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The Great Corbyn Con

In January 2016 The Jewish Chronicle published an article with this headline:
The gentleman in question was one Jon Lansman, founder of the Corbyn pressure group ''Momentum'' and author of  'Left Futures Blog'. In the interview Lansman explains:

 "I was involved from the very beginning," he says. "I wanted to have a candidate from the left and I was actively encouraging people to stand. Various other people had declined and I eventually settled upon Jeremy as someone I wanted to persuade to stand."
Who or what gives him the right to decide who should lead a major political party in Britain is not explained, but his interest in Corbyn and the potential of having a 'genuine' grassroots populist movement of the left take hold in Britain is:

"People come out of university and treat politics as a career and it means you end up with people who look and sound the same. It is damaging for the Labour Party. Jeremy offered something different. He is getting real people involved again."
Throughout 2015 and 2016 the Labour Party and the left in Britain was wracked with allegations of anti-Semitism and being hostile toward Israel. Day in day out the headlines howled with fresh revelations of anti-Semitism, within the ranks of the lefty faithful and the political activists surrounding Jeremy Corbyn in particular. Lansman, as a Jew who 'chose' Corbyn gets into this too in his interview with the Jewish Chronicle:

 "Yes, of course the vast majority of British Jews are supportive of Israel as a Jewish state - and actually so is Jeremy - but they are far from supportive of all aspects of what is currently happening there. The Labour Party has to be concerned with a broad view, and the pursuit of peace.
"The other important thing is on all of the other issues - on antisemitism, kashrut - Jeremy offers something to the Jewish community. He is totally committed to things Jewish people have a natural sympathy for, so it is quite frustrating that Israel and Palestine has to dominate."
The problem the Zionist elements of the Labour Party and Lansman had to deal with are factions of the left who, true to their ideology, looked for the group oppressing and exploiting the masses and came to the conclusion that ''Zionism'' was the guilty party. It's important to state at this point that we aren't dealing with the chubby transgender Social Justice zombie lefties of today here, these classic Marxist lefties have looked long and hard at the world through the ideological prism of left wing thought and concluded that the people with genuine power today, in politics, media and finance, are Zionists. As we shall see, what actually constitutes a Zionist and their failure to address it in all of its implications is their undoing.

 Now, if you're a Jewish person seeking to reinvigorate the left by giving a platform to and endorsing its more ''radical'' fringe then this represents a genuine conflict of interest, or at the very least it is 'problematic'.

 And so began the Anti-Anti-Zionist purge of the British left.

As people who, along with their ideology,  were now being whipped out of the public sphere, the 'Electronic Intifada' had a great deal to lose and, quite understandably, followed the purge closely. A pattern emerged wherein numerous social media accounts crossed the line and used the term 'Jewish' instead of the left's preferred 'Zionist' what followed would be a series of hit-piece articles in the left wing media denouncing the rampant anti-Semitism of Corbyn's Labour. The situation became so serious that Shami Chakrabarti was drafted in to head an enquiry into the left's problem of mixing up Zionist and Jewish interests. 

 However, Chakrabarti concluded that there simply wasn't too much to worry about, and that merely set the stage for yet more hysterics from the ''Free Press''. For anyone to head an investigation into anti-Semitism and conclude that there simply wasn't much anti-Semitism about was an outrageous failure in their duty to Jews.

 There was anti-Semitism about though, according to Electronic Intifada, in a rather exhausting post, the anti-Semitism was primarily coming from the Zionist wing of the Labour Party itself!. Standard practice appears to have been to have a ''right wing'' that is to say Zionist, Labour Party activist troll another right wing Labour Party activist and then the former would report the latter to the Jewish editor of The Guardian and all hell would break loose.

 The far left Anti-Zionists were enduring a gruelling one-two combo, ensnared with liars and fakers on social media in order that they be pilloried as racists and anti-Semites on the national stage. 

Writing on his blog dissident Jew and Anti-Zionist Gilad Atzmon writes:

  I’ve been reporting on Jeremy Corbyn’s shameless capitulation to the Jewish Lobby. The long time campaigner for Palestine has, in just a few weeks, been reduced into a sad Zionist puppet whose position on Israel has descended into a copy of a Likud pamphlet. 
Labour’s shameless groveling knows no end. We learn this morning that Corbyn’s party has expelled Gerry Downing, a far left activist whose views on Zionism don’t fit with the new kosher party line. 
 Downing, a marginal Trotskyite, wrote in his blog that Isis is “not agreeing with what they were doing," adding: "I don't support the politics of Isis, they are vile barbarians. But I don't support American imperialist bombing either.”
Apparently opposing American imperial wars is now unacceptable within the Labour ranks.
 Mr. Downing, a former bus driver and member of the tiny Socialist Fight group, said on his Twitter page that his ambition is "to end capitalism on the planet by socialist revolution.” Slightly delusional perhaps, but I remember that until two months ago this ideal was shared by Corbyn. Not anymore, I guess by now Corbyn has even mastered the national anthem, I mean the Hatikvah. 
Corbyn cucked, Corbyn cucked real hard. Haaretz triumphantly wrote:
In terms of the simmering debate about anti-Semitic comments by Labour figures, there has been – at least in terms of the leadership's rhetoric – an effort to calm the situation. At least for the duration of the campaign,  it seems to have finally sunk in that most British Jews identify with Israel in some fashion and that a majority don't regard the identification as ‘Zionist’ as a term of opprobrium. The Labour leadership are intent on avoiding public displays of disunity, and any arguments with the Jewish community, in the run-up to the election next week. Many of the more radical Corbynista pledges regarding Israel in the draft manifesto disappeared into thin air in the final version.

One far left Youtuber asks if it is even accurate to call what we live under as a 'democracy' citing the appalling sycophancy of the party leaders in response to the Jewish Board of Deputies ''Jewish Manifesto'' yes, they have one, this was Corbyn's reply to it:

And it still isn't enough! 

 As Britain entered the election cycle Guardian columnist Nick Cohen wrote of the 'Corbynistas' :
In my respectful opinion, your only honourable response will be to stop being a fucking fool by changing your fucking mind
And even after Corbyn's election surge Cohen wasn't satisfied:
Corbyn’s paid propaganda for an Iranian state that hounds gays, subjugates women and tortures prisoners. Corbyn and the wider left’s indulgence of real antisemites (not just critics of Israel).
 Jeremy Corbyn's slogan is ''For the needs of the many, not the few'' but for some that translated as ''For the needs of the many, not the Jew'' and, leaving aside Israel and Palestine for a minute, this is going to come home and roost.

 Jeremy Corbyn is the centre point of a left wing populism in Britain and it pains me as a Nationalist to think of what could have been. The interesting aspects, the truthful aspects, have been purged from their movement and what we have left is bland Social Justice boiler plate. It's like acupuncture but in reverse, all of the needles which struck the right nerves have been removed and instead we have a bland and heavy handed massage for the masses. 

 I've always thought it warped that the far left can weep buckets for Palestinians but not show the least bit concern for white girls in Yorkshire, I view it as a fundamental flaw in their world view. After all, if their ''Zios'' control everything then surely they also have an  interest in our immigration policy!?  

But leaving that aside, I have some sympathy for them, they've seen their treasured ideals whittled away into dust. What was once an ardent opposition to West Bank settlements and ethnic cleansing in Palestine became ''Commitment to World Peace''. What was once a political movement delving into the ethnic and religious motivations of central banking and war mongering for Israel became ''White Privilege Theory''.

 Their pointed spear became a net, their fisherman became the quarry. 

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