Wednesday, 21 June 2017

A Tower Of Burning Love

If you were wondering whether or not it was ok for you to #Look Back In Anger at the recent Islamic terror attacks the answer is still 'No! you can't', on the other hand you can look back in anger at the Grenfell inferno, indeed, you can do more than that, you can join in with the lefties and their ''Day Of Rage''!

 The first half of 2017 was a bit of a bummer for Britain's liberal left, despite everything the evil Tories managed to cling on to power and Brexit will proceed, indeed, Brexit will be helped along by the homo-hating DUP. 
 Worse still was the damage being done to their narrative by a series of Islamic terror attacks in quick succession, and I do mean damage to their narrative because I view these people as borderline psychotic and unable to empathise with the shredded bodies of the people who died for it. Indeed, after the London attacks (second one) the left wing media pretty much just threw their hands up and said ''Fuck it, some of you will just die, get used to it'' as in this Independent article:

 Surprisingly, telling the British public they'd just have to die for diversity didn't go down too well, and the left reeled under the scorn and fury of Far Right Haters such as Katie Hopkins and Nigel Farage with Hate filled diatribes of ''This is getting out of hand, something has to be done!''

 The British left were starting to resemble a slug rolling around in a bowl of salt. How many times could they tell us not to give in to hate? how much more like an insomniac heroin addict could Owen Jones resemble? They staggered and swayed through the British political and cultural landscape like dying men in a desert.

 And lo, Grenfell went up in flames, as far as peddling their crackpot ideals is concerned, this must truly have felt like manna from heaven.

After every terror attack you can guarantee two shades of article will appear in The Huffington Post, Guardian and Independent, one will be a variation on the theme of ''Get used to it'', the other will be accusing the right of exploiting the 'incident' for their agenda of Hate. Shocking! 
 But let us be honest here, the liberal left are not too coy either, indeed, they never let a good disaster go to waste, unless, like a terror 'incident' it furthers their own agenda, agenda of love, presumably.

So far the Grenfell fire has been used by the left to:

* Demand more (money) care for immigrants and minorities.

* Savage the Tory austerity program in all of its manifestations.

* Pine for more state control over building regulations.

* Laud the soon to be gone EU's rules and regulations over renovated building cladding.

* Accuse (white) people of privilege of being uncaring and aloof from the struggles of the (non-white) poor.

* Pillory Theresa May for not crying enough.

* Claim the government is unfit for purpose and demand a Jeremy Corbyn/ Diane Abbott led Labour government to usher an era of common sense coupled with organisational excellence.

* Organise a ''Day of Rage'' street rampage to bring down the entire British political class.

* Demand rich (white) people offer up their homes, possibly by force, to house the Grenfell survivors.

That last one seems to have been quietly shelved, after all, it's one thing for JK Rowling, Gary Lineker and Lily Allen to send out Tweets of rage, but God forbid they're actually made to live cheek by jowl with their swarthy pets. The actual death toll is also an awkward issue, how many died? at least 79, but the problem is nobody knows for sure how many illegal immigrants were living there, or how many registered immigrants were playing the sublet tenancy scam, but best not dwell on that, there's a narrative to weave.

Jewish pop mogul Simon Cowell has even organised an ''Artists For Grenfell'' pop extravaganza featuring 50 ''artists'' including the African ''Grime'' rapster Stormzy with his own brand of ''urban poetry'':
 A cud ave saved u
 But a din no u
So a cudn save u, bro
A cudn save non use

Or something...

Remember the little girl whose body was shredded by a nail bomb at Manchester arena? what about the young white woman at London Bridge, butchered to death by three Muslim men with machetes? What about the injured? are they still in hospitals having bolts and jagged pieces of metal removed from their bodies?  Nobody knows, hardly anyone cares, don't go poking around in that pile of ash, embrace Grenfell, cry your eyes out and demand a revolution, justice for the coloured proletariat, rage is fine, just remember to point it at the right people for the right reasons.....

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