Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Shall I Do This Full Time?

I've been kicking this post down the road for months and finally decided to just dive in and do it. The popularity of the blog increases month after month and is now running at thousands of hits per day. Unfortunately I'm shackled to the day job which drastically reduces the time I have for research and keeping up with events as they unfold in the wider world, at present I'm able to produce about 15% of the content I could produce if this blog was my job and earned me a living.

 One of the reasons I always shy away from posts such as this is a rather old fashioned working class pride, I'm self sufficient and do not need to ''beg for money''. And that's all well and good, however, it hamstrings much of what Nationalists/the Alt-Right are trying to do because while we are in the factories and on building sites our ideological competitors, who have no qualms whatsoever about asking for donations, are free to peddle their side of a given narrative, totally unhampered by day jobs.

 Just to pick an example from this week, there are actually people running around trying to defend Milo Yiannopoulos after his shielding of child molesters. The arguments are preposterous but worthy of analysis, for example, just because the Left and the MSM have carried out an organized hit on Milo does not mean that Nationalists have some sort of duty to defend the monster. Indeed, it comes down to principles, I simply can not and will not support such a pervert, I can't do it, I could not live with it. Those who argue that he's a useful tool in ''reaching the normies'' should really ask themselves what it is they're fighting for, because when you throw your principles under the bus to defend an abomination you have ceased to be a Nationalist, or a Traditionalist, you've become a Liberal. And it's not ''Purity Spiraling'' it's having a concrete set of sound moral principles.

 But this particular news item isn't the point, the point is that would have been the nature of the post I would have written. Meanwhile out on YouTube and Twitter the argument that ''Milo is a victim of SJW's and the MSM'' reaches an ever wider audience.

 And so it goes on, week after week, month after month.

 Right now I'm able to produce one post a week, maybe two at a push. If I was unshackled from a working week of 50 hours I would aim to write three posts during the week, not always news based click-bait, and one longer article for the weekend. I'd also use the relative popularity of the blog to highlight people who'd just started YouTube channels or sites and blogs of their own. The look and feel of the blog would remain the same.

And that brings us to the cringe part, money. Whenever I've come across a channel or site asking for money, I always feel as if I was being asked to cough up £20 or something, and times are hard. In actual fact readers wouldn't have to donate much at all, though obviously we aren't communists and more is always welcome. 

 The previous article has so far gained 4000 ''hits'' if everyone who read it donated just 50p I'd be set for the month. 

 So if you like what I'm doing here and would like to see (much) more of it, then consider donating a small sum, whatever you can, on a monthly basis. There's a Paypal button on the right under the banner, where you can make standing orders, however, people have expressed unease that it isn't anonymous, and I understand that, so I've created a Patreon account here which does allow for donations to be anonymous.

 That's my pitch, if I'm able to make a living off this blog I will do so gladly and be forever grateful to those who have allowed me the freedom to take on our enemies on a more equal footing, if not then fine, things carry on as they do now.

 I'd just like to give another thank you to all who have donated in the past and those who will in the future. Thank You.

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