Monday, 28 November 2016

Batman Returns: An Anti-Semitic Allegory?

I happened to have my birthday recently and so I thought I'd carry on the tradition of treating myself to re-posting my favourite articles of all time. Last year we visited the seminal ''Rights of Man'' essay by Maurice Bardeche, which can be found at Counter Currents. 
 And I'm raiding Counter Currents again this year for this brilliant insight into the Jewish psyche.

Batman Returns: An Anti-Semitic Allegory?

Soon after the release of director Tim Burton’s Batman Returns (1992) starring Michael Keaton as Batman, Danny DeVito as the Penguin, Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman, and Christopher Walken as evil capitalist Max Shreck, America’s premier newspaper, the Jewish-controlled New York Times, published an op-ed piece by two Columbia College seniors, Rebecca Roiphe and Daniel Cooper, entitled “Batman and the Jewish Question” (July 2, 1992).

Today, Roiphe, the daughter of feminist Anne Roiphe, is a professor at New York Law School.

Batman Returns is the second movie in the series, after Tim Burton’s inaugural Batman (1989). It told the tale of the Penguin, a freakish villain who posed a deadly threat to the citizens of Gotham City. As a deformed baby, he had been secretly set adrift à la Moses in Gotham City’s river by his parents, who deemed him repellant.

Nurtured in the sewers, the Penguin tries to seize political control of the metropolis with the help of wealthy, megalomaniacal industrialist Max Shreck. Ultimately, the Penguin mounts an attack to kidnap and murder all of the first-born aristocratic children of Gotham City.

This last plot element, an obvious reference to Passover, was introduced by Jewish screenwriter Wesley Strick, who admitted, “of course I was referring to Exodus.”

In their article, the two Ivy League Jews charged that Batman Returns was anti-Semitic. The Penguin, they averred, “is not just a deformed man, half human, half-Arctic-beast. He is a Jew, down to his hooked nose, pale face and lust for herring.”

Friday, 25 November 2016

The Hounding Of Millennial Woes

On the same day national newspapers launched a manhunt against Millennial Woes The Guardian carried a piece by somebody called ''Pandora Blake'' in which Blake lamented the draconian online censorship laws in Britain:
I’m no stranger to censorship. Last year, Dreams of Spanking was unsuccessfully targeted under the Audiovisual Media Services Regulations 2014, because my consensual BDSM videos depict spankings that leave marks. After a traumatic, invasive investigation, I was forced to take my site offline – and I was left in no doubt that the law considers kinky sexualities such as mine to be obscene.
Acts that are legal to perform in the UK, but not legal to depict in porn, which includes fisting, watersports and female ejaculation (if the fluid lands on another person, or is consumed).
What message are we sending to young women by criminalising porn that depicts a visual, undeniable representation of female sexual fulfilment? Do we really want girls to think that the way their bodies naturally respond to pleasure is obscene?
 Attacking online porn is a cheap way to score political points – and it’s a distraction from the real issues.
The Guardian didn't just carry the story, they allowed this insane pervert to write her own article on why it's wrong for her to be unable to make money from peddling ''fisting' videos to young girls under the guise of ''education''. To the left this is what constitutes a 'free speech' issue worth fighting for, if the opportunity arises to ram Western civilization further into the sewer than it already is, then the most prominent left leaning broadsheet in the land will embrace it with gusto. 

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

We Are The Children Of The Sun: Richard Spencer's Alt-Right Speech

Richard Spencer's recent speech at the NPI conference, complete with ''Hail Victory, Hail Trump!'' and a wave of fascist salutes, sent the 'lugenpresse' into full ''They're here! it's happening!'' meltdown. 

I even noticed some people within our own circles expressing some dismay and so I thought I'd post the whole speech for everyone to listen to and see for themselves what all of the fuss is about. The speech itself is excellent and deserves to be viewed in full. Spencer is on fire when he answers the left's hysterics of wishing to not ''normalize'' Donald Trump or the Alt-Right. Spencer asks of the left ''What is normal?''. He's using the left's relativism against them. 

 Is it 'normal' that our governments silence us as they flood our countries with killers and religious nuts?

 Is it 'normal' that the American military has whole armies stationed in Europe to ''keep the peace'' while thousands of European women are raped by Muslims?

Is it 'normal' that the only moral position which can be held by the Western media and political establishments is one in which Europeans are demographically erased while being demonized as they dwindle away?

 Spencer and some of the other big hitters of the Alt-Right were purged from Twitter one week before this conference, and when you watch this you can see why, it's a damning indictment of our 'elites' and a call to arms, to victory, and a vision of a better tomorrow for our people. However, given that Twitter has silenced Spencer I feel obliged to do my bit by highlighting his speech here. 

Friday, 18 November 2016

Britain's Top Stores Are Dreaming Of An Anti-White Christmas

Here in Britain it's become something of a tradition for higher-end department stores and supermarkets to sink a sizable proportion of their advertizing budget into producing rather glossy, well produced Christmas tailored ads. They aren't designed to simply flog cheap booze and turkey, they're a cultural event, the aim is to associate the brand with Christmas by delicately plucking the yuletide strings of the British consumer.  

