Tuesday, 24 January 2017

New To Morgoth's Review: Fash Britannia Episode 6

I'm proud to announce a brand new feature for Morgoth's Review, the wonderful Cathy Princess has joined us and will be posting her weekly podcast show featuring guests and various Thought Criminals on here, as well as her main site. 

The Privy Council are joined by David Yorkshire to celebrate the Trumpenreich, discuss the future of UKIP, the vagaries of Brexit, and much more....

1:00 Oswald Mosley on globalism

5:30 Celebrating the Trumpenreich

26:00 The Million Mammary March

32:15 Barron-senpai, leader of the Alt Right

34:45 UKIP update

40:45 Brexit news

59:00 The Greyfield Stray - A Saviour for a Doomed World

1:03:27 D’nation

1:06:15 David Yorkshire

1:18:00 MW and doxing

1:33:30 The obligate TRS “Jew or not Jew” discussion

1:42:30 Degenerate of the Week

1:48:30 Any other business, including website announcement

2:07:15 EU Rope - The Final Red Pill

You can find us on Twitter @fashbritannia, @drcathyprincess and @gfstrayEmail and send us money at fashbritannia@gmail.com. David Yorkshire is in many places, including www.mjolnirmagazine.com.

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