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Islam vs Globalism

I'm not much of a fan of Gates of Vienna and the Counter Jihad, wedging a Zionist agenda into what should be a straight forward fight for Europeans to retain their homelands is destructive and misguides our people. Nevertheless, I happened to stumble across an interview at the site with a Moroccan who offers some insight into the collective identity and strategy of Islam.

 Reading the article I was struck by just how weak the 'Reform Islam' argument, which emanates from Libertarians, civic nationalists and various hue of Leftist, actually is.

 Abdessamad Belhaj works in Brussels as a social scientist and expert on Islam, there's an endless supply of these experts on Islam these days, however, Belhaj has developed ideas on what he calls the ''Moral Economy' of Islam. From the Nationalist perspective it's interesting to explore the strategy adopted by another group with a collective identity, it's also worth noting that there are various similarities between the Moral Economy of Islam and that of the Jews.

 The term 'Moral Economy' is an interesting one, what Belhaj means by it is the need of the Muslim to adhere to the larger Muslim community's general health, interests and well-being as a moral imperative. Belhaj does a good job of describing Muslims as a vast swarm of nomadic army ants roaming the world....

In the Muslim world the available resources are not infinite. When poverty is unsustainable some of the people migrate away, to resume somewhere else the same circular parasitic existence. In the Muslim narratives the migration is the beginning of the Islamisation of Europe. They are to take the “rich land” and change the future of Islam by transforming it from the religion of the poor to the religion of the rich. Of course this is a paradox, because poor people are only making Europe poorer.
 A migration to a non-Muslim land can only be justified if the community interprets it as a victory. The Islamic moral economy’s destructive power lies in the fact that is a nomadic migrant system and not a stable local one. They use the income to prove Islam’s moral superiority: with the population explosion, continuous migration and conversions to increase their numbers in the community while exhausting all the resources, and then looking for new areas to exhaust.
The European Muslim communities’ moral economy utilizes two sources: partly the Muslim countries whose populations are always ready to receiver donations, the other one the Muslims already living in Europe. This is not a simple charity but a societal market, because a mosque brings profit for the moral economy of the community.
 The mosque establishes school, creates organizations, open stores, has international bank accounts, provides employment for the young and also cooperates with Muslim countries. So Islamisation is made up of people who have stakes in it: families, clans, businessmen, who are not religious authorities but work for the cause of the religion. They also have owners’ stock interests: imams and religious lawyers who represent the authority and possess its symbolic capital
It's quite common to see Islam compared to a swarm or virus, or the Borg from Star Trek, and in all honesty that is essentially what it, and they actually are. I disagree with the idea that the state is diminishing, or that that is an aim of Globalism, the power of the state is increasing exponentially simply in order to hold the deeply chaotic multicultural project together, and the central aim of Globalism is to create a gigantic consumer/producer, micromanaged, slave farm. However, the article becomes more interesting when we take a look at the corporate slave farm and inject Islam into it:

 The neo-liberal economic system, where the state has a minimal regulatory role, needs an adapted minimized society, where the people do not cost the state anything and only earn just enough to engage in constant consumption. In this society cohesion is very weak, because of the lack of a social support system and the lack of common cultural values. So nothing really connects people to each other, and the state has a diminishing role. 
The weakening of the middle class is quite observable with the decrease of health and education services, because the neo-liberal state measures everything with cost/benefit ratios. While the government maintains the people’s ability to consume, and a democratic pluralist political system, it can sustain their trust in the system. For a neo-liberal economy, one who can produce a cheaper product will have unlimited advantage, it is important to have a cheap, unskilled workforce a.k.a. immigrants.
That's a surprisingly frank and accurate description of what ails the West today, and it was noted not by a White Nationalist or hardcore conservative, but an Arab. The standard position of a European Nationalist today is to deport all Muslims from Europe and return them to their own lands. And yet Europe is beset by people who think the intelligent response to Islam is to reform it, it is to 'change their bad ideas' and such people will often come from the centre right, libertarian areas of the political spectrum, they think of themselves as ''Classic Liberals''. 

