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Project Syndicate: The Globalist Country Club

I recently read an article at the Occidental Observer which focused on a Globalist website called ''Project Syndicate'' and decided to check it out and see for myself what these scumbags are up to. To get an idea of how highly regarded Project Syndicate is within Globalist circles, master of evil, George Soros, follows just 4 accounts on Twitter, one of them is Project Syndicate, which he also helps fund. 

 The Occidental Observer describes ''The Syndicate's'' editorial line perfectly:
 ''Project Syndicate’s content, as one might expect, suffers from extreme globalist and anti-nationalist bias, reflecting the U.S. and EU’s current parochial ruling elites. Recurring themes include: Why free trade is unpopular, but absolutely necessary. Why the European Union is unpopular, but absolutely necessary. Why a bellicose foreign policy is unpopular, but absolutely necessary. Why displacement-level immigration and multiculturalism are unpopular, but absolutely necessary. Any deviation from globalist policies is almost invariably portrayed as a supreme moral and a political disaster.''
You do have to wonder at the staggering lack of self awareness of the Globalist elite, did nobody point out how deeply sinister and unnerving a title such as ''Project Syndicate'' actually is?. Their politics is what we might accurately describe as 'Left Wing' but up in the stratosphere of the Globalist hierarchy the usual feel-good lefty names such as Hope Not Hate, Black Lives Matter, Refugees Welcome, One Love One Humanity, Rock for Islam and so on, can be dispensed with, the feel good fluff is for the lefty students being pumped out the universities by the million. At the top, the bosses are quite honest about what they are, and that's a bunch of gangsters running a 'Syndicate'' in private they probably call it ''Our Thing''.

Needless to say, there's an extraordinarily heavy Jewish presence, from the managing editor down to the writing staff:
Diversity is for the goyim

The writing staff of Project Syndicate are comprised of banking CEO's, former heads of state, media moguls and high ranking EU bureaucrats. Jewish 'intellectual' Henry Levi is a regular, as is Jew-in-disguise and pro White genocide careerist, Peter Sutherland, Guy Verhofstadt, Joschka Fischer and Javier Solana also write regularly on the need for their own people to be destroyed.  Its editorial team are:
Yes, that Gordon Brown.

The purpose of Project Syndicate appears to be to establish a Globalist line and then have it trickle down into the main stream media and national governments which they see as not more than regional satraps:

''Syndicate provides readers with original, engaging, and thought-provoking commentaries by global leaders and thinkers. By offering incisive perspectives from those who are shaping the world’s economics, politics, science, and culture, Project Syndicate has created an unrivaled global venue for informed public debate.''

Despite their enormous power, wealth and influence, the Globalist cabal are not a particularly cheerful bunch, indeed, the general tone of their articles can be just as despondent as the comments section of a Nationalist site. The Globalists endlessly kvetch about the ''Rise of Populism'' and a ''Return to the past'', there's a sense they're becoming exasperated and worn out by the whack-a-mole of managing to see off one small Nationalist party in Europe, only to be confronted by another a few months later. Marie Le Pen looms large in their fears and they're absolutely terrified of Donald Trump.

The problem for the Globalists is that they only ever have two solutions available to them for any given problem, this is apparent in every article on their site, the solutions they invariably adopt to all problems faced by humanity today are:

1. Increasing transnational governance, whether by creating yet more Globalist institutions or expanding already existing ones. We are dealing with people who write articles called;

Without so much as a blush.

