Thursday, 9 March 2017

March 4 Trump

Last Saturday I attended the March 4 Trump in Austin, Texas, one of a series of about a dozen similar marches taking place throughout America that day. These marches were entirely locally organised and self funded. The only contribution we received from the Republican party was some Trump Pence and MAGA signs. We raised $3,000 to pay for the policing and $700 for the portaloos via a Go Fund Me page. We exceeded that goal and donated the excess to the Austin Police Department, This was a genuine grass roots movement. quite unlike the AstroTurf leftist protests where professional agitators are organised, bused in and often paid by shadowy groups funded for George Soros or the Democratic Party.

There was heavy rain all day on the day of the march. This had been forecast in advance and most likely deterred quite a few from attending. It even caused me to have second thoughts the night before, but I went anyway. The march was due to commence at 1:00pm and the crowds started gathering from about 11:30am onwards. Many had traveled for several hours to get there from places a far away as Houston and San Angelo (about a 3 or 4 hour drive).

The crowd at the event was fairly mixed. The majority were old fashioned conservatives with signs about things like abortion and gun rights, although there were more "build the wall" signs. About 10% to 20% were from ethnic minorities and about 10% to 20% were from the Alt Right.  

One interesting thing I noticed was the enthusiasm with which the mainstream right have adopted the label "deplorable". There were sweet little old grandmas wearing deplorable t shirts and the event organisers were doing a roaring trade selling :"deplorahats".  I had thought that the term deplorable applied primarily to the Alt Right. However, seeing the popularity of the self applied deplorable label made me realise that that even mainstream conservatives have had the views they have held for decades declared beyond the bounds of acceptable discourse. They have been rendered ideological outlaws, which is just pushing them towards us. 

I think the organisers were doing everything possible to dispel the notion that Trump or his supporters are in any way racist as the speakers at the event included an unusually articulate black woman, who I think was a professor, and a Mexican lady who had just obtained US citizenship. Although, amusingly, the Mexican lady's speech was largely drowned out by long and raucous chants of "Build the wall, build the wall!". 

About a dozen Antifa made an appearance, at the pre march rally, and several were dotted along the route of the March. They were a pretty unimpressive bunch of badly dressed, out of shape, physical weaklings. I have seldom seen a less intimidating group of people. There were a couple of flashpoints. One when a member of Antifa made the mistake of trying to grab an ex-marine, who I had been talking to earlier in the day's, US flag  and was promptly decked. The police let the ex-marine go and arrested the antifa protester. 

Here is a post the glass jawed communist made on Facebook the next day showing him still in his hospital bed whining about his treatment at the hands of the fascist police state. You'd need a heart of stone not to laugh. 

Antifa pussy,  straight from central casting

Ha ha. God bless Texas. It is the exact opposite of California where the police allow Antifa to run riot and arrest loyal patriots for defending themselves.  

After the initial skirmish Antifa appeared on a hill behind the bandstand where the speeches were being made and began chanting. They were immediately charged, surrounded, berated and mocked by about 30 or 40 of the younger male marchers, including your humble correspondent and much of the Alt Right contingent. I got the distinct feeling that many on our side were itching to fight with them but, sensibly, would not engage unless attacked first due to the negative legal and career consequences of initiating the use of force. You can see infowars video footage of the incident here. 

Quite a few of the people in attendance were visibly Alt Right with Richard Spencer haircuts, God Emperor T shirts, Pepe flags and things of that nature. In the video above there are chants of "Free helicopter rides for commies" and someone describes Millie from Infowars as his "3D Waifu", so I think it is safe to assume that they are big fans of TRS.  The difference between the Alt Right and Antifa was striking. The Alt Right were well turned out, many wearing shirts and ties, well groomed, well informed, physically fit, and well versed in their arguments. They stood in stark contrast to the weak degenerates of Antifa who had no idea of what they were arguing in favour of, as can be seen in this video  where Millie from Infowars tries to interview them as they attempt to harass the marchers. 

It is also noteworthy that most of the Antifa seemed to be in their 30s and 40s and considerably older than the representatives of the Alt Right. This only added to the impression that they are an outmoded thing of the past and that the Alt Right are the future. Their insistence on hiding their faces is bewildering, as protesting a march is not illegal. I can only imagine that they think that it is in some way intimidating, but it definitely isn't. Not when we can see the rest of them!  

 The march itelf was great fun. It was exhilarating to march through the streets chanting (moderately) nationalist slogans and waving flags and banners. The kind of things chanted included "one people, one nation, one leader" (I preferred it in the original German), "free helicopter rides for commies", "whose streets, our streets" (mocking the marxist refrain)  and "drain the swamp". The feeling of being part of a large group, able to openly abuse all who stood in opposition with impunity, was thrilling and similar to what I have previously experienced going in a large gang of lads to the football or at the orange walk.  

When looking for footage of the Austin march to accompany this post I came across this footage of the violence at the March 4 Trump in Berkely, CA,  and this footage  of the disorder at the March 4 Trump at the Minnesota State Capitol. In both cases the Trump supporters seem to be more physically capable, but the weaker leftists are prepared to up the ante by introducing cowardly devices like tasers and pepper spray. 

This is the first time I have ever attended a public political gathering and it was very enjoyable to meet up with so many similarly minded people. For many on the right public gatherings were a new experience, however they are something we all want to do again and a number of further events are planned for the coming months. I would urge anyone to get involved in real life meet ups whenever the opportunity presents itself. 

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