Friday, 24 March 2017

Values To Die For

We shall go on to the end, we shall tolerate their mosques popping up like mushrooms across England, we shall tolerate the mass rape of teenage English girls, we shall tolerate the crime and radicalism and the demographic transformation, we shall check our white privilege, and be mindful never to commit a micro-aggression against an official minority group, we shall tolerate the insults and alienation and terror, no matter the cost, we shall surrender our island.......

Well folks, there's been another Muslim terror attack in London and once again everybody is wandering about trying to figure out what our ''Shared British Values'' actually are. Words used most frequently to describe our shared British values are ''tolerance'', ''democracy'', ''freedom of speech'' (but not Hate Speech that's a serious crime), ''openness'' and of course ''diversity''. The mass media and political class have added an extra crinkle for this particular terror attack, which they usually do when London is involved, they invoke ''The Big One'', yes, the Blitz is back!. 

 Theresa May channels her inner Churchill and spurs on the multicultural masses to brave it out, we're not afraid! We faced the Nazis and won, and sometime soon Abdul is going to feel our wrath....Except we can't call them ''Abdul'' that would be incitement to racial hatred, and we can't call them ''Them'' either unless we qualify it first by saying ''some misunderstanders of Islam''. Even then, invoking the fighting spirit of World War 2 is rather problematic, it's one thing to ask the public to soldier on stoically while they're slaughtered, but you have to at least allow them a vision of a victory or a coherent fightback. 

 Indeed, if we were to handle the Muslim issue in the manner we handled the Germans in World War 2 the policy would be to first evacuate non Muslims from Muslim areas, there would then be a daylight bombing raid to cut off any means of escape followed up with a 500 bomber raid at night to level the whole area to the ground and immolate the entire population. Just for good luck we would then send in low flying fighters to take pot shots at any Muslims still able to move. 

It's quite possible such an action was being discussed at Theresa May's tough sounding ''Cobra'' meetings, but I doubt it. It would run counter to every last one of our treasured values, even though we call the fire bombing of German children ''Our Finest Hour'' and let's be honest about it, the British Government isn't too coy about bombing Muslims when they're annoying Israel.

 So our people get to go about their lives wondering if today will be the day they'll suffer death by machete, bomb, bullet, acid attack or car. Behind the scenes a colossal security apparatus works at full bore trying to keep all the plates in the air at once, not just snooping on Muslims, but also the 'Far Right' who're guilty of pointing out the howling insanity of the situation.

 And the police and security services don't get off either, when the ''diversity'' element of our treasured liberal values goes off on one and decides to take out the political class with a knife and car, then they too are expected to die for liberal values, indeed, pretty much everybody except the liberals themselves are expected to take a bullet or knife for liberal values. 

Keith Palmer represented everything the political class hate, a highly capable and courageous white man with a family, and he died defending the politicians from the inevitable results of their own values. Every one of the politicians in that building wanted mass immigration, they all celebrate diversity, they all sneer at the little Englander bigots tearing their hair out in frustration and fear at what is being done to their country, and yet when the wild eyed Muslim comes screaming toward them with an 8 inch blade they can count on a loyal Englishman giving up his life to save them.

 It's absolutely repulsive.

 Dying bravely for the wrong cause seems to be the defining and fatal characteristic of our people, when the aforementioned Germans tried to navigate a path between the Scylla of High Finance and the Charybdis of Marxism, they were devoured by both. British men fought heroically, but for what? a minority white London and white privilege theory and guilt being rammed into your kid's brain as they become a minority in their own classrooms?.

 The World War 2 myth and its place in our culture is just one layer of lie (by no means the first), in geology they call it a ''stratum'' over time another layer of lies comes to rest on the first, then another, then another. With each new stratum the lies become a little more absurd, a little more nonsensical. The cultural stratum we inhabit now is several layers above the World War 2 myth, it simultaneously demands of our people that they 'brave it out'' and randomly die for liberalism, while denying them the right to fightback in any meaningful way, and it does so while invoking the World War 2 myth as a pivotal moment in our history, when we used our ''British Values'' to defeat ''evil''. However, even if we accept that the fight against Germany was moral (a difficult task) it still remains the truth that what is being proposed is not Our Finest Hour 2, or anything like it, it's surrender dressed up in a pretty bow!. 

It's a whirlwind of bullshit.

I've often wondered if there's some minor subdivision of the state's massive security and counter extremism network monitoring this blog. If so then they are the ''Watchers on the Wall'' so to speak, they are the guardians of our British Values, which are so robust they stood firm against the Nazis but can be threatened by a bloke with a blog in an internet backwater. But my question to them, if they're there, is, how do you know you're on the right side? How do you not know that you too, like so many of our people in the past, are not earnestly working toward a despicable goal?

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