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White Privilege Theory: The Poison-Pill

I first came across the term ''White Privilege'' about five years ago in an article in the Telegraph which was a response to Laurie Penny's (surprise surprise) attempt to bring the idea into popular discourse in Britain. It was one of those occasions when you knew instantly an idea or policy is bad news, understanding the term itself and the theory of White Privilege was to be made aware that the enemy had been working on a new weapon which was in the process of being tweaked and polished before being rolled out onto the meta-political battlefield.

...And now it has.

White Privilege Theory emanates from the ''Social Science'' wing of modern leftist thought, this is the field of study which has given us the tragic and insane ''Social Justice Warrior''. The standard response to White Privilege theory of the Ethno-Nationalist is to reject the entire premise out of hand, non-whites cannot be oppressed by whites if they are no longer living in our countries. Furthermore, the existence of White Privilege Theory as a valid subject within academia undermines the premise of the theory because if the society was directed toward ''privileging'' whites above everyone else then why haven't whites shutdown such studies?.

 Like all other forms of Neo Marxist/Critical Theory, White Privilege was born on the American university campus and spread throughout the former white world, there's even articles being written in Irish newspapers lambasting the Irish for their failure to recognize their privilege and how it disadvantages 'people of colour'. Whether we like it or not, tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands of white teens are now studying Social Science and White Privilege Theory and Critical Whiteness Studies(CWS). But  what is it? what are they telling these kids and what will the effects of this field of study actually be on these fragile young white minds?

 The source I'm using for this exploration of White Privilege Theory is a paper written for the Social Science department at Oxford University by Barbara Applebaum which can be found here. In it, Applebaum references the most prominent academics in this area, I'd estimate that at least 60% of the most prominent academics pushing White Privilege Theory are Jewish.

It's important to remember that these people flat-out deny the existence of races as being biologically different, we're entering the world of the leftist academic, a world where absolutely everything can be put down to nurture, to society and the power dynamics within a society.

Applebaum introduces us to the problem of whiteness...
It is only relatively recent that the critical study of whiteness has become an academic field of study, committed to disrupting racism by problematizing whiteness as a corrective to the traditional exclusive focus on the racialized “other.”
An important objective of CWS is to make whiteness visible, in order to disrupt white dominated systems of power. White norms permeate white dominated society, yet these norms appear to be common and value-neutral to the social groups that benefit from them. These norms create the standards by which “difference” is constructed. Scholars in the field seek to make explicit the ways in which whiteness is a determinant of social power and to demonstrate how whiteness works through its invisibility. Whiteness often goes unnoticed for those who benefit from it, but, for those who don’t, whiteness is often blatantly and painfully ubiquitous.

So the problem of whiteness is not just white people themselves, it is that the society we have created is a society within which we feel comfortable, however, the very nature of that society means that ''The Other'' will not feel comfortable or benefit to the degree that white people do. These academics like to use analogies of fish bowls, interesting when you consider their background, but I'll play along. 

If a man sets about creating an aquarium to house Cichlids the whole tank will reflect what is best for the Cichlid, they will have caves and rocks to live in, the tank will be a certain temperature and so on. If the aquarium owner then decides to introduce a hundred tetras there'll be misery and tension because the tetras prefer heavily planted environments. The obvious solution is to not introduce these problems in the first place, the focus of Critical Whiteness studies is to radically transform the behaviour of the Cichlid in order that it doesn't mind losing its territory and therefore means of existence.

Another academic riffs on this theme while pulling the age old 'we are you' Jewish camouflage trick:

Ruth Frankenberg. . . a location of structural advantage, of race privilege. Second it is a “standpoint,” a place from which white people look at ourselves, at others, and at society. Third, “whiteness” refers to a set of cultural practices that are usually unmarked and unnamed.
White Privilege discourse is not so much a critique of 'The Right' or conservatism, but rather a tightening of the screws on liberal society as it is now, they aren't targeting the kind of people who enjoy blogs such as this, they're going after 'normies':

White supremacy, as a form of oppression, is to be understood, following Iris Marion Young, as a structural concept that is reproduced by the everyday practices of a well-intentioned liberal society.

When liberal whites fail to understand how they can and/or do embody white supremacist values and beliefs, even though they may not embrace racism as prejudice or domination, . . . they cannot recognize the ways their actions support and affirm the very structure of racist domination and oppression that they wish to see eradicated
Such apparently well-intended gestures to universal humanity, using colorblind discourse, ignore the norm of whiteness and make it difficult to acknowledge institutional racism and one’s part in it. The problem of the rejoinder “All lives matter” is not that it is untrue. Rather, the problem is with the quickness and the ease with which one turns to such universal formulations.
 This is a classic example of the left clicking the ratchet forward, decades ago they began demonizing ethno-centrism in whites, this was largely a success and to one degree or another resulted in a 'colour-blind' society. In theory at least, the race of a person wouldn't matter, what mattered was their personal merit and skills etc. But this is no longer enough, White Privilege Theory argues that this merely makes whites unaware of the inherent bias toward them in the society, it is this which needs to be recognized by whites, it this that must be ''checked''. 

