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Hope Not Hate Deserve To Be Hated

Hope Not Hate are absolutely despised by the white working class British, and they've earned every drop of that hatred many times over, they deserve to be hated, they deserve be treat like pariahs, they deserve humiliation and defeat, they deserve to be humiliated in their defeats. Not so long ago Hope Not Hate's primary concern was hunting down members of the EDL and BNP, people who committed minor infractions of forcibly implemented multicultural dogma. 
 Somebody had to keep the uppity working class whites in check as they were being demographically replaced and phased out by vibrant immigrants, and the unemployable middle class social science grads which constitute Hope Not Hate's support, were just the heroes the Globalist political class needed.

 But times change.....

This week Hope Not Hate released their annual ''State of Hate'' report which documents the growth of ''Hate'' and the ''Far Right'' across Britain and Europe. As noted above, go back 6 or 7 years and Hope Not Hate were primarily concerned with the BNP and a slew of ''Counter Jihad'' street groups, then they began to add UKIP and Nigel Farage to their list of heretics. 
 The 2017 report is 76 pages long and still includes the BNP, Counter Jihad groups and UKIP, but now they're joined by Milo Yiannoupolis, Breitbart News, Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones's 'InfoWars', the ''Conservative Party Right'', about 50 parties from across Europe, the German Death Metal music scene, the Alt-Right, the Alt-Lite, Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, various members of Trump's cabinet and the A.K Chesterton Trust(!).

In a ridiculous attempt at objectivity, Hope Not Hate also include 5 whole pages (out of 76) on the danger of Islamic terrorism, and they even manage to sneak a white ginger convert onto the lineup, proving that the anti-white left actually will add whites as token minorities when needs must.

 2016 was a year in which Islamic terror killed 250 Europeans and Muslim immigrants raped 1000's perhaps 10,000's of European women, but Hope Not Hate dedicate 3x the amount of content in their report to parties and groups who wish to see the death and raping halted, as they do to the actual cause of this barbarity. The Far Right music scene received as much coverage as the group who vapourized whole families at Brussels airport, this is why Hope Not Hate deserve to be hated.

 The infamous far right, hate spewing, xenophobic Fake News outlet, The Guardian, reports:

 ''It is absolutely clear – with the publication of internal memos by the newspaper Dagens Nyheter – that the Stockholm police failed to report the sex assaults at the festival for fear of worsening ethnic tensions. And it was understood by all parties that this would lead to an electoral advantage for the Sweden Democrats.''
...So teenage girls were systematically assaulted and robbed by gangs of young foreign men because too many powerful people found their suffering was inconvenient. The result of this cover-up will be far more damaging than the truth could have been.''
Now I wonder why Swedish people were so reluctant to comment on the ethnicity of the men involved, could it be that Sweden is also riddled with Globalist money backed filth such as Hope Not Hate who ''expose'' and ''defeat'' and hunt down spreaders of ''Hate''?. 

Hope Not Hate gave their report the byline of ''The Year Hate Went Mainstream'' but what they should have called it was ''The Year White People Stopped Enjoying Being Raped And Blown Up'' because that is what Hope Not Hate and the rest of the liberal multiculturalists are demanding of us, and Hope Not Hate stand back and wonder why they are ignored.

 Why aren't they self reflecting on this disaster? why don't they ask why their enemies grow in strength and power each year? and truly, the people Hope Not Hate are now whimpering about have power, how does one expose Donald Trump? are Hope Not Hate about to send a group of thugs to the White House to ask Melania what she thinks of Donald's shocking Islamophobia?.

 On a far lesser level, Hope Not Hate are now pledged to expose and take down Paul Joseph Watson, the Alt-Lite click-bait merchant. A quick glance at Watson's Twitter feed shows us:
Thousands of 'likes' and 'Retweets' but surely Hope Not Hate, they being on the side of love and tolerance and humanity, can easily compete with this fake news peddler promoting a video of blacked-up Russian spies pretending to be Africans rioting in France, surely Hope Not Hate's special report has gone viral and they're well on the way to attaining the PC dream:


The ''like to Retweet'' disparity is telling, Hope Not Hate's enemies were Retweeting their report so it could be laughed at and dragged into the mud, and once again, they deserve this, they truly deserve to be despised and mocked, they deserve it for Rotherham and the Bataclan massacre, they deserve it for the Oxford grooming scandal and the little girl rundown by the mad Muslim in a truck in Nice on the promenade, they deserve it for the German women raped and groped at Cologne and they deserve it for the Swedish girls who dye their blond hair black to ''fit in'', they deserve the contempt with which people hold them and so, so much more.

Hope Not Hate's wiki page describes them as a ''Civil Rights Group'' yet I know for a fact if they could they would remove my rights to:

1. Express my thoughts on this blog.

2. Work without my employer having to face their goons and demands I be fired.

3. Live a private life without public vilification and exposure.

4. My right to free speech without facing a jail term or heavy fine.

5. To be lied about and slandered on their site or allied Far Left tabloids.

When looked at objectively Hope Not Hate have been a dismal failure, the people, groups, parties, media and German Death Metal bands in their latest report are a testament to this failure, each year Hope Not Hate's enemies grow exponentially in number and strength and energy. It is perhaps no surprise then that the government have funneled £60 Million of tax payer's money into a ''counter extremism'' program which has bypassed Hope Not Hate entirely.

