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SS Britannia: The Right to Have Ancestors - SS 030617

Radio Aryan
March 6, 2017

Sven Longshanks and Subal host another edition of SS Britannia looking at a range of topics and beginning with the regular Trump update. Over the weekend a Trump rally held by the Proud Boys was physically attacked in Berkley, leaving an elderly man floored by pepper spray and demonstrators bruised and bloodied. How long will this have to go on for, before the Donald actually does something about it? These are his supporters being attacked by Left Wing terrorists and so far he seems to be doing nothing to protect them. Trump has also been tweeting about Obama wire tapping Trump Tower, but tweeting about things is something that we are reduced to doing, out of a lack of being able to do anything else. He is the president of the United States and he is in a position to do far more than just tweet about it, he could be having Obama arrested for this so why isn’t he?

After this small criticism of Trump and a discussion on Tony Blair’s chances of working for him we move on to the main subject of the podcast, looking at warnings from history concerning Brazil and India of what will happen to Europe if something is not done to segregate the races. Brazil should by all rights have been at a higher standard of civilisation than North America by now. Both were settled and colonised at the same time by White people and Brazil had far more natural resources, yet Brazil is now a violent hell hole where you get woken up by helicopter gunships firing on drug dealers and regularly hear bullets zipping around the streets of the favelas. Brazil is like this because they encouraged the blending of the White race with the Indians and the Negroes. Instead of the Whites asserting sovereignty from Europe on their own like they did in the north, Brazil told the brown races that they would be equal citizens if they joined with the Whites and fought for independence. After this, the Pope also told them they could all freely breed with one another and the result is the mess that the country is in today, where instead of being more wealthy than America it is one of the poorest and most violent places on earth.

The same end result has happened in India, the Hindus started off White and then after the Moslems invaded in the 8th century AD, the caste system was decimated and the White racial stock slowly blended out. Because this was relatively late in the history of White civilisations, there are still many similarities in Hindu culture today to how Whites used to live in the West. We too used to have arranged marriages and the benefits of this are discussed and the real reasons for why dowries were paid, sometimes by the groom and sometimes by the bride’s family. This was not because the women were sold as a slaves, but was a small token of the inestimable value of a wife and mother.

In the early part of the last century, it was widely known that India used to be White and much research was done showing the links between Sanskrit and the European languages. Similarities between Hindu and Norse deities were investigated and Hindu mysticism was associated with Nationalism and the Far Right. After the hippy revolution of the sixties though, this was all hijacked by the Left and became what we know today as ‘New Age’. They stripped the obvious Aryan character from the mysticism and taught Whites to mock our own religious institutions and look up to brown charlatans instead, but the White influence can still be found if you know where to look.

If we do not want our countries to go the same way as India and Brazil, then we have to preserve the White blood that we have left from any adulteration with the other races. Depriving a child from having any ancestors that look or behave like him, has to be the worst thing anyone could ever do to their offspring. In a normal marriage, gene similarity theory shows that both spouses will usually share a considerable number of inheritable genes, leading to the offspring having similar talents and similar looks to those of the same family going back generations. All this is denied to the children of bi-racial couples. Children should have the right to have ancestors and the right to be born into one of the races designed according to the laws of nature, they should not be born looking like nothing that ever existed before on earth and with no connection to any ethnic nation. If we do not do something to prevent this from happening soon, then it will be our descendants pooping in the streets and firing shots around the shanty towns of what used to be known as the White civilisation of the West. 

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Subal

SS Britannia: The Right to Have Ancestors – SS 030617

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