, a group which is literally using Blacks to wound Whites, and their primary means of doing this is the media, their media.....

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