 In an age of online memetic warfare Hope Not Hate's strategy of sending thugs to your mother's house, or accosting your wife or girlfriend on her way to the shops, just doesn't seem to work anymore. So the government have paid Saatchi & Saatchi £60 Million to come up with a counter strategy to the Alt-Right's memetic onslaught. 

According to the Guardian this is what we can expect:
As The Guardian reported, ''Bullshitman'' is the new counter meme!.

 The surging ranks of the Alt-Right are comprised of angry young white men who've been offered nothing by ''The System'' except hatred, self loathing and eventual physical dispossession in their own homelands. The idiocy of the British government in employing a billion dollar multinational advertising agency to counter this trend beggars belief, Saatchi &Saatchi represent everything despised by the angry young white men of post modernity, which is why it took precisely 3 hours for ''Bullshitman'' to get this treatment;

The top rated comment on The Guardian article (linked above) smells bullshit:

 ''Bullshit news. Is that the same bullshit you printed immediately after the Toulouse atrocity, so desperate to deflect the blame from the usual suspects, rushing out to blame the French far right for the killings while more measured media sources without an agenda to push held their hand until the police could gather a bit more information.
We are still waiting for an article apologising and explaining why you did this.''
The Guardian didn't apologize because they're fake news bullshitters, just like Hope Not Hate's Mathew Collins who, presumably feeling a bit miffed about missing out on all the tax payer lucre heading to Saatchi & Saatchi, sniffed:

 “No ad can convince people that their lives are better than they actually are,” he argues. “Do M&C Saatchi understand exactly why some of these ideas are actually attractive to a lot of people? Probably not. My concern is that they are trying to counter an idea that can’t be countered by spin alone.
 It takes hard work. The only way to stop people being vulnerable to far-right ideas is to meaningfully change the circumstances of their lives.”
And just to reiterate, by ''change the circumstances of their lives'' Collins means having them fired for a Tweet or sending a bunch of thugs to bash on their mother's door late at night. That's what Hope Not Hate are, what they do. Note the change of tone because Hope Not Hate lost out on a tax payer cash bonanza, suddenly they're back to being classic lefties who understand the ''needs of the people'', the very same same people who they accuse of being racist scum when they actually express their needs and wants.

Leaving aside the fact that Hope Not Hate are a bunch of lying, money grubbing, morality free, bullying, humourless scumbags, they have a deeper problem, they are obsolete, they are relics. My father is fond of telling an anecdote of a World War II Japanese soldier on a small Island in the Pacific Ocean. Decades after the end of the war tourists came across him, in the early 1970's, still on watch, still at war, though the entire world had moved on.

 So it is with Hope Not Hate, their report is riddled with archaic thinking, nobody thinks in those terms anymore, that's why nobody supports them on Twitter, that's why everybody knows their photos of multicultural coffee mornings are ''bullshit''. For Nick Lowles and Hope Not Hate the year is always 2006, it's forever the peak of the Blairite era. In Nick's world Snow Patrol still dominate the charts, the British public were suitably duped, yeah, there were some issues with Muslims for the native Brits, but, they thought, it's not like something sinister is going on, it's not like there's Globalist slush funds being thrown at Anti-Fa groups who'll attack us if we there???
Nick Lowles of Hope Not Hate

 In 2006 it was frowned upon to publicly oppose Islamic immigration on the grounds that Islam itself was a barbaric loony toon of a religious/ideological movement, now it is indeed mainstream but the morality of Blair and 2006, or 1997 must forever be sacrosanct. 

 Hope Not Hate deploy the emotive term ''Hate'' to describe opinions they don't like because it sidesteps their utter lack of intellectual and moral arguments, so as the paucity of their position becomes more noticeable so too does the strength of the arguments and views they oppose, so all that's left is for Hope Not Hate to gibber like retards at the sheer scale of the ''Hate'' instead of accepting their views are garbage which have left hundreds dead.

 The Neo Con writer Mark Steyn, writing on the rise of Geert Wilders, once questioned the logic of Dutch politicians with 15% support in the polls calling Geert Wilders an ''extremist fringe'' when Wilders had 40% of the vote. The fringe is not a moral position but one decided upon by public support. In the past the moral position was forcibly imposed by Leftist dictat, but as the dead bodies, white flight and rape wave increased in intensity the morality was increasingly exposed for the scam that it was.

 So when Paul Joseph Watson Tweets out videos of Africans invading and rioting and they immediately go viral, it's perfectly natural. When Hope Not Hate publish their report and it's ignored by everyone except a few ''Hate Followers'' that's perfectly natural too. The forces of nature are finally beginning to realign themselves, the natural order is being restored.

 The Hope Not Hate position of inviting ever more barbarism and general misery into Europe is finding its rightful place in the public consciousness, it is to be seen as a radical fringe of hateful genocidal freaks.

 But that is not where it will end, it will end when such groups are operating under fake names on blogs and vlogs on the outer reaches of the internet while worrying constantly about being ''exposed'' and fired or jailed.

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