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R-Type Final And The War Against Degeneracy

“Scientists have often been baffled by the existence of spontaneous order in the universe. The laws of thermodynamics seem to dictate the opposite, that nature should inexorably degenerate toward a state of greater disorder, greater entropy. Yet all around us we see magnificent structures—galaxies, cells, ecosystems, human beings—that have all somehow managed to assemble themselves.”

I was recently clearing out some old junk when I happened to come across an old Playstation 2 and a couple of games. In a more innocent time I, like many other men, frittered away countless hours playing video games, but one of the games I rediscovered recently rekindled some old memories and when I caved in to temptation and hooked it up I could see why. 

 It goes without saying that this blog is not usually prone to exploring the world of games, especially games from 12 years ago which belong to a dead genre, but on replaying a game called R-type Final it occurred to me that what I was seeing was essentially the struggle which Nationalists find themselves in today, but on a deeper, 'meta' level.

R-Type Final is, as the name suggests, the last entry in the R-type franchise by Japanese creator Kazuma Kujo. The game-play is incredibly simplistic, the player controls a small spaceship, the screen moves from left to right and the task of the player is to shoot, blow-up and destroy waves of enemies which flood the screen, the more skillful the player becomes the more stages are unlocked. R-Type Final belongs to old school ''Shoot em up'' genre.

 Where R-Type Final becomes more interesting from an Alt-Right perspective is when we take a closer look at the background story and the nature of the enemy within the game. 

The Bydo

The frenetic action of R-Type Final takes place 600 years from now, the player traverses planets, hyper-space, enemy laboratories, asteroids and even other dimensions in the war against ''The Bydo''.
 Unlike most games or movies of this type, the Bydo are not simply a race of aliens trying to conquer earth, they/ it are a refutation of the natural order in its entirety. They are an assault on the very idea of nature and what we would think of as 'natural'. The task of the player in this curious game is to wage upon 'anti-nature'.

 The Bydo themselves range from simplistic robots to battleships, and from bio-mechanical monstrosities to huge pulsating blobs of non-descript matter. As the player progresses through the game more stages become available and more secrets unlocked. The Bydo, it turns out, are man-made. Hundreds of years ago humans were conducting a form of genetic engineering and the experiment went awry, terrifying the humans who then propelled the bio-mass into space...and now it has returned.

 The Bydo are a more extreme incarnation of the Borg from Star Trek, however, the Borg only assimilate humanoids, the Bydo assimilate everything. 

 Like liberalism and globalism both spread viral-like across space and even time!..breaking down all structures and identities, leaving nothing but a self replicating mass in their wake. The end game of liberalism/globalism is the creation of an amorphous blob of race-less consumers, in this 'Brave New World' everybody will be 'sexually liberated' which means the standard family structure will be smashed, and when the birth rate collapses there's always more units to import or, perhaps in the future, genetically engineer into existence, so the consumerism can continue and the usurious debt to High Finance paid for eternity.

 Orwell was wrong, the future of the human race is not a boot stamping on a face forever, it's a transsexual mulatto making monthly installments to watch porn on an I-Phone.  

We often use and see the term ''degenerate'' being used as a slur by Christians, conservatives and nationalists to describe liberals and leftists. Note that the word 'gene' sits in the middle of 'degenerate'. So ultimately to be degenerate is to be damaging to one's own genes.

A quick Google search reveals what the antonym (opposite) of degenerate is:

As a force which roams the universe absorbing genetic coding and then bastardizing it and reproducing it as bio-mechanical ''beings'' the Bydo are degeneracy incarnate. In one standout stage the player is stalked by a giant snake which looks strikingly similar to male genitalia, the 'snake' eventually disappears inside of a giant heart via an entrance which looks like female genitalia. The Bydo are actually mocking the natural heterosexual means of reproduction.

What follows from that is the final stage, the player literally enters a plasma soup, in the foreground are thousands of small virus type creatures, antibodies, and in the background a naked man and woman embrace and begin to have sex:

 What we are witnessing in the above video, besides a display of astonishingly skillful game playing, is the final confrontation between the natural and the degenerate. The symbolism of the copulating couple is a reminder of what this is all for, the transference of genes through time and entropy. This is what Nationalism comes down to in the end. The word 'Nation' is derived from the Latin 'Natio' which literally means birth, and is directly related to 'natal' and 'nature' and 'native'.

 There simply cannot be a higher moral code than the safe guarding of one's own genes and 'birth-right', any values system which holds an abstract principle above it is by definition 'degenerate'.

 And yet we live in an age where boys are encouraged to identify as girls, people wander around not having the faintest idea what their ethnic and racial heritage is, anti-identity is the new identity. 

Ethno-nationalists are relative late comers to this ancient war, Christians see it in spiritual terms, light versus dark, good versus evil, logos versus anti-logos. 

 The key players on the other side, the (((agents of chaos))) have seen their power increase exponentially, the more like the Bydo humanity become, the tighter their grip on the cultural and political choke points become.

 The question is...can we ever really win?

 The final boss of R-Type Final is not a gigantic beast or space station, or a hooked nose banker, it's a large putrid blob, and before the player puts it down for good it frantically spawns all manner of replicants, monsters and freaks. But it has no higher purpose other than to simply 'be'. It's all for nothing, chaos for chaos's sake, it's a nullity, a void. 

 What we have is nature, and as far allies as go, they don't come much better than that....

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