Friday, 28 April 2017

Life's A Beach: A Liberal Paradise Lost

Danny Boyle's 2000 film 'The Beach' makes for interesting viewing from  a Nationalist perspective because whether he intended his movie to be so or not, it's the story of the failure of liberal minded Europeans to face reality while attempting to create utopia. It's a brilliant meditation on liberal denial.

 The Beach also serves as something of a nostalgia fest for those of us born at the tail end of 'Generation X' and that includes Leonardo DiCaprio, the main star of The Beach.  Set just before 9,11 and before beheading Europeans wherever they could be found outside of the West became a trend, The Beach harks back to a time when middle class 'Gen Xers' could trot around the world in search of the 'authentic', away from the consumerist tedium of high capitalism which had reduced their own cultures to shopping malls and warehouse space. 

Monday, 24 April 2017

SS Britannia: The Example Set by Saint George

ss 13

Radio Aryan
April 24, 2017

Sven Longshanks and Subal are back with a new episode of SS Britannia devoted to St George, in honour of the Saint’s day on April 23rd. George’s father served with distinction in the Roman army and when he died, his son was offered the chance to follow in his father’s footsteps. After fighting with the imperial guard and in the Persian wars, George set up the Nestorian church in Persia. After the war he settled in Beirut, giving his name to the Bay of St George and soon after, travelled to Britain where he saw his old soldier friend Constantine, the son of emperor Constantius Chlorus and the British princess Helena, giving rise to the Irish sea he travelled through being named after him and his heraldry being adopted by Lancaster.

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Laurie Penny And The Rise Of The Racist Robots

Well everybody, we've been found out, deep under a mountain in the Norwegian wilderness White Nationalist high command have been at work for years building an army of racist robots to fight in our cause, and now the whole plan is in jeopardy because Laurie Penny has rumbled us:

Writing in The Guardian Laurie Penny wails: 

Robots have been racist and sexist for as long as the people who created them have been racist and sexist, because machines can work only from the information given to them, usually by the white, straight men who dominate the fields of technology and robotics.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

The Corruption Of Emily Marshall

Louise Rosealma AKA Moldylocks AKA Raunch Vag Rosie, once known as Emily Marshall, is quite possibly the most memed person since Donald Trump.
 As soon as one meme hit social media another was rolled out to replace it, the moral conundrum of a grown man smacking a woman in the face was instantly buried when the ''1000 Nazi scalp'' revelation came out, this was then followed by the revelation that ''Louise'' was not always the Anti-Fa zombie of the Berkley brawl, she'd been a nice, pretty girl once. Then came the first of yet more bombshells, she had a site stuffed with pretentious ''art'' featuring herself standing naked next to trees and rocks, then we discovered she'd gone the whole hog and done full gynaecological tier shoots,  legs akimbo...and even that wasn't enough, she was doing ''Hairy Porn''!.

 Watching Louise's week was like watching an old roadrunner cartoon with Louise as Wile coyote, after being punched off the cliff she hit every rock on the way down, only to land on a springy branch which catapulted her back up to the top for the fall to begin all over again.

Monday, 17 April 2017

SS Britannia: Soldiers on the Battlefield

Radio Aryan
April 17, 2017

Sven Longshanks and Subal co-host a new episode of SS Britannia, this week discussing a range of issues surrounding traditional gender roles. First off though is some commentary on the recent Alt-Right clash with antifa terrorists in Berkeley and the capitulation to these same terrorists by the university in which Richard Spencer was due to speak. The Oath Keepers did a good job at Berkeley helping to defend the patriots and by all accounts the antifa got a good pasting, despite turning up to the protest armed with knives and M80 flash grenades. There is one particularly good shot of Nathan Damigo punching a highly paid prostitute (porn star) who had boasted of going to the protest in order to claim 100 nazi scalps. This degenerate slut was once a promising young student, but a few years at university was all it took to persuade her that having sex for money on film was the best way to fight the evil patriarchy.

Friday, 14 April 2017

How Many Raped English Girls Is The Economy Worth?

There are some rumours going around in our circles about Theresa May, quietly, cautiously, they whisper discreetly, could it be possible, is it feasible that Theresa May might not be fully signed up to the Globalist master plan? she gave us the full Brexit and it looks like she's going to try and curb immigration, the cobwebs have been blown off the Tory plan to reduce numbers to the 10,000's and she signals toward a mild populism.

