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The BBC Grooming Drama ''Three Girls'': Catharsis For The Liberal Left

When I first discovered the BBC would be airing a three part drama based on the Rochdale grooming scandal I prepared myself, what politically correct absurdities was the BBC about to inflict on us now? would the rapists be white? mixed? one thought that crossed my mind would be that the 'groomers' would be Polish and their victims young black girls.

 I flipped open the laptop to take down notes and readied myself for another wave of psychological hornets stinging and gnashing at my mind.

 As it turns out, I was completely wrong.

 'Three Girls' drops the audience right into the heart of  white working class life as it is, the girls were not angelic but cheeky, coarse and foul mouthed, wandering the urban drudgery in ill fitting tracksuits casually spouting lines such as ''You off with those dirty Pakis again tonight?''.

 The ''Pakis'' themselves were portrayed as two faced sleazy scumbags, and they only became worse once the grooming and exploitation began.

 The BBC had thrown political correctness, and a sizeable chunk of their own guidelines out and were facing this issue head-on. It was astonishing to watch. 

As the drama progressed I found myself repeatedly expecting the PC trap to spring, such thoughts then changed to 'they won't go there....Oh, they just did!'. One aspect of the grooming issue which I expected the BBC to have particular difficulty with was the Marxian morality of the middle class whites in local government who found themselves ideologically paralysed in the face of a white victim-non white perp paradox, yet this too was slammed.
 After the heroic 'lone voice of sanity' Sara Rowbotham (brilliantly played by Maxine Peake) confronted the 'PC' brigade' and had to graphically explain that a 13 year old girl being anally raped by 6 men in one night was ''Not a fucking lifestyle choice!' many a Social Justice buttercup may well have had a slight tingling sensation of realising just how far gone they are.

 Another standout moment occurred during the trial when a Times journalist who'd been reporting on the grooming issue was confronted by a typical left liberal twat and accused of playing into the hands of the ''Far Right'';

Lefty Twat: ''You do know you're playing into the hands of the BNP and Far Right? white victim, dark skinned oppressors? you just can't resist it can you?''

Times Journo:''I understand it's uncomfortable for you!'.

 On social media a common criticism of Three Girls came from the Alt-Lite, Civic Nationalist, Counter Jihad camps because Islam was never mentioned at all. But this is just a sign of their own cowardice, what was frequently mentioned was race and ethnicity, but they're afraid to mention that, their anger needs to be mandated by them rolling out their fave collection of violent passages from the Koran yet again. These 'Pakis' are not devout Muslims raping for Allah, they're a coke snorting , vodka swilling hostile racial group degrading and destroying the females of ''The Other''.

One concern I had that the BBC might be deploying their usual trickery was that the Rochdale grooming case was dealt with but portrayed as an isolated case and not part of a wider pattern, and once again I was mistaken. As the Greater Manchester Police were called in to deal with Rochdale the top brass alluded to Rotherham, Burnley and Oxford ''It's going on everywhere!'' they whispered behind closed doors. And the three part drama ended with this blasting out onto the TV screens of the general population:

Why Did They Do It?

For three consecutive nights the BBC showed a politically correct free drama portraying the brutal realities of multiculturalism, grooming, neglect of the white working class, the idiocy of the liberal left, the general rot brought about by Cultural Marxism, and they used their most treasured TV slot (21.00 - 22,00) to do it, why?. 

 It's almost three years since the Alexis Jay report broke the Rotherham grooming scandal, not just the issue of numbers (1400) or the Muslims, but of the utter indifference of the councillors, police and child protection services. Before the Jay report only the 'Far Right' were talking about grooming gangs, after the Jay report the issue became somewhat mainstreamed, but even then the excuses and counter accusations flowed from the liberal left as a torrent.

 Jonathan Bowden once quipped that the left deal with their atrocities by ''stepping over them and moving on''. And this certainly seemed to be their reaction to the grooming scandals being exposed across England. After the Jay report many expected angry mobs of pitch fork wielding vigilantes to begin burning out Pakistanis and Muslims, but nothing happened. The left stepped over it and waded on, seemingly unstoppable.

 But the reason there was no mythical 'backlash' against the Muslim community was illustrated very well in Three Girls, to put it simply, there is no longer a white 'community' left, the working class white men can't round up the lads from the pub and go ''Paki bashing'' because there's no longer even a pub. Life now centres around buying some drink from the supermarket and watching the telly with little knowledge of, or interaction with, a wider community.

 Isolated and atomised, forgotten and dumped by their own politicians they sit in their council houses trying to make sense of it all, but what they do have, except reality television, is the internet and social media.

 The anger and resentment about Islamic grooming had not been forgotten or forgiven, it had gone underground. As the leftist beast strode on over the buckled and pain stricken bodies of 13 year old girls from Yorkshire, millions of people were sharing memes and Tommy Robinson YouTube videos, collating the data, putting together the pieces of the puzzle, it was happening everywhere!, and the 'lefties' were facilitating it, certain catchphrases and terms were being whispered across the land:

 1400 in Rotherham
 Paki paedos protected by PC 
 Lefties covered it up!
 Too politically correct, they let them get away with it.
 Labour is the party of child rape
 Didn't do anything because the girls were white.
 300 white girls raped in Oxford
 It's happening everywhere!
 The police knew! 

The liberal left in Britain thought they had stepped over the grooming epidemic but they hadn't, they'd been infected by it, shackled to it. Their disgusting little secret came out with the Jay report but rather than it being the head-shot we all hoped for it turned out to be a poison dart. Every time they prattled on about 'inclusion' and 'tolerance' they alienated yet more of their base, every accusation of 'racism' and every grand standing speech on 'vibrancy' simply served to spread the infection further. 

 The liberal left in England became a sick joke, preaching their own virtue from their pedestals in the mass media with a ten ton granite block inscribed with ''Rotherham 1400 white girls'' dangling around their neck. Every Labour activist, every liberal snowflake and every media luvvie has been hounded by the grooming issue countless times, the situation was untenable.

 And so the time had come for a cleansing, for a ''Ok, look...'' for the liberal establishment to purify themselves before the nation, that's what this BBC 1 drama was all about, for three nights last week the most watched media outlet in the land handed itself over to a prolonged act of liberal left catharsis, to cleanse themselves of their sins against us.

 It's a good start, I suppose, but we don't want to spend the next ten years listening to the liberal left say sorry as they continue agitating for more immigrant rapists, we just want our country back thanks, and until we get it this war doesn't end.

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