 The 'Big Three', John Lewis, Sainsbury's and Marks and Spencer have recently released their Christmas ads into the British cultural space, each trying to outdo the others in encapsulating that magic glow of Christmas feeling. The actual content of their ads, however, reveals that these companies are not just competing for the market share in goose fat and sherry, they're also in competition with each other to see who can  produce the most blatant Cultural Marxist propaganda of the season. It isn't enough to shift the most pork pies, these days a company also has to sit atop the Christmas tree as the most gender neutral, non-white patriarchal, politically correct little angel on the telly.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Killing Private Kraut: Hollywood's ''Good War''

I'm forever fascinated by the clever tricks and techniques adopted by Hollywood and the media to manipulate us and direct our thinking. World War 2 and everything related to Nazis and Jews is Ground Zero, it's the foundation upon which a new moral framework has been built. The sacred 6,000,000 were sacrificed on the alter of European racism and hate in order that Europe could be reborn, a Europe which would become a shining beacon of humanitarian ideals and anti-racism.

The You Tuber Rob Ager whose analysis and deconstruction of movies I've admired for years, has come up with an absolute masterclass in his latest on Saving Private Ryan, directed of course by Steven Spielberg. It's worth noting that Rob is something of a ''normie'' and seems to recognize he's on some shaky ground here as far as his subscribers go, he explains at length that his analysis of Saving Private Ryan is not an apology for Nazism, he's simply explaining the insidious and rather grotesque manner in which Hollywood has demonized Germans in the film, and make no mistake, it is Germans rather than 'Nazis'.

 To summarize briefly, here are some of the tricks used by Spielberg and Hollywood to mold your thinking on World War 2 and the Germans in Saving Private Ryan:

Saturday, 12 November 2016

The Rise Of The 'White-lash'

If Brexit was an uppercut to the system then Trump's victory was a roundhouse to its jaw and all the liberal classes can look forward to now is having The Donald kick their teeth out and humiliate them from the highest office on earth, they know it, we know it, Donald Trump knows it. Most satisfying of all is that they know we weren't tricked, it isn't that we're just misguided and too thick to understand, no, we do understand and we want to see them hurt, to see them in pain. For example:

 ''Our tailored social media feeds not only hid from us the confused, angry people we needed to try and reason with, but it gave us a warped view of their motives. And this is where it gets particularly scary: Trump voters are fully aware he is sexist and xenophobic, they just don't care''.

 So wrote Christopher Hooton in the Left Wing 'broadsheet press' outlet , The Independent. Hooton belongs to the most tragic demographic on earth, the 'White Liberal Male' and his tragedy is compounded by the fact that Hooton is gullible enough to think the modern left, and the liberal project in general, are all about 'fair play' and, well, being an open minded liberal who takes on-board all opinions and world views. 

For Hooton the problem is a failure of the liberal classes to listen, it's the mad, naive notion that the system to which he belongs and makes his living, isn't obsessively and blatantly hostile toward white people. Like a good white man from another age his article is trying to find a middle ground which no longer exists, he's saying ''Whoa! this thing got crazy, everybody take a step back and a deep breath!''.

Hooton continues....
  If they (populists) only care about lying directly to the voter, be it through Facebook Lives or alt-right puppet blogs that look as legit through the window of social media as the broadsheet press?
On this front, vast swathes of the media were effectively neutralised; but much of the snark and hyperbole directed at Trump supporters could have been avoided.
Again, we see that good-guy Hooton is on the fence, however, as somebody who actually runs an ''Alt-Right puppet blog'' I can say that 'we' neutralised the MSM by making the MSM itself the subject of scrutiny and ridicule. We make ourselves 'legit' by exposing the lies and moral cancer of the 'lugenpresse' which is now seen as ethically illegitimate. And I'm going to do it again now....

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

U.S Election Special

The US election is finally upon us. A billion God Emperor memes, and even more anti-Trump hit-piece articles in the MSM, the Republican party shredded, Hillary's seemingly endless list of crimes and dodgy dealings, The Wall, the ban on's all led to this, we're here.

 As with the Brexit referendum it's worth having a 'live' post up which can be updated as news comes in, along with adding any vids or Tweets of interest as the drama unfolds.

Friday, 4 November 2016

Trump Against The World

The meteoric rise of Donald Trump is one of the most astonishing political events in living memory. He burst onto the scene last  June when he announced that he was running for president with his now famous anti illegal immigration speech in which he dared to make reference to the disproportionate number of crimes committed by illegal alien mestizos, or "dreamers" as the left absurdly calls them . The mainstream media and political establishment clutched their pearls and gasped that a man running for president might publicly utter such a hate fact. From that moment on he has been derided and pilloried by the entire Democratic, Republican, financial and media establishments. Yet, despite all of forces and vast resources arrayed against him, he just continues to grow stronger and stronger. 

