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Kraut And Tea Is Not For Me

In the aftermath of Donald Trump's victory in the U.S High Priestess of SJW's, Anita Sarkeesian, lamented that left wing ''Social Justice'' had ''taken a beating''. And she was correct, they had and they have nothing to look forward to but yet more beatings in the future, their punishment must be more severe
 In the heady days leading up to the election, and after the similarly seismic Brexit vote, it seemed like pretty much everyone was lining up to kerb-stomp the Social Justice Warriors, but nobody did it with more relish than a slew of high profile YouTube channels run by popular libertarianesque polemicists, some, such as Stefan Molynuex and Paul Joseph Watson, appeared to drop fully into the Alt-Right camp, with PJW running for cover when he realized that all those Anne Frank gags and White Genocide memes weren't being played for laughs, that the Alt-Right really was a ''racist'' movement.

I've recently been paying far more attention than usual to the more left-leaning members of theYouTube libertarian celeb circuit, such as Sargon of Akkad, Kraut and Tea and a little Dutch cutey called ''Gryffix''.

Many of us out here in the badlands of White Nationalism became quietly pleased with where all of this was going, these YouTube channels have considerable reach, probably on a par with a Guardian full page spread, they were mercilessly attacking the mad SJW's and anti-white dogmas, feminists, highlighting the Muslim menace and their rape waves, the liberal lugenpresse and generally undermining the anti-white, especially anti-white male narrative at the heart of the modern left. There was the odd backhander about ''racists'' and ''Neo Nazis'' but ok, we can't scare off the normies.

 The problem is these pundits consistently explained that weren't ethnic nationalists at all that they're more left leaning social libertarians, and yet here they were seemingly giving us an easy ride and ruthlessly attacking what most people think of as the leftist orthodoxies of 21st century, so what's going on?.

 The simple fact is that they're on the (now) winning side of a civil war raging within the left, by attacking the people who're attacking whites, they were speaking truth to power, defending the oppressed and persecuted, it's a perfectly sound stance to have. They also recognized, with some justification, that the insanity of the hyper-PC Social Justice left, with their drivel of ''White Privilege'' and ''Safe Spaces'' was severely detrimental to the larger leftist cause. As they saw it, again, correctly, the triumph of Brexit and Trump was down to the white working classes lashing out at the left who betrayed them, sneered at them and derided them. 

But non of this means that these people are on our side, they're in the business of reforming the left (again) and they've also found themselves a popular and easy to defend  middle ground, they can hit both left and right and present themselves as the sane middle man, the referee between two warring camps of collectivist lunatics. 

There's quite a bit of overlap and agreement between these channels but it helps to zoom in on one of them in particular, in this case we shall look more closely at the German YouTuber called Kraut and Tea.

 The Alt-Right/SJW Dichotomy 

 A recurrent theme within this community, almost as prevalent as the skillfully exaggerated voice inflections, is the idea that the Alt-Right, White Nationalism, and its present rise in popularity, is simply a reflection of and reaction to, the Social Justice Warrior left. This is a bizarre claim because as I understand it the very term ''Social Justice Warrior'' came from within their own community, before that term spread White Nationalists used the far more honest, and brutal sounding ''Cultural Marxist'' which is what they are, we all agree upon that.

 Mass immigration into Europe began immediately after World War 2 and the native Europeans have consistently opposed it at every stage but running parallel with that immigration was the establishment's increasing hostility to any resistance, nationalistic feeling was there, it's just that it was purged, suppressed and nigh on outlawed. The mad rambling SJW of today is the logical conclusion of 70 years of forced indoctrination against policies which were despised from the outset

 To create the false dichotomy of SJW's and White Nationalists being a reflection of each other is a baseless lie, but it is necessary if one wants to create popular content in which one sits upon a pile of straw-men and calls it the ''middle ground'' because this middle ground is supposedly one in which Europeans are quite happy to be reduced to minorities in their own lands just as long as they aren't demonized and persecuted for their 'privilege' as they dwindle away into nothing.  

