Friday, 28 October 2016

Thus Spake The Untermensch!

This Week the Daily Mirror carried an article with this headline:

Under the banner accompanying the headline was this photo:

Whenever healthy white men look upon such a bunch of men set to invade the civilization we've built, something is 'triggered' and it's not just the racial cuckoldry which is taking shape, it's also the sense, and let us be honest about it, that these refugees are simply loathsome trash, it isn't just their race, it's simply the way they are too.

Saturday, 22 October 2016

White Privilege Theory: The Poison-Pill

I first came across the term ''White Privilege'' about five years ago in an article in the Telegraph which was a response to Laurie Penny's (surprise surprise) attempt to bring the idea into popular discourse in Britain. It was one of those occasions when you knew instantly an idea or policy is bad news, understanding the term itself and the theory of White Privilege was to be made aware that the enemy had been working on a new weapon which was in the process of being tweaked and polished before being rolled out onto the meta-political battlefield.

...And now it has.

White Privilege Theory emanates from the ''Social Science'' wing of modern leftist thought, this is the field of study which has given us the tragic and insane ''Social Justice Warrior''. The standard response to White Privilege theory of the Ethno-Nationalist is to reject the entire premise out of hand, non-whites cannot be oppressed by whites if they are no longer living in our countries. Furthermore, the existence of White Privilege Theory as a valid subject within academia undermines the premise of the theory because if the society was directed toward ''privileging'' whites above everyone else then why haven't whites shutdown such studies?.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Will Anyone Remember Jodie Wilkinson?

Some idle speculation on a recent murder in my home town.....

On Monday a murder took place here in the North East of England which has left many of the locals, myself included, somewhat baffled. Newcastle and the North East are 'rough' and relatively poor but murder is exceptionally rare, and the manner of Jodie Wilkinson's murder must qualify as unique, according to the BBC:

 ''Jodie Wilkinson, 27, died in hospital after being attacked by a group of up to 11 men in the city's Stanhope Street on Monday afternoon, police said.
A 25-year-old man who was with her at the time was also injured and needed hospital treatment.
Police said those arrested, a man aged 43, two aged 25, and three others aged 22, 20 and 18, were being questioned.''

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Trump Unbound

Fiend, I defy thee! with a calm, fixed mind,
All that thou canst inflict I bid thee do;
Foul Tyrant both of Gods and Human-kind,
One only being shalt thou not subdue....
Thou art omnipotent.
O'er all things but thyself I gave thee power,
And my own will....
I curse thee! let a sufferer's curse
Clasp thee, his torturer, like remorse;
'Till thine Infinity shall be
A robe of envenomed agony;
And thine Omnipotence a crown of pain,
To cling like burning gold round thy dissolving

Here in post-Brexit Britain the liberal intelligentsia have developed a canny little trick to misinform the British public, indeed, this is becoming the standard line of the lefty hive-mind everywhere, whether Owen Jones in The Guardian or a chubby YouTube cuck. The line being peddled is that the millions of working class Whites who voted to leave the EU were mistakenly 'lashing out' at immigrants, it is the ''Don't blame the migrants and refugees'' argument. What flows from that is a tedious debate on the economics of mass immigration, if working class Whites have suffered financially, they argue, then it should be the Tories and big business who are to blame, not the migrants themselves. The solution is more ''equality'' and jobs, raising the minimum wage and so on.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

The Great Shutdown: Google's Jigzaw

I recently came across a fascinating video which goes into some detail on the increasing levels of internet censorship, who is doing it and why, what their long term aims are and who ((They)) deem to be the gravest threat to their scheming. It's depressing but I don't know how much longer blogs such as this one will be able to survive. As is explained in the video, they are using the comments section of the New York Times as a test ground, words or phrases which they deem ''Hate'' will be written into Google's programming and then the machine will be set loose to simply Shut Down or de-list anything which transgresses the new speech codes.

 Most of the time when we think of censorship we think of the cops kicking your door down and dragging you off to Right Think camp, but the future is shaping up to be even worse, you'll be unable to publish a Thought Crime on the internet in the first place and because it's private companies doing this and not governments, there's nothing you can do about it, you don't get to vote Google out. And make no mistake, it is the 'Far Right' that is the problem for these people, as is explained in this excellent production......

Saturday, 8 October 2016

The Revolution That Ruined Us: How Hippies Destroyed Marriage

Written by RW Jetz

According to the Jewish media, the sexual revolution which burgeoned in the 1960s was a time of much-needed freedom from prudish oppression. The dawn of free love, ‘flower power’, and hippy culture was a symbol of times changing towards equality and mass acceptance of diversity. The revolution was cleverly marketed. With the concurrent (Jewish) inventions of the pill and condom, gays and straights, men and women alike, were now ready to be liberated from societal judgement on their sexual habits. A human being could now choose to have casual sex with someone, without fear of being judged and ostracised. To most people, this must have sounded wonderful. However, the reality of such liberalisation of traditions has proved quite the contrary – at least, for those who care for the future of the White race.

A few statistics make this sobering fact clear. The average age of the (primarily White) population is quickly rising while (White) birth rates slump to an all-time low. Meanwhile marriage rates are down to their lowest levels since 1862, and the divorce rate creeps steadily upwards. The environments in which children could be raised and thrive are therefore far fewer than in past generations, because those environments have historically been the preserve of married, monogamous couples. The problem is – clearly – that people aren't getting married much anymore. And when they are, it doesn’t last long. What has happened to marriage since its heyday, and what part did the sexual revolution play in its decline?

To formulate an answer to such a broad question, it is necessary to first review how the revolution came to pass: what could a revolution stand to offer either sex, and how did its leaders bring it about? The sexes are innately dimorphous, and so sexual liberation, as promised by the revolution’ proponents, would necessarily stand to mean a different thing for men and women. F. Roger Devlin aptly outlines the two divergent ideals of sexual freedom as envisaged by both the male and female imperatives in his polemical essay 'Sexual Utopia In Power' (which I heartily recommend). First, the male vision:

Monday, 3 October 2016

The BBC Begins Devouring Its Children

Last week a BBC radio presenter and comedian received a phone call in which he was told flat-out that he was being fired because he was a white male:

'I'll get straight to the point,' she continued. 'I'm afraid for the next series, we're not inviting you back. We're recasting it with more women and diversity.''

Jon Holmes had been working for the BBC for 18 years, his career was sprinkled with Baftas and plaudits from his liberal peers in the British intelligentsia, but there's a larger agenda in play here and Jon's career had to be liquidated to make way for his politically correct replacements.

 It's hard to have much in the way of sympathy, the pundits and 'edgy' comedians of the BBC have been cherry picked for decades,  the joke was always on working class whites, conservative whites, Christian whites, whites who live in the Shires, whites who vote UKIP, whites angry at mass immigration, whites scared of Islam, whites who want out of the EU.

The role of the BBC career personality is to drag the little Englanders up before the High Court of the Notting Hill and Chelsea priesthood to be ridiculed for their ignorance and racism, to pillory them for their longing to be left alone to live like Hobbits far away from the ''enrichment'' and without having to deal with falsely generated guilt and shame.