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So Let's Play A Game Of ''Who Are The Elite?''

New Statesman journalist Julia Rampen has been somewhat triggered by Labour's far left leader, Jeremy Corbyn, because Corbyn is in the habit of referring to an elusive 'elite' that he never directly names. Who are these mysterious people who run everything but nobody names? Can we use Corbyn's cryptic hints and clues to solve this riddle?. Julia has become so interested in this puzzle that she wrote an article at the New Statesman asking us who these people are.

Now, I thought the task of the journalist was to unearth such truths and then present them to the public, instead Julia  is asking her readership to tell her the answer to the riddle. Julia even thinks playing this game of ''Guess The Elite'' or ''Who Is The Man Behind The Curtain'' would make for a fun and entertaining dinner party game at the Islington lefty media circuit.

 Alas, I'm not likely to be invited to a liberal-lefty dinner party in Islington any time soon, but that's fine, I'll play from here. I'm there in spirit, Julia.

Julia's article is rather short, here it is in full:

Jeremy Corbyn is to pledge that Labour will make a "complete break" with a "rigged system" that serves the elites.
Speaking to the Fabian Society on Saturday, the Labour leader is expected to say: "Last year’s global political earthquake didn’t just come out of the blue. There are many of us who had felt the tremors growing for years. The people who run Britain have been taking our country for a ride."
 He will propose public takeovers of failing care homes and a long-term funding plan for the NHS.
But here's an interesting Islington dinner party question. When he talks about a "complete break" from "the people who run Britain", who is he talking about?
Corbyn says these people have "slashed taxes on the richest", and cut pay and services for the rest.
Sounds like the Tories. But here are some other things about these people that gets Corbyn's goat.
 He says they've "put the country at risk by taking us into disastrous foreign wars". That could, of course, be David Cameron's Libya adventure. But that is hardly as controversial as Labour Prime Ministers Tony Blair's decision to join the invasion of Iraq.
Well, we always knew Corbyn opposed Blair and Iraq.
But what about some of the other things the "people who run Britain" did?.
 Corbyn criticises an elite who have "rigged the economy and business rules" and "piled up debt". He might be talking about the Coalition government, or the Tory government - or the last Labour government, which bailed out the banks.

Once again, Julia, it really is your job to discover who Jeremy is referring to, but whatever...let's get this party started....
''Ha Ha, Gosh, this game is going to be such fun!''

 So let's take a look at the pieces of the puzzle given to us by Corbyn and Julia and see if we can solve the mystery before Penelope brings in the brandy and tiramisu.

Mystery Clue Number One, Finance: 

 So according to Jeremy the secret elites are using banking and finance to rip off the public. It is to be expected that the sort of person drawn to a career in money is likely to be a bit on the greedy side, but we are talking about a systemic problem so we are looking for a group, not just a rogue trader.

 So we are looking for a group who are, perhaps, associated with being greedy money grubbers. If we checked out the names of the largest trading houses and banks would their bosses have some sort of connection? would there be some form of bond between them beyond simply pillaging the unwitting dupes?

 If we look back through history, can we find a collective of some sort who have always been loathed for money lending and being ''Shylocks''? Didn't the bible talk about ''usury'' and isn't interest simply usury in its modern form?


 You never know, if this mystery group have been at this for an extensive period of time it's perfectly possible for them to have adopted the names of their 'craft' as their own, for example,  typical English names are 'Mason' or 'Smith', are there people out there who have 'Gold' or 'Diamond' or 'Pearl' in their names? perhaps a clue. 

Mystery Clue Number Two, Politics:

Julia ponders whether Corbyn is talking about the Labour party, which he leads(?) or the Conservative party as being the mystery villains ruining Britain. But as Julia admits, many of the policies continue apace regardless of which colour party is currently in power. So we are looking for a group which transcends party affiliation but will occupy prominent positions within all of them, or at least the two major parties.

 We can expect to see lobby groups and powerful organizations representing the 'elites' whether overtly or covertly. Are there any groups who act as ''friends'' to the political parties which have an agenda? could be a lead...

 Is there a connection to mystery clue number one? could it be possible that political influence is bought by the money plundered in the financial sector?  

Mystery Clue Number Three, Wars:

Jeremy Corbyn is gravely concerned by the seemingly endless wars and instability perpetuated in the Middle East by the West, particularly Britain and America. Once again, policies intended to destabilize the Muslim world remain in place no matter which political party holds the reigns of power. We can deduce that our mystery group have some sort of vested interest in the Middle East, it's demographics and geopolitics. We can therefore also deduce that the 'elites' might well have some form of religious, territorial and or ethnic connection to this part of the world. With that in mind, it's logical to conclude that their area of interest will have been greatly enhanced, secured and increased in relative power since the Middle Eastern tumult began about 18 years ago. 

 Can anyone think of such a place?

Tying Our Clues Together

Having assembled the pieces of the puzzle we can now proceed to try and fit them together to see if a more clear picture of the elusive and dastardly elites emerges. 

 The people we are looking for will be extremely prominent in banking and finance, they will likely have a historical connection or association with money lending and usury. It's possible that they will often have names which contain the words''Gold'' and ''Silver'' and ''Pearl'' which reflect their ''working'' habits. They will be massively over-represented in politics and will have powerful lobby groups and think tanks pushing for their interests. And central to those interests will be the safety and general well-being of a place, which they are connected to, in the Middle East. It's likely that they will be most vocal in demanding for more wars in the Middle East.

 Sheesh! I wonder, any ideas?

It just struck me that we could be missing a vital clue in trying to solve this case. Would our mystery villains not have some means by which to protect themselves? if somebody such as Jeremy Corbyn was on their trail, and they know it, would they then look for ways to undermine and vilify him?

 Are there any powerful interest groups who have attacked Corbyn? anyone want to take a punt at it? does anything jump out at you?

Unfortunately it looks like we shall have to abandon the game entirely because this line of inquiry is soon to be made illegal:

Because a hostile ruling elite would never seek to invent laws which silence legitimate investigation, would they?

Perhaps we should play Monopoly instead, it looks like that's the game ''they'' have been playing all along......

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