Saturday, 16 July 2016

No Country For Nice White Families

Browsing Twitter after the latest  non-White slaughter of White people has become depressingly mundane, this time we prayed for Nice, this time last week we prayed for Dallas, where we pray for next week is down to the coloured people, it always is these days. Richard Spencer posted a graphic video of the dead bodies in Nice before the French police wrapped them in blankets and those strangely futuristic tinfoil style body bags. What interested me was the manner in which the victims, particularly the men, were dressed. To be blunt about it, will Europeans become subjugated, slaughtered and raped out of existence while attired in Nike flipflops and matching chino shorts and polo T-shirt combo?

It's perfectly understandable that a White man expects to be able to walk down the promenade with his woman and his child to enjoy the national holiday, the fireworks and the sense of patriotism which goes with that and not expect to see his family run down or shot, that he can walk with his family unarmed and unprepared for any kind of aggression against himself or his loved ones. He takes it for granted, he might argue it is his ''Right'' to do so.

 But when was such a Right ever given or promised?

We've seen something similar in Sweden recently, young Swedish women expected to be able to attend music festivals in high summer dressed in tight shorts and T shirts, blond hair flowing, sweating and slightly drunk, they expected to be able to have a ''good time''' without ever being raped or groped and aggressively fondled. They too would argue that it is their Right to be allowed this freedom, and again the question should be asked...

But when was such a Right ever given or promised?

A life of safety and security is not a given, it has to be earned. When a Frenchman sits down to sip a glass of wine and gaze adoringly upon his family as they watch the fireworks he's enjoying the fruits of centuries of struggle against the races of the world, and even the nature of life. He belongs to a breed of man that overcame the odds, faced the struggle and conquered the forces aligned against him. Today's European has never really struggled for anything or against anything and he expects the brown and black forces of chaos to remain in their Third World slum, if he only likes the right pages on Facebook and pretends to agree with the fast talking liberal on television, then all will be well. 
You Get This For Free

 Our enemies think of White people living lives disconnected from struggle and hardship as ''White Privilege'' the problem with White Privilege theory is not that we have it, but that we do not have it. 

 The argument could be made that the Swedish people are incapable of struggling against the rising tide of colour because, living in their rather isolated and wintry wonderland, they've become too ''altruistic''. Similarly, there's a fat parrot in New Zealand called the Kakapo, eons of isolation left the bird overweight, flightless and rather docile, when the rats and cats and stoats arrived the Kakapo was nigh on wiped out. Europeans spent more time and energy saving the Kakapo than they so far have on saving themselves, and unlike the Kakapo, nobody will be coming to remove the rats and stoats for the Swedes, they'll have to do it for themselves.

The French, and Nice in particular, have a very different story to tell, Nice faces the Mediterranean and beyond that the African continent. A century ago a Frenchman could sit on the same promenade where a little French girl was run down yesterday, he could sip his wine knowing that the Muslim threat to his family was so small as to be irrelevant. 

Firstly, Nice itself contained garrisons of French soldiers, the people of the African continent barely had the means or ability to actually travel across the Mediterranean but even if they did there were French warships patrolling the waters. The people of North Africa were unlikely to pose any threat to the French because they were colonized by the French who ran their affairs for them, mainly in the interest of the French themselves. Brute force and self interest allowed Nice to flourish and indulge in High Culture and architecture, not egalitarian pipe-dreams.
This Must Be Earned

 European aristocrats flocked to the Côte d'Azur and quite often ventured into Africa, an aristocratic White woman could buy trinkets and take notes of the primitive culture of the locals and the Muslim men would know to cast their eyes down, merely looking at a White woman the wrong way would likely see him have his face smashed in with the butt of a rifle. That is White Privilege, and it's a moral imperative.

 The great irony is that Europe's great cities are in large part monuments to past glories, strength, vigour and will, but the Europeans themselves have had such traits sapped out of them via Judeo-Marxist mind tricks. The ability to walk around with your family in safety is a consequence of strength, when the strength leaves so does the safety.

 The present tumult does, however, offer a chance for European men to regain their strength and vigour. After the Third World invasion has been repelled and reversed, and after the traitors have been tried and hanged, then, then, the Frenchman can claim the Right to sip wine and watch adoringly as his wife and little girl innocently enjoy the fireworks display which is celebrating ''The Great Repatriation'' he can tell himself ''I earned this, I helped make this possible''.

 He can say, ''We Triumphed in the End!''.


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