 The Moral Economy of Islam is an entire metaphysical, judicial and economic system which offers a sense of belonging and identity to Muslims far beyond the merely theocratic, indeed, even sharia can be somewhat flexible:

 Other than forbidding a few things, Sharia, which works as a primary controller, is pretty permissive, as you can see it with many type of foods receiving religious validation (halal), or even the invention of halal beer.
What matters is the collective, the group, the family. This is something which we Nationalists can understand, but to liberals individualism and 'liberty' are as sanctified as race is to the Nationalist or spirituality to the religious. 

 In essence the position of the classic liberal toward Islam is to advocate individualism, to tempt them away from the Jihadi horde and into the sunny uplands of....what? As Belhaj notes above, the West is a consumer/producer hamster wheel of shallow zombie eyed materialism. The liberal gushes to the Muslim ''Come, leave behind the Islamo-juggernaut and get yourself a job in a factory, watch as your women become loudmouthed tramps, trash all of your core ideals, enjoy it all, it's wonderful, it's freedom!''. 
An ant with Liberalism on the brain

Many people often ask how the Western elites could be so stupid as to allow millions of Muslims into the West, their precious liberal West, when Islam is diametrically opposed to every single value they hold dear. Is Islam, or to be more precise, the non Whites who practice it, simply the most convenient means by which to break the back of ethnic Europe? or do the Globalists have other plans for Islam, particularly when we consider Jewish intrigues relating to Neo-Conservatism, Israel, the wider Zionist agenda and the relentless push by Jewry for more Muslims to enter Europe.

 It's interesting to speculate on whether the Globalist Elite is trying to liberalize Islam, after all, if you're in the business of founding a New World Order predicated on individuals being devoid of identity and roots, then Islam has to be dealt with along with European racial feeling. This is not to suggest liberalism will do for Islam, but merely a possible way that the elites could be attempting it. 

 Lets return to the analogy of Islam as ant colony. In the Amazon there's species of parasitic fungus which attaches its spores to soldier ants wandering the forest floor, the soldier ant then returns to the nest and dies, the fungus then grows out of the ants head and releases millions of spores infecting the rest of the colony, thus destroying it. 

 As is noted above, the 'Moral Capital' of Islam works in similar ways to an ant colony, the Muslim migrants are the soldier ants out foraging for resources to take back to the hive. The fungus, of course, is liberalism. And so in this scenario Muslims are being brought into the West to become infected by liberalism and then via their system of moral capital, the infection will be transmitted back into the Middle East and the central nervous system of Islam itself.

 Thus far the foot soldiers of Islam have remained largely immune to the liberal virus, they know it, we know it and presumably the elites know it too. The solution to this problem from a Globalist perspective would not be to decrease the number of Muslims entering Europe, but to increase it and thereby raise the percentage of Muslims exposed to gay porn, materialism, Miley Cyrus, feminism, atheism and Burger King.

 Again, this is purely speculative, but the benefits of reducing the population of the Middle East to a servile consumer class without identity are great indeed, particularly from a Jewish perspective. 

1. Israel will be permanently secured if the surrounding population are no longer identifying with a people or religion or the land which the Jews stole from the Arabs.

2. Of the three monotheistic religions, two will be effectively neutralized, leaving the gate open for a Talmudic dystopia of unending Jewish supremacy.

3. The hybridization of East and West and the founding of a true Globalist superstate becomes nigh on inevitable.

 Contemplating these possibilities I was once again reminded of an older post on Leonard Cohen's ''The Future'':

Give me absolute control
Over every living soul
And lie beside me, baby
That's an order

Give me crack, anal sex
Take the only tree that's left
Stuff it up the hole
In your culture

Give me back the Berlin Wall

Give me Stalin and St. Paul

I've seen the future, brother
It is murder

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