Monday, 3 October 2016

The BBC Begins Devouring Its Children

Last week a BBC radio presenter and comedian received a phone call in which he was told flat-out that he was being fired because he was a white male:

'I'll get straight to the point,' she continued. 'I'm afraid for the next series, we're not inviting you back. We're recasting it with more women and diversity.''

Jon Holmes had been working for the BBC for 18 years, his career was sprinkled with Baftas and plaudits from his liberal peers in the British intelligentsia, but there's a larger agenda in play here and Jon's career had to be liquidated to make way for his politically correct replacements.

 It's hard to have much in the way of sympathy, the pundits and 'edgy' comedians of the BBC have been cherry picked for decades,  the joke was always on working class whites, conservative whites, Christian whites, whites who live in the Shires, whites who vote UKIP, whites angry at mass immigration, whites scared of Islam, whites who want out of the EU.

The role of the BBC career personality is to drag the little Englanders up before the High Court of the Notting Hill and Chelsea priesthood to be ridiculed for their ignorance and racism, to pillory them for their longing to be left alone to live like Hobbits far away from the ''enrichment'' and without having to deal with falsely generated guilt and shame.

 The notion that anyone who works for the BBC could be 'subversive' is a complete non-starter. The BBC itself is a parasitic behemoth which can only exist via forcibly extracting money from the general populace, if a comedian was ever to actually have a modicum of intellectual freedom they might point that out. Instead, what they did was supply the punchlines and gags which weaponized the population against non-PC thought, blinded by arrogance and high on other people's money, the prancing stars of the BBC could not fathom that what they were doing would eventually lead to the replacement of themselves.

 The favourite punchbag of the London liberals has long been 'Outraged of Tunbridge Wells', the economically comfortable conservative in the Shires writing angry letters to the Daily Mail and Telegraph on how ''Political Correctness has gone mad!''. You can only imagine the relish with which 'Outraged of Tunbridge Wells' read Jon Holmes confused and grovelling open letter published by the Daily Mail.

''.....And what's more, I totally understand and agree with all things BAME [Black Asian and minority ethnic] and Lenny Henry and Ofcom boss Sharon White's call last week for 'harder quotas and diversity targets', so this isn't a sour grapes piece by any means at all. The BBC does a difficult job well under all kinds of pressures, and I get that it struggles to reflect everything that Lenny and the Guardian hold dear.
Diversity is important. Of course it is. We know it is. That's beyond argument. A quick sample of 2016 newspaper headlines reads thus:
Oscars in Diversity Race Row; Diversity Crisis in British Military; Baftas in Diversity Race Row; Diversity Crisis in Football; Brit Awards in Diversity Race Row; 2009 Britain's Got Talent Winners Diversity Announce New Tour.
… all of which proves that more needs to be done.'''
And so Jon begins his letter by signalling right from the start he's a good guy, a liberal, he's loves diversity, he adores PC, he has to do this because he's about to squeak out a few whimpers against whites being purged by the BBC, he's so cowed, so 'cucked' that he must first lick the power-bitch high heels of Big Sister and flatter her and her PC terror campaign at the BBC.

But, after I tweeted the news, I was contacted privately (quietly and off the record, because people are terrified of saying the wrong thing) by many presenters, actors and even agents who are now being told, and I quote: 'We love your client.
 He's perfect for the role. But we're not allowed to even invite him in for a meeting because we've been told to cast someone Asian.'
'You've got the job,' a presenter was informed, only for her to take a call a few days later saying: 'Ah. While we want you on the show, we've now been told we can't have you, because you are too white and middle class.'
Just to reiterate here, the class of people who're trembling before the anti-white PC terror, sending each other discreet mails and texts explaining that they too have been dropped or left out because they're white, these are the people who mock Brexit voters as uncouth racist morons, these are the people who post #RefugeesWelcome one day and #PrayFor...... the next.
'This isn't what we meant to happen at all.' wink wink

But, having heard so many stories, I decided (against my agent's better judgment) that maybe someone should stick their head above the parapet to ask: 'Can we do this better?'
 If we are now openly giving jobs to people based on the colour of their skin, surely that is only emphasising just the kind of social division that the equality that I was brought up to embrace strives to eliminate?
So what if – and I know this is radical – but what if everything and every job in all walks of life was open to everyone equally, and we all just agree that everyone's the same, by which I mean – you know – 'human'?

Ah Yes, Jon has now retreated into the bolthole of all left/liberals whose world view has resulted in them being made fools of, they peddled the PC line, they cheered on the waves of migrants as whole cities fell, but now it's their time for the drop and all of sudden they discover Classical Liberal virtues and 'We're all just Human''. Just a few paragraphs above Jon admits there should be diversity quotas, now he saying it's all about individualism. He's confused and scared, his ideals have betrayed him. He's Smythe in Orwell's 1984, smiling innocently as he heads to room 101. 

A good friend, a mentor even, who works in broadcasting (female, Jewish) was some years ago responsible for setting up the BBC's diversity programme. She took me aside last week, on hearing my news.'I'm so sorry,' she said. 'We just wanted to represent everyone fairly. It was never about sacking people who already do the job and simply replacing them to tick a box. This isn't what we meant to happen at all.'

Jon's fate was sealed as soon as that Jewess nabbed the 'Diversity Programme'' job-slot at the BBC, when she tells Jon ''This isn't what we meant to happen at all'' she's lying through her teeth. The BBC's Diversity Programme aims to have 15% non-White (it's already many orders of magnitude above that) 50% female and 8-10% trannies and queers. These numbers can be mixed and matched, so a female can also be Asian, is that one or two boxes ticked? how many boxes does a half-caste trannie tick?

Outraged of Tunbridge Wells was right, the perfect BBC employee is a Somalian transsexual cripple vegan, and the liberal set at the BBC loved nothing more than repeating it on Mock The Week with exaggerated sarcasm. Will the unfunny comedians paid vast sums of money extorted out of the rest of us remember that when they clear out their desks and the new guy, a Somalian transsexual cripple vegan, stands behind them waiting for them to clear off?

 The future of BBC stardom is to relentlessly and obsessively signal your PC mores knowing that a tiny infringement, or merely an off glance in the direction of a protected group, will see you binned. They're like ants scrambling up a twig sinking into slime. 

 Schadenfreude is wonderful.

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