Friday, 18 November 2016

Britain's Top Stores Are Dreaming Of An Anti-White Christmas

Here in Britain it's become something of a tradition for higher-end department stores and supermarkets to sink a sizable proportion of their advertizing budget into producing rather glossy, well produced Christmas tailored ads. They aren't designed to simply flog cheap booze and turkey, they're a cultural event, the aim is to associate the brand with Christmas by delicately plucking the yuletide strings of the British consumer.  

 The 'Big Three', John Lewis, Sainsbury's and Marks and Spencer have recently released their Christmas ads into the British cultural space, each trying to outdo the others in encapsulating that magic glow of Christmas feeling. The actual content of their ads, however, reveals that these companies are not just competing for the market share in goose fat and sherry, they're also in competition with each other to see who can  produce the most blatant Cultural Marxist propaganda of the season. It isn't enough to shift the most pork pies, these days a company also has to sit atop the Christmas tree as the most gender neutral, non-white patriarchal, politically correct little angel on the telly.

The Dindu Who Stole Christmas!

This year's offering from John Lewis has already been trolled and memed into yet another pro Donald Trump anti-Clinton howler and it's not hard to see why. The ad features a black family living the English middle class life, indeed, they're presented as the epitome of the modern English middle class family. Long suffering black dad has decided that the most apt present for his frizzy haired daughter would be a the snow(?). Having had a nightmare erecting a trampoline in snow and ice, in midwinter, dad then goes inside and the family dog keeps watch over the most idiotic Christmas present ever.

 Amazingly, the local wildlife then begin to crawl and scamper onto the trampoline and begin having a jolly good time, much to the annoyance of the dog inside. As Christmas morning arrives the little African girl runs across the ice (which would have been a completely alien concept to her grandparents) and...oh no! the dog is bouncing around on her trampoline!. In the Trump doctored version Hillary was the little girl and Trump the dog. And I have to admit, I can sympathize with Hillary and the black girl, because when they see the family dog or Donald Trump bouncing around on their present I see a bunch of Africans shoehorned into quintessentially northern European tradition. 

Festive Feminism.

First impressions of Marks and Spencer's entry aren't bad at all, Santa Claus is still a white man and Mr's Claus is a white woman, we can be grateful for that. Furthermore, they obviously have a happy and loving relationship. Great!. There's something of an alarm bell when Mr's Claus reminds Santa do go to Australia, is Santa Claus a retard?. The ad then progresses and we are introduced to a rather handsome white family, the young son has written to Mrs Claus...

And it's here that it dawns on you that you've been had. Cultural Marxism is a beast with many tentacles, the race replacement agenda and indoctrination can take a back seat sometimes, but only in order for you to receive a slimy slap from another limb. In this case, feminism. The message being sent out is that Santa Claus is a well meaning moron and Mrs Claus has to save him from his own incompetence. 

No more granny-perm and baking brilliance for this Mrs Santa Claus, she travels via snow jet-ski and even pilots a helicopter(!) while being dressed in a power-bitch suit. This is our Christmas message being filtered through Gloria Steinem and second wave feminism. Santa Claus, the epitome of the benevolent white patriarch bumbling about on his ancient sledge while Mr's Claus gets the work done for him using her helicopter and liberated go-girl ethos.

 It could be worse though...

Carl The Cuck's Big Christmas Adventure.

Finally, we come to Sainsbury's Christmas ad which is, in my opinion, easily the worst of the three. ''The Greatest Gift'' features 'Dave' the English every-man who, like all Englishmen, is married to an African woman and has two half-caste kids. Dave lives with his 'family' and what appears to be his African wife's mother. Dave himself seems to have no family background at all. Needless to say, Dave is rushed of his feet trying to keep his brood of alien parasites fed and watered, he works in a warehouse full of toys and laments that he can't spend enough time with his colouful brood and so invents toys to do his work for him.

 The character of 'Dave' I find to be deeply insulting, firstly, he's a scrawny wimp of a man, and the producers have called him 'Dave' because it's a bland and inoffensive name to hang on a bland and inoffensive man, the Englishman, as they want him to be. Dave sits with his black 'family' and looks utterly out of place because he looks nothing like anyone else in the room. His creators seem to have recognized this and created another beige/coffee coloured kid with Dave's wavy blond hair, just so we know he is the dad here and the real baby daddy isn't going to come home and open up a can of whoop-ass on Dave.

 The theme of a stressed-out dad struggling to get through work, shopping, chores and general nonsense in order to get back to hearth and home for Christmas is a running theme these days. And understandably so, but it's based upon the premise that family and hearth is worth all of the effort he puts into making Christmas special. All Dave can look forward to when he gets home are the farts of an old African woman and gazing into the eyes of his kids and seeing his own genetic legacy obliterated.

 People have complained for years that 'Christmas is too commercial now' but it's far worse than that, commerce is socially engineering the populace into the consumers which best suit them. But how many people of the millions who watch these ads will get that? of the three 'Big Store Christmas ads' and all the money they took to produce, only one has a white family and only Santa Clause remains as an identifiable, healthy, white man....but for how long......

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