Donald Trump has a simple message that strongly resonates with the majority of the American public who are among the most patriotic, and by implication nationalist, in the world. It is time to stop submitting to the will of the rootless globalist elites and put America First. He promises to crack down on illegal immigration, to end Washington corruption, to keep muslims out, to represent the people rather than special interests, and to renegotiate or end international trade agreements and stop the flow of well paid industrial jobs out of America. This is a hugely popular message that the American people have been waiting decades to hear, and has them flooding into Trump rallies in their tens of thousands. Trump, for his part, is working like a machine making constant media appearances and speaking at three rallies per day. 

Clinton, by contrast, is pursuing one of the mot pitiful campaign strategies in history. She has no vision for the future, other than that she would like to see a borderless hemisphere from Alaska to Brazil, .a 550% increase in Syrian immigration and an amnesty for illegal immigrants. These policies are so unpopular that she scarcely dare mention them in public, so the vast majority of her campaign consists of endlessly repeating, "Donald Trump is a big meanie. He makes girls cry. Sexism, racism, misogyny wah wah!". In addition, Hillary's massive unpopularity and health problems have prompted her campaign team to keep her out of the public eye as much as possible. 

Hillary has more or less sat this election out and left it to her surrogates in the liberal media, i.e. all of it, to campaign on her behalf, and campaign they have. The extent of the bias and dishonesty displayed by the American media is like nothing I have ever witnessed. The BBC will at least tell you the basic facts with a left-liberal spin, so you filter out the leftist spin they will at least give you a reasonable idea of what is going on in the world. In this election the American news media has sunk to new lows by either mis-reporting or completely failing to report the facts. They are clearly rattled, as they never did anything like this in the last election.  

In the first debate Trump destroyed Hillary on trade and the economy. At the very end of the debate Hillary deployed her trademark "Trump is a big meanie" card by bringing up a former Miss Universe who, twenty years later, remains distraught about the fact that Trump had the temerity to call her fat when she got fat. Women's fragile self esteem must be protected from reality at all costs.  Needless to say the news media made no mention of Trump's devastating economic arguments instead focusing all of their attention on the more pressing issue of the two decade old hurt feelings of a portly beauty queen. 

Similarly, when Trump unveiled his contract with America in Gettysburg including such groundbreaking measures as a ban on former politicians becoming lobbyists, a ban on foreign entities paying lobbyists and a constitutional amendment to impose term limits on congressmen and senators. This was huge news of great importance and interest to the public, but the media failed to report on it at all. Instead, the only point they reported from this speech was a footnote in which Trump confirmed he would sue the women  who falsely accused him of sexual misconduct. Absolutely incredible. 

The media's misleading reporting about the sises of the crowds at the parties' rallies, inflating Hillary's and diminishing Trump's, has become a running joke. Even more disgraceful has been the massaged and perhaps even downright fraudulent polls which claimed that Hillary was up to 12 points ahead when all of the evidence on the ground pointed to an entirely different state of affairs, as detailed in the two discussions between Stefan Molyneux and Bill Mitchell  here and here. However, as the election approaches the media tell us that the polls have miraculously changed and that the parties are now neck and neck  in the hope that they will not be left looking utterly ridiculous come election day.

The entire mainstream media might be in the bag for Hillary, but Trump is winning the internet by a massive margin. Thanks to YouTube he can get his speeches directly to the public in their entirety without having to go through a media gatekeeper.  His Alt Right troll army mercilessly ridicules the liberals and cucks and the penetrating analysis offered by the likes of Stefan Molyneux, Styxhexenhammer and Fash The Nation puts the middlebrow musings of the mainstream media to shame. I think we are witnessing the precise moment in history when the internet became more powerful than the mainstream media, when a guy with a webcam could be as persuasive as a multi billion dollar news network. No wonder the establishment are terrified. 

Whether Trump wins or loses, 2016 will be remembered as the year that establishment republicanism died. By withdrawing their support for Trump, thus tacitly endorsing Clinton, they have removed all doubt that they have more in common with the Democratic establishment than they do with their own base. If Trump wins after repeated electoral failures by the cuckservatives he will prove that they are redundant. If Trump loses, and if he does lose it will be narrowly, the Republican base will never forgive the party leadership for deliberately sabotaging his bid and subjecting them to four or eight years of Hillary Clinton. 

In spite of all of the naysayers who dismiss Trump as a Zionist puppet or not a full blooded nationalist, a Trump victory would be the greatest strike against globalism since the end of World War Two. However, a Trump victory is not in itself, enough to halt America's decline. He has already shifted his focus from deporting all illegal aliens to deporting criminal illegal aliens. Even if the wall is built and non white immigration is all but stopped it will not be enough to halt America' demographic death spiral. Already, the majority of babies born in the US are non white. Trump has no plans to reverse this. As the TV pundits gleefully point out, if the hispanics don't decide this election, they will decide the next one.  

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Join The Big Push Now!

One week out from the US election and camp Hillary is in disarray, the latest revelations of missing emails and yet more corruption and a new investigation by the FBI is starting to take its toll in the polls. But this is no time for complacency, Trump is not assured a win, the fact is we need everybody we can muster, whether living in the US or not, to engage the liberals, especially American liberals, on social media and to capitalize on the latest Clinton scandal.