2. Economics is their second cure for the world, economics in tandem with more centralized governmental power.

Take for example this recent article by former Israeli foreign minister, Shlomo Ben-Ami (Yeah he's Jewish) called ''Populism, Past and Present'':

''While populist rhetoric seems to be reaching fever pitch, with far-reaching consequences – most notably the United Kingdom’s vote to “Brexit” the European Union – the reality is that the strain of nativism that it represents has long bedeviled democratic politics.''
''But, rather than focus on real solutions, today’s populists are often appealing to people’s basest instincts. In many cases, they are emphasizing feelings over facts, stoking fear and hate, and relying on nativist appeals. And, in fact, they are less interested in tackling economic grievances than they are in using those grievances to win support for an agenda that would roll back social and cultural openness.''
Former Belgian prime minister and EU fanatic, Guy Verhofstadt recently hissed ''Only more Europe can beat Europe's Nationalists''

  ''If the EU wants to tackle the strains of nationalism that are undermining its very raison d'ĂȘtre, it will have to listen to people’s concerns and offer a radical new vision for effective governance. Otherwise, the nationalist cancer will spread.''

Our concerns, Guy, are you bastards ethnically cleansing us with the Third World who're raping, bombing and killing us in our own lands, what solution are you offering?

''Still, today’s EU is not capable of decisive, large-scale action. To provide an alternative to the emotional appeal of populist nationalism, the Union must become more responsive to its citizens’ demands. This will require radical structural reforms to the eurozone and to the EU’s central political institutions.
Economists generally agree that a single currency without a fiscal union or a common treasury is unsustainable. If Europeans do not finish the job they started when they established the euro, they will continue to experience the economic pain of structural disunity. Complete integration would deliver prosperity and better governance.''

One of the most recent entries is by Javier Solana, comically contradicting himself, even on his own safe-space straw-man of economics being the primary concern of Europeans, in his piece ''Taming the populists'' he writes:

 ''Of course, economic grievances alone do not fuel anti-globalization sentiment; populism has emerged even in countries with low unemployment and rising incomes. But such grievances provide the kernel of truth that populist leaders need to attract support, which they then attempt to secure with distortions and exaggerations.''
Solana then goes on to debunk his own argument, the only argument Globalists have:

 ''To be sure, globalization has reduced inequality among countries substantially. But within countries, inequality has risen sharply. The largest gains from globalization have not only accrued to the middle and upper classes in Asia, but also to the top 1% of earners worldwide''
  And then of course we get the inevitable:
'' Moreover, national authorities must engage with one another to improve global governance.''

Considering that these people like to promote themselves as ''The world's foremost intellectuals and thinkers'' this is a pitifully weak argument, hopelessly stuck in an utterly materialistic world view, as well they might, that being the standard world view passed by Jews onto gentiles. The Globalists cannot sell the benefits of their Globalism to level headed Europeans because there are non. 

What they have instead is Cultural Marxism/Political Correctness and the Left. And so what should be a simple case of White people standing up and saying ''We want non of this, piss off!'' White people instead discover, upon standing up, that their Achilles heel has been sliced and that before they even begin to assert their interests they have to check their White Privilege, apologize for slavery, apologize for the Holocaust, apologize for racism and so on.

 If the Globalist world view was morally sound and intellectually valid they would not need Political Correctness and White Guilt memes to act as bouncers before a nightclub door, but they are neither sound or valid, they are just lies to be sold as they pillage the world and genocide the White race.

 It's become something of joke when the elites use the word ''populist'' in a pejorative sense, meaning it's morally wrong to be popular. However, from their perspective it's no joke, because these populists, Trump being the big one, are bringing into question their right to rule us, their right to reshape the world and its populations as they see fit. 
 Just why do they have that right? from where did it come? upon what does this power rest? in the end it's just money and media control, nothing else, and it will have to be taken away from them, in the end.

 Javier Solana ends his piece with a warning to his fellow parasites:

 ''The victory of the campaign in the United Kingdom to leave the European Union should have jolted all of us from the illusion that we are somehow protected from the risks we see around us. The unthinkable can happen. Populists can win. It is time for national leaders to show that they are paying attention.'' 
In actual fact it isn't unthinkable, millions of us think about it all of the time and there'll be people taking note of the names listed on the ''Project Syndicate'' site to add to the list of defendants at the ''Nuremberg 2'' show trials. 

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