Thursday, 27 July 2017

A Storm Of Sceptics

In this day and age it takes courage, fortitude and a great deal of individual Will and self belief for a young white woman to put her face on a video set to be viewed by 10,000's of people and say, straight out:
 ''I can't stand the lies anymore, race is real and I want white people to have our own countries again. I'm a white nationalist now!''
In order to arrive at that position the young woman in question, known as ''RageAfterStorm'' has had to overcome a multitude of moral and psychological barriers, the entire weight of the liberal/ Globalist machine is tilted against her entertaining such thoughts, she's literally committing 'Hate Think'. The repercussions for her could be life changing, she could be fired and jailed. It's objectively admirable and brave,  even if you disagree with what she's saying.

 It would be nice to think that there's a community on the internet besides white nationalists who'd rally behind her right to hold such thoughts. A community which hold enlightenment ideals of free thought, free speech and, well, scepticism of the wider moral fabric and accepted science. And in theory there is.....and they reacted to RageAfterStorm's wrong think by mass flagging her video into censorship, unleashing a veritable swarm of ''free thinking'' drone trolls to threaten and harass her and finally, contacting her boss in an attempt to have her fired from her job....

 Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you the lying, hypocritical, cowardly vermin of the YouTube ''Sceptic Community''. 

 A community dedicated to ''individualism'' and ''free thinking'' but who will coalesce into an angry mob if you actually push those ideals beyond harvesting the low hanging, indeed, mouldy and putrid, fruit of SJW's, feminists and Islam (not Muslims, that's a stereotype, Islam!). 

 The problem is that there's only so many videos to be made on mocking feminists before people begin asking who created feminism and Cultural Marxism and why they were created at all. The answers to these questions, at least truthful ones, are only to be found in the white nationalist Alt-Right, classic liberalism seems incapable of going there and when your patreon account is raking in $600 a video it pays nicely not to rock the Hebrew boat.

The Sceptic Community have hammered the Social Justice Warriors into a pulp, but they're surprised at how many within their sphere are probing further into the riddles of Cultural Marxism and mass immigration, when they themselves laid the groundwork for it!. Cultural Marxism was invented to shackle and cage white ethno-centrism and racial awareness, one of the reasons for this is that white racialism cannot be contained by classic liberalism.

 Every hammer blow struck against political correctness is  liberation for a white mind, within this context it is simply impossible for the so-called Sceptics to win a battle of ideas with the Alt-Right, indeed, it's why the more intellectually honest within their ranks are converting to our cause.

 This is why it was necessary for a cockroach such as 'Kraut and Tea'' to resort to this: 
''I disagree with what you say, so I'll send a Tweet to your boss to get you fired'' Voltaire.

And it gets worse, after Kraut was caught sending this he removed it and offered an apology, but only because others witnessed what he was doing. This is a man so spineless he can't even play the role of a backstabbing coward with integrity. Or as one YouTuber put it, he's too cowardly to be ruthless. 

 But Kraut and the modern day heirs to the Enlightenment still weren't satisfied and using no reason, logic or evidence whatsoever, carried on the campaign. 

Including this cartoon:

The word ''triggered'' is overused these days, but why or how did RageAfterStorm trigger this reaction? I think it can be put down to two reasons.

1. The Sceptics are vaguely aware that they're a bunch of bullshitters who believe in nothing. That they're liars and larpers milking their subscribers for as many shekels as they can get as long as people continue watching hit-pieces on fat feminists and Social Justice dopes. To have a young girl from within their ranks point this out to them was deeply wounding, free speech be damned, they'd have to shut this bitch up or she'd ruin the subs and patrons bonanza.

 2. The Sceptics are also aware that they simply cannot compete with the Alt-Right as a counter cultural force, testament to this is that their own subscribers and followers on social media are festooned with memes and tropes emanating from the Alt-Right. What makes this interesting is that the combined reach of the Sceptic community in social media terms is probably far higher than that of the Alt-Right. However, the metapolitical potency of the Alt-Right means that it warps everything surrounding it, like a black hole its gravity pulls on any other objects within its reach. Indeed, racial thinking is itself like gravity and it has only been with supreme effort that the elites have managed to suppress it for so long.

 In actual fact the very same phrases and power words Kraut used on RageAfterStorm have been used to pathologize racial thinking in whites for decades. He's pitiful, a coward, a slave who mocks a free mind more courageous than his own, that's also why he hates her. He's a serpent.

 Proving once again that the Sceptics are becoming intellectually ''cucked'' by the Alt-Right, Kraut ends his ghastly justification video by lamenting that all the drama is preventing him from finishing a video on Adorno and the Frankfurt School. But honestly, who would want Kraut's bland quorn burger when they could have Kevin MacDonald's rib-eye steak?

 Kraut's non Nazi, non Anti-Semitic video on the Frankfurt School will run something like this:

 ''A bunch of random Marxist individuals funded by random individuals in High Finance drew up intellectual plans to undermine the West. No one group in particular was attacked, or benefited relative to any others''.

As if the Alt-Right hadn't been through this entire history already.

  RageAfterStorm could have enlightened the Sceptics as to what effects the Frankfurt School and Critical Theory had on the gentile European mind, the guilt, the awesome power of trigger words, the need to silence Hate Think.

 She could have, but the enlightened Free Thinkers ran her off the internet before she had a chance......

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