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SS Britannia: Usury And The Banking System

Radio Aryan
March 27, 2017

Sven Longshanks and Subal look at the banking system in this week’s SS Britannia, but first Subal gives us his take on the terrorist atrocity in London last week. There was a time when people would look at Islamic terrorism and ask whether it was a genuine attack, or a false flag operation designed to provide justification for a pre-arranged action, such as war in Iraq or a clamp-down on civil liberties. Back when the 7/7 bombing occurred, it was wall to wall tv coverage with special programmes on it for weeks, because the establishment wanted to get public support for a war in the middle east. Now that we seem to be getting attacked in Europe every other week though, sometimes we do not even hear about it on the national news. This is because nothing will be done to prevent it happening, instead the desire now is to normalise it and make us accept it as a part of every day life. This is why Sadiq Khan is right when he says that terrorism has become part and parcel of city life, it has done so in all the cities that have allowed Moslems to settle in them.

The main subject of the podcast this week is the banking system and ways we can appeal to the Truth community through their interest in this. They like to talk a lot about JF Kennedy and how he was going to sign an order nationalising America’s banks, yet Adolf Hitler actually did this for real and proved to the world that you do not need to have usury as a part of the banking system in order for a national economy to work.

Jews figure prominently throughout the history of international banking and Subal explains the timeline of how it spread from Holland, to England and then to the rest of the world. Before then, money was just a way to measure the value of something, it did not always have a value in itself, unless it was made of something precious like gold. However going back to a gold based system is not feasible, as before you can even use any it costs a fortune to create it.

Money used to be the means to an end, it was not seen as an end in itself. If you had more wealth than others, you were expected to share that wealth around with the poorer members of the community, after all, it could do nothing just by sitting there. Once you add usury to the system though, money doing nothing at all becomes able to produce more of itself, by sucking it out from the rest of the community in the form of interest.

All interest used to be seen as usury and it was not until the last millennium that Popes started redefining the word to mean only exorbitant interest. The Protestants continued with this new definition and instead of having an economy that served the nation as a whole, the nation began serving the economy and we end up where we are today, where the government are happy to print money to bail the banks out, but refuse to do so to create their own interest free budget funds.

Truthers need to be made aware of the Jewish role in the banking industry and Nationalists could do with learning more about why usury is so evil. Perhaps this is one area where the two communities can learn from each other.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Subal

SS Britannia: Usury and the Jews – SS 032717

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