Wednesday, 27 July 2016

English Nationalist vs Left Wing Socialist Anarchist

I really enjoyed this discussion between an English Nationalist vlogger called ''England Rising'' and a ''Left Wing Anarchist'' called James Desborough. To be fair to Desborough, he isn't the worst kind of Lefty, he isn't some purple haired, howling SJW lunatic, but nevertheless, he does represent a 'Thinking Lefty' and this discussion gives a good insight into how they think and why they think what they do.

 Nationalism is beautiful because it is easy to understand, a life rooted in the natural which directs the resources of the state and general culture into offering a healthy and spiritually fulfilling existence for a people unmolested by ((outside forces)). That's pretty much it, really.

 James Desborough, by contrast, is a Left Wing Social Anarchist Libertarian(!). I have no idea how all that fits together, let alone how it would be implemented.

To his credit James does think there's some 'issues' with his political philosophy at the moment. What I enjoyed about this discussion was the incredulous manner in which England Rising questioned James on his beliefs ''Do you think, when you look around now, everything is just fine with Multiculturalism, then?''.

 One of the problems facing all Leftists is that their thinking is almost entirely based upon intellectual abstractions and ruminations by academic Jews who were primarily concerned with how these intellectual abstractions would benefit Jews when implemented, not universal humanity.

 This means that Lefties such as James Desborough were left high and dry when the time came to actually make the abstraction become a lived reality. This also means that working class Englishmen speak to middle class university grads with an armful of diplomas as if they are deluded children. The difference is, one man has set his principles on granite and the other on sand, and having erected his ideological house on sand, and not granite as the Nationalist has done, the Leftist is forever in the position of adding a rafter here or breaking through a wall there. 

 Muslims were simply never meant to be terrorizing Europe as they are now, from the gentile Leftist perspective, but they are, so now Lefties such as James Desborough tell us Islam needs a reformation and we need to make it happen, why? how? it doesn't matter, he's simply adding a steel girder to a crumbling wall. What happens if the reformation fails?, I genuinely have a sneaky suspicion it doubt James will scamper up his crumbling wreck of an ideological house to weld another piece of corrugated iron to the roof.

 Still though, it's good to hear them speak amicably like this and I do hope English Rising gets a Social Justice fruitcake on at some point.

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