Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Aryan Insights: Jez Turner on Political Prisoners

Radio Aryan

Jez Turner from The London Forum joins Sven Longshanks for a new episode of Aryan Insights to talk about political prisoners in Britain.

Simon Sheppard has just been released on bail after being arrested under the terrorism act for complaining about the anti-social behaviour of a half-caste family, that the council recently forced upon Simon’s neighborhood. The UK government are desperate to link White Nationalism to terrorism and the boys in blue couldn’t believe their luck when they discovered Simon’s medical research laboratory, instantly identifying it as a bomb making factory. Jez brings us some up to date news on the situation and the heavy handed way the police dealt with things, they even went so far as to break into the other houses nearby, just in case it was a pro-White enclave.

The arrest of political prisoners in Britain has been going on for a long time now with deaths inside being hushed up, from one of the metric martyrs to the bacon rasher mosque decorator last year. If only the British public knew we had people inside simply for questioning the ruling regime. Tommy Robinson has drawn attention to his treatment at the hands of the state while inside, you would think he would show some solidarity and also highlight some of the other political prisoners like Joshua Bonehill and Lawrence Burns. Jez reads a letter from Bonehill and compares our situation today with some from classical Greece, before talking about a visit he recently made to the stately home of one of our Jewish rulers.

Waddesdon Manor is owned by a Rothschild and instead of having a National Trust Oak Tree outside, it has a symbol with five arrows on it (one for each branch of the Rothschild brood) because Jews dont like oak trees while inside the house the painting which has place of honour, is of the degenerate wench who encouraged Alexander the Great to destroy all the knowledge held in Persepolis. We have become so dumbed down that our enemies can hide their intentions in plain sight.

As well as discussing these main subjects, the conversation also covers Britain First, Anne Marie Waters’ bid for the leadership of UKIP and the importance of cultural education through music, literature and a knowledge of our history.

Please remember to write to our POW’s:

Joshua Bonehill
HMP Guys Marsh

Lawrence Burns
HMP Peterborough

Note: Please only send Postal orders addressed to 'Director' with the prisoner name, prisoner number, sender's name and sender's address written on the back. Books of stamps are always welcome, but if you have included stamps, or postal orders, please remember to mention this fact in the letter. All mail may be subject to vetting and cards and letters do not need a sender’s address, if you are happy not to receive a reply. Political POW’s are often subject to periodic mail bans.

Presented by Sven Longshanks with special guest Jez Turner

Aryan Insights: Jez Turner on Political Prisoners – AI 071717

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