You see, according to Kraut and Tea it's perfectly fine for, say, Danes, to disappear into a mulatto mix of Africans and Asians, just as long as nobody recognizes that it is happening because nobody is viewing the world through a collectivist lens. Instead this nondescript mass of mush should strive for what really matters, which always seems to amount to decent pay, free speech, porn, smoking dope and playing video games.

The Return of the Working Class Hero?

Deploying his usual tactic of overly dramatic tones and too much emphasis, Kraut and Tea invokes working class solidarity by saying (roughly) ''When you're down on your knees scraping shit off a toilet for a living you don't fucking care what race your colleague is!''. That may or may not be true, but it's grounded on the false assumption that the individual's identity is based on the work they do, or the wealth they have. 
The white toilet cleaner is not just a toilet cleaner, he also has a sense of belonging and a life beyond cleaning toilets, he's rooted and settled within a group and culture, a group and culture which is threatened by ''The Other'' who likewise do not define themselves as toilet cleaners. The Somalian immigrant does not first and foremost think of himself as a menial slave.

 And the left have been here before, it was the dismal failure of working class whites to embrace the universal proletariat ideal which led Marxists to cast around looking for other oppressed groups to lionize, and eventually the creation of the Cultural Marxist which Kraut and Tea loathes with such passion. Kraut and Tea's solution to the left's woes is to turn the clock back 100 years and breathe life into yet another left wing ideological corpse.

That Question!

For a German who's highest ideals are individual liberty and freedom of speech the Holocaust denial laws in Germany should logically be of paramount interest, yet Kraut and Tea hardly seems interested in the subject at all. Germany is a country where an 87 year old woman languishes in jail for expressing an opinion on a historical event. And what's more, the Holocaust denial laws are the result of intense lobbying by influential Jewish groups. 

So here we have a group acting as a collective and exerting power to suppress the rights of the individual, surely this most be the most triggering issue of the day? surely the YouTube videos should be being pumped out one after the other detailing each case, drawing attention to this outrage!. But zilch, the problem with speaking truth to power, genuine power, is that that power is liable to kick your down and arrest you or have your YouTube channel whacked. 

At the end of the day speaking truth to power by hounding a dopey feminist or Tweeting  inter-racial porn to the Alt-Right is the safer option, and anyway, only Nazis talk about the Holocaust and Jews.

 The Multi-Racial Police State

At present the multi-racial nation is possible because of Cultural Marxism which suppresses, hounds and vilifies the natives who're being enriched. The idea that some future left wing state will be comprised of mere individuals who no longer look upon each other as the racial other is a curious one. Firstly, how is it to be enforced? in such a state the Crime Think cops would not simply be looking for white racism, but for racism, or ethnic networking and bias, from and within every group. 

And so if , for example, a bunch of Turks got together and formed some sort of Turk group to push forward their interests, then how could that be prevented? This holds equally true of Muslims and Jews, is this benign state based upon individual liberty and freedom of speech going to ban people of similar ethnic or religious background from organizing themselves? Surely they're merely just individuals making choices?

 But furthermore...why even try to do this in the first place? why bother?

What interests me about these big hitting YouTube channels is they allow us a glimpse into what is happening in the enemy camp. The Social Justice white hating left has proven to be a liability and it is indeed funneling unprecedented numbers of our people into our ranks. If the ideas of people such as Kraut and Tea win then they'll be peddling more class based arguments to our people, it's still bunkum but it is a better sell than ''White Privilege'' and guilt. Under the guise of 'speaking truth to power' these lefties, having settled matters in their own camp, will turn their guns fully on the Alt-Right.

From a purely tactical perspective the best outcome is that these warring factions within the left fight each other until we have reached full strength and can take them both down. Luckily that is probably what will happen, or at least they'll carry on warring, the simple fact is the Globalists have spent too much time and effort cultivating white guilt and self loathing, their whole project rests upon it so they'll likely carry on producing SJW drones for the foreseeable future. That's depressing because it means another generation of white teenagers having their brains fried with Marxist gibberish, but it buys us time before the left are destroyed as a whole.

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