 Time will tell, but it's a depressing sign of the times when we can become excited because the Prime Minister is not explicitly trying to eradicate the native British population.

And yet even Theresa May's rather pathetic attempts to ride the populist tiger are too much for The Independent who've now started up a petition against May's proposed immigration reduction. In cahoots with ''Open Britain'' a new Left Wing think tank, they're attempting a rearguard action, the racists, bigots and little Englanders got Brexit, but we can't have reduced immigration too, that would be outrageous.


Monday, 10 April 2017

SS Britannia: Red Lines in Syria

Radio Aryan
April 10, 2017

Sven Longshanks and Subal are back to captain the good ship SS Britannia into new unchartered territory, this week mainly heading for world war three. Donald Trump and his response towards Syria is still the main talking point for everyone, with Richard Spencer demonstrating against it and people accusing Trump of betraying them and crossing red lines. But why are brown people in Syria the red line and not White people in America? Shouldn’t we really be cutting him a bit of slack? He hasn’t started a war in Syria, all he has done is bomb an empty piece of desert after warning both Russia and Syria that he was going to be doing so.

Friday, 7 April 2017

No Way Out?

I've often entered into some quite heated debates with people in the comments here who seem to claim that every terrorist attack is a 'false flag' and every emerging Nationalist political party a con, a controlled opposition to be imploded when the time is right. I'm highly skeptical of such positions, for example, given that after every single terrorist attack the attack is called a false flag, the victims crisis actors and camera footage fake, it leaves us in the position of having to believe that no terror attack was ever actually perpetrated by Muslims, which I find absurd.

 However, the reason I challenge the more conspiratorially minded among our ranks is not because I think they're a bunch of paranoid loons who should be mocked, on the contrary, it is because they might just be right on some issues and if they are, we have to take these 'truths' into account.

Monday, 3 April 2017

Yorkshire Forum: Alex Davies, Steve Frost and Graham Hardy

Radio Aryan
April 3, 2017

Alex Davies gave his most inspiring talk yet at the recent Yorkshire Forum on Saturday April 1st. His speech was about unity in the movement, something we hear a lot about, but is it really beneficial to have alliances with groups that adhere to lower standards? Will that not mean that your own organisation gets dragged down to their level? If we believe in natural law, then we believe that struggle and competition are necessary in order to strengthen us. How then can we be promoting unity at all costs, which means compromising instead of competing?

Alex explains why we need to hold each other to the highest standards, rather than lowering our expectations in order to increase membership and his speech was full of examples to prove his case, from personal observation at various protests and demonstrations. His genuinely original presentation was met with much approval from Forum attendees and no questions were necessary afterwards.

Speech by Alex Davies

Yorkshire Forum: Alex Davies – The Strong Man is Mightiest Alone – YF 040317 AD

Download (25:06)

Steve Frost from British Movement gave a fascinating presentation on the British Union of Fascists and the support they had in the north of England and in Yorkshire in particular. Steve’s personal interest in the subject matter and early acquaintance with original BUF members made this speech particularly interesting, especially the references to local landmarks and the huge amount of support that Mosley had in the North.

Steve’s passion for the era and for Nationalist history kept the audience captivated and enabled him to elaborate on certain aspects afterwards in the question and answer session. He also drew parallels with attempts to silence the fascists back then with today. The same ethnicity that network together now to ensure Nationalists have problems distributing materials and securing venues were doing the same back then, only the BUF had enough support in Yorkshire to put a stop to their scheming on more than one occasion. Steve recounts some of the successes that the BUF had in overturning bans on their flyers being distributed in local markets and the level of violence the activists had to put up with from the Left, which once even included shots being fired at the leader’s car.

Speech by Steve Frost

Yorkshire Forum: Steve Frost – The Blackshirts in Yorkshire (Before Endeavours Fade) – YF 040317 SF

Download (42:17)

Graham Hardy has been involved in British Nationalism for decades and his speech described the ups and downs we have had over the years and attempted to highlight areas that could do with improvement. As always there were calls to get representatives from different parties all around the same table, which is something that happens at the Forum meetings. The problem is not with getting people around the same table, but with getting groups to stand down when more than one Nationalist party are standing in the same area for election.

Speech by Graham Hardy

Yorkshire Forum: Graham Hardy – The Current State of British Nationalism – YF 040317 GF

Download (21:10)

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