Wednesday, 19 April 2017

The Corruption Of Emily Marshall

Louise Rosealma AKA Moldylocks AKA Raunch Vag Rosie, once known as Emily Marshall, is quite possibly the most memed person since Donald Trump.
 As soon as one meme hit social media another was rolled out to replace it, the moral conundrum of a grown man smacking a woman in the face was instantly buried when the ''1000 Nazi scalp'' revelation came out, this was then followed by the revelation that ''Louise'' was not always the Anti-Fa zombie of the Berkley brawl, she'd been a nice, pretty girl once. Then came the first of yet more bombshells, she had a site stuffed with pretentious ''art'' featuring herself standing naked next to trees and rocks, then we discovered she'd gone the whole hog and done full gynaecological tier shoots,  legs akimbo...and even that wasn't enough, she was doing ''Hairy Porn''!.

 Watching Louise's week was like watching an old roadrunner cartoon with Louise as Wile coyote, after being punched off the cliff she hit every rock on the way down, only to land on a springy branch which catapulted her back up to the top for the fall to begin all over again.

 The hapless young Anti-Fa revolutionary had been wrong on absolutely everything and it all came to fruition in one weekend:

She was wrong when she decided to take up violence against her own race.

She was wrong when she thought her 5,1 frame which weighed not much more than a large tin of paint, could get into a fight with an ex-marine in his physical prime. 

She was wrong when she thought she could bring back ''100 Nazi scalps''

She was wrong to lather her boobs in dye while standing next to a tree and thinking of it as ''expressive art''.

She was wrong when she got on all fours naked and had someone take eye wateringly detailed shots of her lady parts.

She was wrong again when she convinced herself that growing a massive bush of pubes around her lady parts made her a rebellious and free thinking modern woman.

She was wrong when she changed her name from 'Marshall' into various porn aliases and the more Latino sounding 'Rosealma'.

She was wrong when she decided to trade in natural blond locks for a matted clump of smelly dreads.

How can a woman so young be so wrong about so much? in a word: University.

Emily Marshall entered university a normal middle class white girl, within just 3 years she was reborn as Louise Rosealma, Jewish intellectual constructs and morals had driven Emily out and replaced her with Louise, a vessel to carry destructive ideas into the general European population, she was weaponized against her own kind in every conceivable way. We all knew what was happening inside the universities, but usually we'd get it in slices, with Emily/Louise we got the whole sandwich, or even a picnic!. Not just feminism, but porn, not just porn, but weird porn dressed up as self expression. Not just ''Anti-Racism'' but a violent street thug attacking her own kind.

What we're witnessing is the deliberate and systemic corruption of our young people, girls being most susceptible. Let us just take a look at how corruption is defined in various dictionaries:

 :  to change from good to bad in morals, manners, or actions Officials were corrupted by greed. was accused of corrupting the youth; also
:  to degrade with unsound principles or moral values Some fear the merger will corrupt the competitive marketplace.
:  rot, spoil The fruits were transported without being corrupted.
:  to subject (a person) to corruption of blood
:  to alter from the original or correct form or version
 :  to become tainted or rotten leaving the bodies to corrupt on the field
:  to become morally debased
 break down, decay, decompose, disintegrate, fester, foul, mold, molder(moldylocks), putrefy, rot, spoil
Related Words:
sour, turn, turn off [British]; contaminate, defile, pollute, taint; addle, curdle, ferment; mortify; rust; crumble, decline, degenerate, descend, deteriorate, dilapidate, sink, wither
The visceral reaction displayed by the Alt-Right counter culture against Louise Rosealma is not merely an example of triumphalism, it also betrays a puritanical streak running through ethno-nationalist thinking. Louise Rosealma is corrupted, she's part of the group but poisoned and needs to be made an example of and cast out, she's degeneration incarnate. What's happened to her over the last week is the equivalent of shaving her (head) hair and parading her through the streets so the peasants can throw cabbages at her.

The effect this has is to stamp a new morality into the brains of white people, not through long and weighty discussions on Jewish intellectualism and Cultural Marxism, but through fear and peer pressure. The irony is that these are the exact same tactics the Left have been using against whites for 50 years, indeed, Louise Rosealma was attempting to do just that when she was punched by a 'fascist' and this whole episode was kicked into motion.

 How many teenage white girls have seen Louise/Emily get punched by a 'Nazi' followed up with seeing yet more memes of Louise's hairy bush and armpits being dragged across social media and come to the conclusion: ''That will never, ever happen to me!''?.

The dullards of the 'Classical Liberal' individualism sphere enjoy pointing out that racial nationalism and what they would call SJW's are two sides of the same coin, I believe I've made a fair case in this article that Cultural Marxism is corruption, that is it's purpose. What then is the purpose of the nationalist? the opposite to corruption is:

elevate, ennoble, uplift
Near Antonyms:
age, develop, grow, mature, ripen; refresh, renew, restore; cleanse, purify; assemble, compose, integrate; ameliorate, better, improve, meliorate
And sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind.

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