Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Fiddler On The Roof: A Very Jewish Movie

I recently stumbled across 'Fiddler on the Roof' and decided to watch it, I was aware that there was a particularly Jewish musical by that name but I'd always avoided it because I dislike musicals. Today, however, an entirely Jewish musical set in Russia shortly before the Russian Revolution has much to offer to the dissident Nationalist mind. 
 The history of the Jews in Russia, the 'Pale of the Settlement', the animosity toward the Russian aristocracy and the rise of revolutionary Marxism, is a vast area of exploration and a post such as this could easily spiral out of control, so for the sake of brevity I'll try and keep this within the context of the Fiddler on the Roof movie, readers might want to check out ''Solzhenitsyn's Forbidden Book'' which deals with the Jewish involvement with Bolshevism and the Occidental Observers series on the 'Pale of the Settlement'.

Friday, 26 August 2016

The Alt-Right vs The Known Universe

I spent the run up to Hillary Clinton's Alt-Right speech pondering why she would make such a speech, what was in it for her and her presidential bid. I came to the conclusion that the Cultural Marxist alliance was not yet ready to overwhelm White America completely and so Hillary was attempting to reach out to non-decided voters by using the guilt by association trick on Trump, Hillary was effectively saying ''Ok, I get it, you hate me, I'm corrupt, bought and paid for, I hate you too, but look, vote for Trump and the Nazis get in too''.

 And that certainly formed the bulk of her speech. However, as Radix correctly identified, what surprised was the manner in which Hillary was 'reaching out' to the cuckservative Right of American politics and attempting to absorb them into the main mass of the PC freak-show of the Democrat party. The post-Trump Republican party has its own refugee crisis, and Hillary is doing a Merkel by offering them a place at her sagging bosom, alongside the inter-sectional Trannies, Black Lives Matter and ISIS. They are now a victim group, they sold out on the issue of mass immigration, they said nothing as cities such as Detroit turned into Somalia, they clapped as the racial demographics were warped to reduce their kids to minorities, on every single issue they took the money and stabbed their own base in the back, as they cowed and buckled under Leftist Shut-Down speak. 

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Project Syndicate: The Globalist Country Club

I recently read an article at the Occidental Observer which focused on a Globalist website called ''Project Syndicate'' and decided to check it out and see for myself what these scumbags are up to. To get an idea of how highly regarded Project Syndicate is within Globalist circles, master of evil, George Soros, follows just 4 accounts on Twitter, one of them is Project Syndicate, which he also helps fund. 

Thursday, 18 August 2016

An Ode To Laura Trott

Like many men across Britain I've become a huge fan of our new Olympic cycling champion, Laura Trott. The Olympics itself isn't really worth watching, variations of the African genome competes against itself at running fast, weird shaped orientals lift weights and this year we also had a refugee special, though judging from their alleged drowning rate not many would be swimming in competitions. The Olympics is Global entertainment for the Global man, complete with a vacuous power ballad from Katy Perry to spur on the one-legged cripples in the Para-Olympics, in what must constitute the ultimate example of Nietzsche's 'Under-Man' ruling the earth.

Saturday, 13 August 2016

From Nazi to SJW: The Evolution Of Maya The Bee

I recently watched a CGI cartoon movie called 'Maya the Bee', I find it fascinating to observe the means by which destructive ideas are pumped into the minds of small children and Maya the Bee didn't disappoint. After watching the movie I did the inevitable Google search to see who was behind it and discovered, with no surprise whatsoever, that Maya the Bee's production company was the creation of a 'Holocaust Survivor' Jew, and the Australian government's 'Screen Australia'. 

But that's not where the story ends, Maya was not the creation of a Jew or a liberal left SJW, Maya's creator was German Nationalist, Waldemar Bonsels, Bonsels described Jews as "a deadly enemy" who were "poisoning the culture". The original Maya the Bee written by Bonsels was published in Germany in 1912, Bonsels then went on to support National Socialism in Germany and penned articles for the NSDAP. Waldemar Bonsels has flawless Nationalist credentials, his Maya is a Nationalist fable for young German girls, the 2014 movie is also fable for young girls, but of a very, very different sort.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Islam vs Globalism

I'm not much of a fan of Gates of Vienna and the Counter Jihad, wedging a Zionist agenda into what should be a straight forward fight for Europeans to retain their homelands is destructive and misguides our people. Nevertheless, I happened to stumble across an interview at the site with a Moroccan who offers some insight into the collective identity and strategy of Islam.

 Reading the article I was struck by just how weak the 'Reform Islam' argument, which emanates from Libertarians, civic nationalists and various hue of Leftist, actually is.

 Abdessamad Belhaj works in Brussels as a social scientist and expert on Islam, there's an endless supply of these experts on Islam these days, however, Belhaj has developed ideas on what he calls the ''Moral Economy' of Islam. From the Nationalist perspective it's interesting to explore the strategy adopted by another group with a collective identity, it's also worth noting that there are various similarities between the Moral Economy of Islam and that of the Jews.

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Five Shades Of Liberal

This week the government wheeled out plans to deploy a fully armed, paramilitary style police force onto the streets of London, and eventually elsewhere, to try and prevent Muslim terror attacks similar to that which we have seen recently in Munich, Nice, Orlando, Paris, Normandy, Paris (again), Brussels and Paris (again). 

 Unfortunately it wasn't implemented soon enough to save Darlene Horton from being knifed to death by a 'Norwegian Teen' enricher, Zacharia Bulhan, who in reality wasn't a Norwegian teen at all but a psychotic Muslim from Somalia. But the fact remains that the new imposing armed policemen are a direct consequence of multiculturalism, we need them now, we didn't in the past, mass immigration means the police are armed with automatic assault rifles and wear full battle armour, when we were an ethnically homogeneous country our 'Bobbies on the beat' were armed with flimsy sticks. 

 Shamelessly pillaging the blog comments I scored something of a hit on Twitter when I pointed this out:

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Jez Turner And The South East Alliance Demand Brexit At Downing Street.

Fantastic stuff last Friday from Jez Turner and The South East Alliance:

It is now over a month since then Prime Minister David Cameron was supposed to go to the European Union and Invoke Article 50 (Start the process of The United Kingdom leaving the EU).The South East Alliance organised a demonstration demanding that Article 50 be invoked now.
Major kudos for standing on Downing Street calling out Theresa May for being a ''Zionist puppet''.