Wednesday, 10 May 2017

An Empire Of Mud

As the liberal elites, banks, (((rootless cosmopolitans))), and Islam celebrated their glorious victory over poor French people, Harry Potter feminist Emma Watson took to the stage at the MTV awards to accept the first ever 'gender free' acting award, according to Watson:
 "[Belle's] curiosity and passion for knowledge and her desire for more in life were ground for alienation," Watson explained. "I loved playing someone who didn't listen to any of that. I'm so proud to be part of a film that celebrates diversity, literacy, inclusion, joy, and love the way that this one does."
The sharp end of that diversity and inclusion shtick are the African men landing on Italy's southern shoreline at the current rate of 11,000 a month. I have no idea what those African men think about gender free acting awards, but I do know what they think when they see Emma Watson and it ain't ''gender-free''. But it doesn't really matter to Emma Watson what the Africans think of her or her boilerplate morals, she belongs to the emerging Higher Caste of Western Civilisation, the people who'll have to deal with the African men are the poor French people who've just had their peasant rebellion crushed.

There are people in France now who understood what was happening, were appalled by the 250 French people murdered by Muslims and sought to change things via their vote, and some of those people will die because they lost, it's that stark.

 For Europeans expressing a will to live is called a ''populist scourge'' and ''hate'', indeed, the European will to life and love of kind is regularly likened to a disease which must be eradicated at all costs, and upon victory the Globalist establishment will crow about maintaining 'stability' while needing 50,000 armed policemen to patrol the streets of France on election day.

 Macron brings into sharp relief the deepest fears of the Nationalist, he isn't a 'safe pair of hands' like Theresa May, he's a hitman, he's going drive the agenda forward to it's logical conclusion and does not hide the fact. Indeed, he's almost a cliche, a Rothschild banker with an 'exotic' love life who wants sanctions on uppity Eastern European countries who defy the Elders of Zion by wishing to maintain their identity and people-hood.

Emma Watson and Macron share a common set of ideals, Watson believes she's challenging the status quo, what she represents is a pretty face to sell the Globalist order to the general population. Watson will not lament that a white male banker prevented France from electing its first ever female president, she doesn't know or care that a woman in Sunderland can be kidnapped and raped for 3 days and that the guilty men and rape culture walked free. Her feminism knows its place.

 Macron's European vision is a continent wide hellscape from Portugal to Poland, riven with terrorism and ethnic strife, the native Europeans scuttle from one white flight bolthole to the next trying to avoid casual savagery and barbarism. An effete, vulgar and pompous celebrity culture feeds our moral code to us, which always reinforces and further empowers the Globalist narrative.

There is nothing more intrinsic to human life than diversity. Our splintering humanity has to reunite to protect our future. The bizarre and regressive utopias of extremists – whether they are drawn from a pre-civil rights America or a medieval caliphate – risk drawing us into a global civil war. We must refocus on a more modest vision of a utopia, based on a recognition that what makes us different is what makes us the same.(The Guardian)

Like all genocidal tyrannies the EU Globalist project needs a group to scapegoat as 'The Other', a group to be demonised and hounded, to be watched and feared, and that group is the Europeans themselves, not coincidentally the only group who, if sufficiently motivated, could kill the great scam and its architects. Under the new tyranny the mildest murmur of objection can lead to a person's life being destroyed, the defeat of a party such as the National Front is lauded as a stupendous victory against incalculable odds ''Phew, with only the help of every supra-national body, every MSM outlet, our imported Third World vote and the entire liberal elite political class, we managed to pull it off!.''

 In his essay 'The Fascist Dream' French philosopher Maurice Bardeche wrote of liberal democracy:
The anarchic freedom of democracy does not just permit the diversion of the popular will and its exploitation for private interests, it has still more serious consequences. It opens life on all sides to every inundation, to every miasma, to every foul wind, without barriers to decadence, exploitation, and above all mediocrity.
It makes us live on a steppe that everyone can invade. There is a word for purely negative order: the defense of freedom. But this freedom is like a drug you try once, it is a chrism one receives, and then man is abandoned defenseless on the steppe. Monsters make their nests on this steppe: rats, toads, serpents turn it into a sewer. These swarms have a right to grow, like nettles and crabgrass.
What the yelping mass media call ''the scourge of populism'' is simply a mild attempt by white people to shield themselves from the dangers which stalk the steppe of modern Europe, but the Talmudic tyranny sees 'wreckers' and plotters organising and agitating against the common good, a disease, a pox, a plague, evil, racists, haters, anti-Semites...

Every border must be broken, every wall bulldozed, every white school diversified, every village enriched, every Hate Thought punished.
''Admit your racism, my dear, just admit it for us all!''
Europeans must be dragged out of anything resembling sanctuary and safety, home and kin, they will be forced out onto the barren steppe of the 'New Europe' to be easy pickings for whatever protected predator drifts by. All they have by way of moral and spiritual sustenance is a bunch of cynically engineered Jewish slogans peddled by dead eyed feminists and soulless media zombies.

 The Empire of Mud is upon us.

 As time passes I become increasingly convinced of the role, or lack thereof, of spirituality in the modern epoch. Throughout all of our history Europeans have striven toward beauty and elegance, bravery and virtue, and it is here we notice that the emerging Empire of Mud is not born of the European mind or soul at all, indeed, it is its polar opposite in every conceivable manner. It does not elevate or seek wisdom or greatness, it, via its doctrines of equality, renders man down into a compliant fatty blubber.

 It is born of a mind so cruel, so vindictive yet unrelentingly tenacious, that it is simply incomprehensible to most of our people, but in order to see the evils in others, we might well have to first understand the beauty within ourselves...

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