 The problem from a leftist point of view is that by making whites aware of themselves racially they could easily end up tipping these kids over into the Dark Side, a problem which has many academics concerned, but willing to take the risk:

 This is not to imply that the project of critical whiteness studies should be suspended but rather that we must be vigilant about the ways in which projects of critique can be complicit with what they attempt to disrupt. This critical vigilance, I contend, is prominent in much of the CWS( Critical Whiteness Studies) scholarship, as will become evident. Yet understanding the dangers of making whiteness visible does not lead to hopelessness. 

The predominantly Jewish academic class agrees on one thing, the manner in which white students must atone for their whiteness:

 Being an anti-racist white, therefore, is a project that always requires another step and does not end in a white person’s having “‘arrived’ in the form of an idyllic anti-racist.”
Confessions of privilege, according to Levine-Rasky, serve as a “redemptive outlet” through which white students are able to perceive themselves as “good whites” in comparison to those “bad whites” who do not acknowledge privilege.
The assumption is “that confessing to the inner working of whiteness in their lives would redeem them from their complicity with racism.” Levine-Rasky contends that there is a danger, that by acknowledging their privilege white students may assume that they have “arrived,” and that they do not have to worry anymore about how they are implicated in systemic racial injustice.
And so white students are being sent into a psychological rabbit hole of unending guilt and self-loathing, there is no point at which they will ever ''arrive'' because even to think so would negate any unfinished issues of inequality and oppression. If this is not a method of sophisticated mental torture then I don't know what is. 

From the perspective of the nationalist there are two types of white person in modern Western society, there's the racially aware 'Red-Pilled' group who view the world, races and Jewish activities through a racialist prism, then there's the mass who see other individuals like themselves, regardless of race. What White Privilege Theory proposes is to create a third group, occupied only by whites, discourse is being racialized again for whites, but only in a negative sense. This is what we might refer to as 'The Poison Pill''.

A while back I wrote an article on Olympic cycling champ Laura Trott, my aim in the article was to express the joy and magic of seeing your own blood and kin through a morass of global humanity. The article is written from a 'Red-Pilled'  perspective, a standard liberal version would simply recognize another person with a British passport winning medals. However, the poison-pill perspective would recognize Laura Trott in a racial sense too, but it would be entirely different from mine.... 

Firstly, cycling is a sport entirely dominated by white people, why is that? probably because people of colour are oppressed and can't afford a bike made of titanium, they're unable to compete! Laura Trott is a beautiful woman, but the very idea of beauty is based upon the standards imposed on society, the world! by white power, she's only beautiful from our white perspective etc. By being in a openly loving relationship with a handsome man who cares for her, Trott is reinforcing the heterosexual patriarchy which has been used by Europeans to oppress all other genders and racial lifestyle choices. The fact so much attention was lavished on Trott while athletes of colour were ignored is White Privilege in action.....

 The Nationalistic red-pill is both an enlightening and terrifying way to the view the world, on the one hand you appreciate the beauty of your own people infinitely more, at the same time you become more keenly aware of the massive dangers and threats that people face, academic Marxism being among the most insidious of threats. 

The students who've been force fed the poison-pill of Critical Whiteness Studies cannot perceive of dangers to their people, their people are the danger! and they are impelled to disown anything of worth created by their people to signal their atonement for their whiteness, the greater the beauty, the more touching the melody, the prettier the face...the more it has to be spat upon because points scored against the evilness of their own whiteness are all the greater.

 This is a morality of self immolation and abnegation, and it is inconceivable that a healthy people brought this upon themselves, it has the fingerprints of hatred and deceit smothering it. The giveaway that this a set of ideals conjured up by 'The Other' is that an out-group may well perceive, or be acutely aware of, certain dynamics within white society which make them feel uneasy, in an age of Muslim grooming it's moronic but lets just go with it, what White Privilege Theory does to white kids is make them see the world as the unwanted other might see it. 

In other words, Jewish alienation and hostility has been projected onto white kids in white society and at the same time white students are being mentally prepared to become minorities in their own lands. But White Privilege is not based upon numbers, the Jewish scholars will be aware of that too, even when whites are a minority without means to express collective political power, they will still be held accountable for 'The System'. 

Libertarians and Classical Liberals like to have a giggle and point out that the Alt-Right and Social Justice Warriors are essentially the same, you just have to swap 'White Patriarchy' for 'The Jewish Question', but what they don't understand is that the Social Justice Warrior is a projection of Jewish self awareness and Jewish power being deflected by turning it back onto, and scapegoating, Europeans. 

 The SJW is a 'captive mind' and somehow we must free them....

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