Friday, 26 August 2016

The Alt-Right vs The Known Universe

I spent the run up to Hillary Clinton's Alt-Right speech pondering why she would make such a speech, what was in it for her and her presidential bid. I came to the conclusion that the Cultural Marxist alliance was not yet ready to overwhelm White America completely and so Hillary was attempting to reach out to non-decided voters by using the guilt by association trick on Trump, Hillary was effectively saying ''Ok, I get it, you hate me, I'm corrupt, bought and paid for, I hate you too, but look, vote for Trump and the Nazis get in too''.

 And that certainly formed the bulk of her speech. However, as Radix correctly identified, what surprised was the manner in which Hillary was 'reaching out' to the cuckservative Right of American politics and attempting to absorb them into the main mass of the PC freak-show of the Democrat party. The post-Trump Republican party has its own refugee crisis, and Hillary is doing a Merkel by offering them a place at her sagging bosom, alongside the inter-sectional Trannies, Black Lives Matter and ISIS. They are now a victim group, they sold out on the issue of mass immigration, they said nothing as cities such as Detroit turned into Somalia, they clapped as the racial demographics were warped to reduce their kids to minorities, on every single issue they took the money and stabbed their own base in the back, as they cowed and buckled under Leftist Shut-Down speak. 

 Strictly speaking, they aren't just 'Cucks' they've been cucked over twice! they were cucked when they sat in silence as 'minorities' became majorities, then they were cucked again when Trump, Nationalism and the Alt-Right overran their party. All that's left for them now, and Hillary and her handlers know it, is to join the ranks of a party explicitly and openly anti-White, they'll be absorbed into the main putrid mass of the Politically Correct Left to live out a life as a minor appendage, like Quato from Total Recall. 
At least I still have the constitution and capital gains tax!

A while back I wrote an article called 'Victor Orban and the Dune Strategy'' which explored how a small movement can attack and severely damage a much more powerful and well funded adversary by using coordinated attacks on an area of vital interest to the foe, in Herbert's Dune it's the Spice production on Arrakis, in America the Alt-Right and Trump are largely targeting Political Correctness itself, rather than the horrors which Political Correctness regularly produces. 

 The inner core of the New Left, its beating heart, is Critical Theory, and like every other area of the Left, it was the creation of Jewish Marxists. Critical Theory does what it says on the tin, the theory is to undermine, attack and seek to destroy the host culture and people, as it turns out, it's always White people who're targeted. The destruction of the chosen European culture and people can be morally justified under the name of ''Equality'' and ''Fairness'', it's just Marxism sugar-coated for generation snowflake.

 And thus a morality is established wherein European civilization has to be torn down in order to establish 'equality', to oppose that destruction on the grounds that it would destroy European civilization would result in the objector being slurred as a 'bigot' or 'racist'' etc and besides, Critical Theory would also posit that the civilization itself was oppressive and evil, and therefore should be smashed.

 The centre Right became 'cucked' because they accepted the central egalitarian premise of Neo Marxism, only holding the line on economic issues which the New Left were largely indifferent to anyway. The Right was then in a situation of arguing against the Left while only existing within the Left's own intellectual paradigm. It was a fight they could never win, a fight which, eventually, left them as the shambolic Quato appendage figure above.

 Critical Theory is poison because it forces our people into a false dichotomy which pits their own well-being and instincts against the moral code of the society, for example, a White person might say ''I'm not a racist, but I don't want to become a minority in my own country!'' but that's not good enough because they've accepted the  validity of the Left's morality (Racism is bad) and so, logically, they can't argue why they object to becoming a minority.

 Seen this way Critical Theory/Political Correctness is akin to the gigantic rail canons of the World Wars, with all Europeans being bombarded with guilt, self loathing and moral doubt. However, like the rail canon, Political Correctness is an offensive ideological weapon, its role is to bomb and subdue us, it has done a good enough job of that, but it has a all offensive weaponry it can't take much of a pounding itself.

 Nationalist political philosophy was all but banished from the West for 70 years, there are many reasons for this, of course, but one of them is that Nationalism is like acid to Leftist thought. Nationalism rejects out of hand the core premise of Leftism and all Leftist ideals, it mocks the intellectual founders of Leftist thought as self interested ethno-centric hypocrites and it pillories Neo Marxism as being a dupe for High Finance and their drive to create a Communo-Capitalist World Empire. 

 Nationalists are returning fire on the Critical Theory rail canon and blowing it bits, and Europeans across the world are beginning to take notice, and they like what they see, they like it a lot!.

Hillary Clinton's speech was not just about using the Alt-Right to beat Trump with, it was a rallying cry because they, the Left, know what's happening, they know what is returning and they understand what it means. For 50 years they've had a free hand with our people and brought us to the edge of oblivion, during that time they've built a vast coalition against us and now the cry goes out from a decrepit, hopelessly corrupt and incompetent 'baby boomer':

 ''Come to me now in my hour of need my children, come to me feminists, blacks, queers, trannies, chinks, Muslims, Jews, Mexicans and, yes, you cucks too, come and defend us from the Nazis once again!'' 

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