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The Public Sector Bolsheviks & The White Kulaks

Some readers might be shocked by the graphic descriptions of sexual abuse in this article.

One of the earlier articles I wrote at this blog was a piece called ''Just Another 300 White Girls Raped And Tortured'' in which I expressed my anger and dismay at the causal manner in which the mainstream press were reporting on yet another ghastly case of English girls as young as eleven being sexually abused and tortured by non-White, Muslim men in Oxford.

 The Oxford Grooming Scandal now has its own Wikipedia entry and there's been an official investigation and report into the horror which took place:

The sexual abuse included vaginal, anal and oral rape and also involved the use of a variety of
objects such as knives, meat cleavers, baseball bats… sex toys … It was often accompanied
by humiliating and degrading conduct such as biting, scratching, acts of urinating, being…suffocated, tied up. They were also beaten and burnt. This sexual activity was often carried out by groups of men; sometimes it would go on for days on end.
The report also contains statements and questions by the girls who were abused and their parents:
''I turned up at the police station at 2/3am, blood all over me, soaked through my trousers to
the crotch. They dismissed it as me being naughty, a nuisance. I was bruised and bloody''
 ''Police… didn’t find me except once… I didn’t hide – I told people where I was'' 
 '' He urinated on me''
'' I wouldn’t ever have said no – they’d have beaten the shit out of me''
The police, council and child protection services were, needless to say, worse than useless:
''A WPC found me drunk with men. I said I was ok and she went away and left me with them.
I was abused that night''
 ''If a perpetrator can spot the vulnerable children, why can’t professionals?''
 ''A big chunk of her life has been taken away – when she should have been at the youth club
or skating or the school prom – all that went missing because of them: the perpetrators and
the police/social services for not stopping it when they knew''
 ''One manager said [before the exploitation was understood] ‘She’s streetwise, and loves it"
When 'Girl 2' walked into the police station covered with blood while internally bleeding and claimed:
 "The Asians are raping me, they drive me around to be raped by other Asians, they threatened to slice my face off and behead my family if I refused'
And the desk sergeant replied with:
"Kids today eh! now move along young lady''
The community cohesion outreach team must have breathed a sigh of relief.

 The person sitting atop the police force overseeing this carnage was one Sara Thornton, when the scandal broke Thornton flatly refused to resign. Unlike the Rotherham grooming horror show, the various branches of the public sector seemed to have learned that, having hundreds of girls raped with baseball bats and burned by cigarettes might by detrimental to public relations, and so rather than become exposed as the Neo Marxist filth they are, they instead decided to plead retard, dribbling mash-potato brain-dead levels of retard.

 For example, The Oxford report claims:
 ''Victims repeatedly told police they had been abused and sexually tortured and care-home staff just watched as the men collected the under-age girls at night.''
Thornton and the various branches of the public sector claimed ignorance, ''We didn't know!'' they chanted repeatedly as the story broke in earnest. It does, however, make you wonder how hard they looked, after all, the Daily Telegraph was able to send a journalist to Oxford who swiftly discovered via a local imam that:
''The view of some Islamic preachers towards white women can be appalling. They encourage their followers to believe that these women are habitually promiscuous, decadent, and sleazy—sins which are made all the worse by the fact that they are kaffurs or non-believers. Their dress code, from miniskirts to sleeveless tops, is deemed to reflect their impure and immoral outlook. According to this mentality, these white women deserve to be punished for their behaviour by being exploited and degraded''
They didn't know because they didn't want to know. The then Prime Minister, David Cameron, who is himself  a Globalist anti-White tool, made a statement regarding the police and local governments who 'didn't know':

David Cameron, speaking at a summit to address the issue after similar scandals in Rotherham and Oxfordshire, made a number of proposals, including up to five years in jail for teachers, councillors and social workers in England and Wales who failed to protect children, unlimited fines for individuals and organisations shown to have let children down, and a national helpline to enable professionals to report bad practice
Cameron's statement is astonishing and deserves a little attention. In Britain, in the early years of the 21st century, Neo Marxism has so comprehensively saturated the public sector and the minds of the people who work within it, that they have become pathologically incapable of feeling empathy toward White children. The great Politically Correct mind heist runs so deep that the police and teachers and child protection services have become borderline the degree that the Prime Minister has to threaten them with years in jail if they do not at least try and care about White children being butchered by savages.

 Eventually the box ticking diversity quota, Sara Thornton, was wafted out of the Oxford quagmire and into her new £252,000 a year job as head of the 'National Police Chiefs Council'.

 One and a half years later and the liberal establishment are reeling after the Brexit referendum. One of the surest signs that a people are living under an oppressive, dysfunctional and morally dead system of governance is that, when the system takes a knock, when it's seen to be in a weakened state, the people who hate it feel emboldened. One example of this is when the German armies swept across Eastern Europe and the first reaction of an extraordinary number of Latvians, Ukrainians and Estonians was to rise up and slaughter their Judeo-Bolshevik masters, or as is commonly written today, ''inexplicably engaged in Anti-Semitism''.

 Similarly, though infinitely less bloodily, working class Whites felt a release after they delivered a blow to their liberal overlords. Reports came flooding in of uppity English people actually asking immigrants when they were going back, a Black woman was told to ''Fuck off back to brownland'', a taxi driver used the word ''Paki'' in the presence of a Pakistani woman, they were even reports of Hate sausages being placed on the doorsteps of mosques.

 The Guardian called it a ''Frenzy of Hate'' and the political class lined up to stridently condemn the racist hate frenzy which consisted of people saying ''Oi, when you going back?''.

 The Metropolitan Police are not wasting time either, an entire department has been created to combat hate. You might think the apparatchik they found to head-up this new force would be above and beyond scrutiny, somebody not compromised in any way by a history of dismal failure when dealing with 'inter-ethnic' issues, unfortunately they chose Sara Thornton. 

 Freshly armed with a flashy new site called ''True Vision'' which encourages non-Whites to report any transgressions of racial etiquette by Whites, the formerly incompetent Thornton has now thrown herself enthusiastically into the fight against (White) hatred and racism, according to Thornton:

Like the vast, vast majority of people, I have been shocked and disgusted at some the cases of racial or anti-immigrant abuse that have been reported this week.  We have also been heartened by the people who have intervened to challenge abusive behaviour, condemn it and reassure victims that those views are not representative of Britain. 
Interestingly, we now have a ' national community tensions team' meaning our diversity is such a strength we need an entire division to monitor it round the clock:
The national community tensions team has also analysed reports from forces which today shows an increase in community tension directed at the migrant community since the referendum.   In a number of forces, migrants are reporting verbal abuse, negative social media commentary including xenophobic language, anti-migrant leafleting and, in very limited numbers, physical assaults. All of these incidents are under active investigation.
 Long gone now are the awkward gestures and feigned stupidity, the same people who shrugged their shoulders when a 13 year old White girl claimed to have been raped with a broken bottle by an Asian, now promise to investigate anyone who has the temerity to insult an Asian on Facebook. The Oxford report states: a result, the girls were sometimes treated without common courtesies, and as one victim described it by “snide remarks”
Non-Whites can rest assured, there will be no 'snide remarks' directed toward them when they report on being called a 'Paki', or indeed, when they report that a working class White man has accused them of being child rapists. 

 The system is so obviously skewered against the natives that when that young girl went into the police station, the desk sergeant made a quick calculation, take this girl seriously and potentially lose his job, mortgage and entire life, or let it slide, move her along.

 Why risk it? she's just a White Kulak, a non-person.

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