Monday, 18 July 2016

A Message From Jack Sen: The Future Of British Nationalism?

I was recently sent a mail by Jack Sen which I thought so hilarious in its insanity I thought it worth posting as some light relief, goodness knows we need it in these grim times. Just for those who don't know, Jack Sen has been kicking around various nationalist parties and movements in Britain for the last few years, as you shall see, Jack has quite a few problems with quite a lot of people. Many seem to think he's a few spices short of a curry. However, I can't answer to any of that, I'm simply a humble blogger. Jack dislikes me because I refused to hand over the details of somebody posting in the comments, since then I've received an unending barrage of vitriol from the man, despite what Jack says here, the only time I've ever contacted him was when replying to his abuse.

 I don't usually engage in this type of thing but, to be fair, this email is a real peach.....

Hi Jez,
An update. Something you used to ask me for daily.
Just been invited to speak on the Alex Jones network as well as give the keynote at a USS liberty event. I had a top speaker for you who served on the Lib but never heard back from you so we arranged our own event in Wyoming. Then there's the BBC doc theyre making about my work. We are still negotiating the terms but it looks like its a go.We had a channel four program lined up if you recall-they even did an article-but it fell through for some odd reason.  I will get nats back into the spotlight-of this I am certain my good man
Why am i telling you Jez?
regardless of what vile acts your friends (ppl you chose to side with in spite of your claiming neutrality)  perpetrate against me, i will prevail.I always do.why? the abuse only makes me stronger. when dave yorkshire clals me a mongrel or my wife an abusive name etc it drives me to be even more cunning. When Max Musson insults me in a speech, it only drives me to plot, plan and capitalise on the hatred these insignificant men feel for me even more. their jealousy fuels me. When matt tait tells my wife i wish i had a woman like you with tears in his eyes, it drives me forward knowing that if more men were like me, more british women would know what its like to have a real man in their lives.When agent provocateurs like Kyle hunt abuse me online simply bc my granddad was indian when there are grooming gangs about, terrorists on the loose and j media execs plotting our demise, in spite of the work im doing, it propels me forward like the great men of yesteryear. When bloggers (i think of bitches like Carolyn yeager , that pseudointellectual insignificant keyboard fag Morgoth penguin) have a go at me bc i choose to act instead of hide, I hit back-not with pseudointellectual drivel as they want, but with a firm FUCK YOU. Who are you to even write to me? I often think to myself. people with blogs that reach a few hundred ppl a day have no right to even email me. These people that would piss their knickers in my presence need to grow a set of testicles before they writr to me. Accomplish something in their insignificant lives.  (for morgoth) You are nothng. You clal me swarthy indian?? claim you are more intelligent? You are a blogger who has accomplished nothing. I met fucking Sven longshanks. Another nothing. a pimple faced dirtbag with more in common with the likes of BARACK obama than a man. You i am certian are his physical equiv./...
This is Sparta, I hear the pimplefaced, saggy assed beta keyboard commandosike Penguin shouting from behind their pcs. NO, I AM JACK SEN! A man built from the same ethos as the men that built Sparta, Aryavarta, the British empire, the United states....
2 yrs ago, i had an idea, i planned my ascent, and now I am here. Here to bring people together, and take anyone down who opposes me, causes my family and comrades harm
.Just look at this past weeks results.
Julie lake has now been suspended by the BNP due to the abuse she subjected my family to. She has been abusing me literally for 4 months along with Nick grifford, Dave Yorkshire and your other horrid mates
I reeled the heifer  in with my 'irrational responses' provoking her enough to trap her into making stupid statements publicly which i immediately sent to good friend Adam Walker, who then immediately suspended her. People need to learn that I am not going to put up with abuse, and shouldnt have to. attacks on my nationality, wife, family, background etc will not be tolerated. calling me an alcoholic that abuses his wife is not on. neither is posting my addres online and asking people on stormfront to pay me a visit. You know my wife and i have a great rapport. the sort of rapport you were envious of, that most english men dont have with their modern j culture ravaged wives.  The sort of abuse you all but condoned when tait, Musson, Yorkshire first had a go at me.  I will stomp out my enemies one by one, in as ruthless and Machiavellian a manner as i see fit.Maybe this sounds mad but my ability to lead is proof my manner and techniques work. we will grow and in time be the ONLY nationalist group with any substance in ALL of britain. we will bring good people back together and offer good brits HOPE. remember those words jez.remember the man that penned them
I want whats best for Britain, nothing else and am not going to let failures like Musson and Yorkshire harm what im trying to do. bring good ppl together for the good fo thr country. Id suggest you get back on board before its too late.your reach is slowly waning. your speakers are getting worse by the moment and relevance all but zero at this stage.
And why havent i edited this email? You ppl arent worth hitting backspace for.

If you think this is the person to usher in a bright new dawn of British Nationalism, then he's always on the lookout for a donation at ''Britren''

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