Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Essex Girls: A Minority Group The BBC Can Hate

The BBC is quite possibly the most Politically Correct organization in the world, and BBC Radio 1 is the most Politically Correct of all the BBC's stations and channels. Indeed, to simply state that Radio 1 is ''Politically Correct'' would be an enormous understatement, it would be more accurate to describe Radio 1 as the Event Horizon of the Cultural Marxist program in Britain, or as they unerringly refer to our nation, ''You-Kay''.

 It was with some dismay, then, that I listened today to Radio 1 DJ's singling out one demographic, for half an hour, and then proceeding to pillory them, insult them and joke about that demographic, I'm referring of course, to ''Essex girls''. The Essex girl is something of a meme in the You-Kay, they even have their own wiki page:
''Essex girl, as a pejorative stereotype in the United Kingdom, applies to a female viewed as promiscuous and unintelligent, characteristics jocularly attributed to women from Essex. It is applied widely throughout the country and has gained popularity over time, dating from the 1980s and 1990s.''
The creatures which present Radio 1 content are nothing if not ''diverse'' flitting from homosexual on the morning slot to black woman, then homosexual again, token white hetero followed by Asian, then another homosexual being followed by a black man. Homosexual Scott Mill's presented the Comic Relief charity special with a guest homosexual and token white hetero whipping boy Chris Stark. 

 And for 30 minutes they giggled and guffawed as they told jokes such as:
 An essex girl walks into the local dry cleaners, she places a garment on the counter "i'll be back tomorrow afternoon to pick up my dress" she says."come again?" says the clerk, cupping his ear."no" she replies. "this time its mayonnaise"
What does an Essex girl use for protection during sex?A bus shelter.
What does an Essex girl say after sex?"Thanks, lads."
Q.  How do you make an Essex girl's eyes sparkle?
A.  Shine a torch into her ear.
So edgy, so brave.

From the perspective of the Social Justice, Cultural Marxist narrative which usually forms their world view, they've committed numerous faux pas:

1. They've singled out a group, as a group and not taken into account their individuality or ''life experiences''.

2. They've ''Slut Shamed'' women and girls from Essex, thus taking a line counter to the modern feminist version of female freedom wherein a woman may behave like an absolute whore without social condemnation and or ridicule.

3. They're feeding off and into a derogatory stereotype.

 I have no idea whether white women from Essex are as promiscuous or stupid as we're told, I very much doubt it, but if they were I could critique them for it while remaining true to my values. A liberal cannot do so, they're throwing their core principles away for a cheap shot at an enemy, an enemy who probably does not understand they even are an enemy of the media class!. 

 What's interesting is that this is what passes for political incorrectness among BBC liberals, it just so happens that Essex is synonymous with Brexit, UKIP and working class whites who actually work and do not live up to the begging bowl Oliver Twist style working class white archetype which occupy leftist imaginations, that's when they pay any thought at all to working class whites. 

 Essex man is likely to be a self employed plumber or plasterer, Essex girl a dentist assistant or hairdresser, the point is they did not go through the University mind heist and do not need to beg, they're moderately free, both mentally and financially. From the perspective of the intersectional gender studies graduates and ''charity workers'' of the modern liberal left, they're an out-group who need to be brought down, a threat which has to be neutralized.

 There's nothing whatsoever politically incorrect about two queers telling each other jokes about certain white female demographics, because if that demographic returned fire they'd be up for a Hate Crime charge. As Marxists would see it, they're attacking from a position of genuine power.

 Given that Comic Relief was in aid of charity, which simply means sending more money to Africa, an Essex girl might send a cheeky Tweet to Clara Amfo, a black female DJ at Radio 1, they could say:
'Hey Clara, good luck with Comic Relief, maybe your family back in Africa will get a new well or some dysentery pills LOL!''
But that would be a Hate Crime and incitement to racial hatred.

 ''Why do girls from Essex wear knickers? to keep their ankles warm! HAHAHAHAHA''
Is 100% state approved and stamped, forcibly subsidized edginess, and you're a Far Right Snowflake if you disagree.

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