Sunday, 22 January 2017

A Woes By Any Other Name & The Information War

I really felt it my duty to post Millennial Woes response to the outrageous attacks upon him by the British lugenpresse . Woes obviously has a highly popular channel and doesn't need exposure from this blog, but it's more than that. The fact is we're engaged in an information war, what we would call the MSM, the standard liberal left leaning press, is at war with the internet and we with them. Most people reading this will be well aware of that, but the case of Millennial Woes encapsulates it, it shows on various levels the nature of the war and the strengths and weaknesses of the opposing camps.

 There's a certain symmetry between Donald Trump slamming CNN and The New York Times via his Twitter account and Millennial Woes responding via YouTube to the ghastly cretins of the Scottish press, albeit from opposing ends of the spectrum. Trump, at the highest level, can reach 15 Million people via his Twitter account, that is to say, he has a greater reach than much of the MSM who spent the last 18 months slandering and attacking him, the internet allowed him to bypass them completely and go directly to the public.

 Millennial Woes's YouTube channel has a greater reach than many of the newspapers which attacked and slandered him, and as our self created media increases by the day, the ''dinosaur'' media loses its audience.

 The most fascinating episode of this whole saga was when people in the Alt-Right ''doxed'' the Anti-Fa and journalists who exposed Millennial Woes, the Daily Stormer has the details here. What then happened was that supposedly ''mainstream'' journalists and activists (actually a of bunch of middle class Maoists!) then went into hiding. The Daily Record dropped the journalists name from headlines relating to Millennial Woes, right as Millennial Woes's actual identity was revealed. And so, in effect, the tables had been turned. Indeed, The Daily Stormer will have a readership more or less on par with or greater than,  the newspapers which went after Millennial Woes, so the question can be asked ''Who exposed who here?''.

 You can begin to see why the legacy media is in such a panic, why they are constantly screeching about ''Fake News'' and it's not just because they are financially tanking, it comes down to power. The power to transmit your ideas to a wider audience and then have that audience mull them over and either accept them or disregard them. 

Surely the left should be applauding this, surely this is people power in action, the internet acting as the great leveler of information with the public free to make up their own minds? Instead they are literally seething about it because, it turns out, their way of looking at the world is despised and, increasingly, so are they. The internet has allowed the exchange of ideas and world views which allows people to question the most fundamental values and assumptions of the system we live in, and the supposedly ''revolutionary'' left can do nothing but run about looking for ways to shut it down.

 Just imagine the cognitive dissonance of a middle class Maoist trying to suppress the popular will of the people for the Globalist establishment(!).

  They threw everything they had at a YouTuber and he's carrying on regardless, they threw everything they had at Donald Trump and he won the presidency, but what truly mortifies them, as the exposure of the Scottish lefties proves, is that we are increasingly in a position in which we can return fire.....  

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