Sunday, 26 February 2017

A Tale Of Two Hate Crimes

The North East of England has a local newspaper called ''The Daily Chronicle'' and this week the newspaper reported on two separate ''Hate Crimes''.  I thought it would be instructive to post both articles in full side by side so the reader can see for themselves the absolutely rancid double standards with which white people, English people, have to live. Pay special attention to the nature of the ''Hate Crimes'' and their relative sentences...or lack thereof....

Hate Crime Number 1

An Ashington man has been fined for wearing a racist t-shirt in a Newcastle shopping centre.
Peter Hunt, 44, is £250 out of pocket after he wore a racially offensive t-shirt in public which displayed an anti-refugee image.
Hunt, of Morpeth Road, Guidepost, pleaded guilty to racially aggravated section 5 public order after wearing the offensive t-shirt in Eldon Square in July last year.
Now, Northumbria Police has warned anyone who commits a hate crime they will be tracked down and put before the courts.
DCI Deborah Alderson, from the Safeguarding Department at Northumbria Police, said: “The important thing to highlight about this case is that this type of behaviour will not be tolerated either by the community here or by Northumbria Police.
“Being you is not a crime but targeting you is. Targeting refugees in this manner is a hate crime which is never acceptable and offenders will be pursued and prosecuted.”
A spokesperson for the force added: “A hate crime is any crime that is targeted at a person because of hostility or prejudice towards that person’s disability, race or ethnicity, religion or belief, sexual orientation or transgender identity.
 “If you wish to speak to someone about being a victim of hate crime or have witnessed a hate crime contact police on 101 or independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

“For more information search Northumbria hate crime online or follow us @northumbriapol #stophate #beingyou.”

Hate Crime Number 2

Vile racist Rezzas Abdulla spat in a baby’s face and told her shocked mum “white people shouldn’t breed” in a disgraceful street attack.
Hairdresser Rebecca Telford was wheeling nine-month-old Layla-Jean through South Shields when Abdulla launched the unprovoked afternoon assault, leaning into her pushchair to spit on her.

The little girl was left covered in saliva, which sprayed across her face in the disgusting attack.
A court heard Abdulla has previous for race hate offences and has “a problem with white women”.

But now the 33-year-old, who has some mental health issues, has walked free from Newcastle Crown Court on a suspended prison sentence.
Miss Telford told police in a victim impact statement: “I am completely disgusted and distressed that a grown man, regardless of race or religion, would spit on a defenceless baby in a completely unprovoked attack.
 “If he had just walked by I would not have even noticed him, there was no eye contact and no words had been exchanged. I had never seen him before.
“I believe he spat on her purely because we are white, I was a lone female and an easy target.”
The court heard the mother and baby were heading down Chichester Road, in South Shields, last January when they had to misfortune to encounter Abdulla, who approached without warning.
 Prosecutor Emma Dowling said: “He leant into the pushchair and spat into the face of her daughter.
“As he did so, he shouted or said ‘white people shouldn’t breed’ then walked off.”
The court heard when the baby’s stunned mother confronted Abdulla, he told her to “shut the **** up” and walked off.
 A shocked passer-by gave Ms Telford a tissue to clean the saliva off the child’s face.
The mum attempted to take a picture of her baby’s attacker as he walked away but was too shaken by what had happened.
Layla-Jean was taken to the doctor after the attack for tests.
Abdulla, of Imeary Street, South Shields, who has two previous convictions for race-hate offences on white females, was later tracked down through CCTV.
He was found guilty of racially aggravated common assault after a trial at South Tyneside Magistrates’ Court, which he did not attend.
He was given eight months suspended for 18 months, with rehabilitation and mental health treatment requirements.

And so it goes, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year.......

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