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My Trip To Brighton, Britain's Most Liberal City

A group of young patriots recently convinced me to finally leave the sanctuary of northern England and venture south for a weekend, far south as it happens, to Sussex. It's part of a growing trend in our burgeoning movement to leave the keyboard and actually meet up in real life, and I have to say, I had a wonderful time and look forward to seeing N. Theberton (and others) again soon.

 I couldn't help but observe that my young nationalist friends were extremely eager to thrust me into Brighton for the day, Brighton being a notoriously 'liberal' city, they gleefully anticipated my appalled reaction to the filth...

 And appalled I was....

Brighton is a city where large fat men who should be brick laying or driving articulated haulage trucks walk hand in hand down the street in ''vegetarian shoes'', where white women in their 50's strut around dressed up as Pocahontas. Everybody under 30 is a purple haired, nose pierced Social Justice Warrior, strong healthy men play karaoke guitar ballads while waving their matted, stinking dreads around while wearing ''Corbyn's Girl'' t-shirts. 

 Imagine a city where the political debate was focused on whether the Greens or LibDems were the most liberal, that's Brighton's reality. Brighton is pretty much home to the queer/LBGTQ scene in Britain, Brighton was the most pro EU of all Britain's cities in the referendum.  When the good people of Brighton go for an after work pint after a long hard day of Oriental meditations on perfectly manicured lawns, the pub will greet them with signs such as this one: 

But just in case you're thinking Brightonians are easily offended snowflakes then think again, because once you're inside that pub your little girl can wash her hands and drink from the dick tap sculpture proudly on display and nobody will raise an eyebrow piercing.

Brighton wears its liberalism like a 20 stone tranny in a Dolly Parton wig, loud brash and unrelentingly intrusive.

 Remarkably though, it seems to be working for them, and it was this that N. Theberton and I discussed for hours. How was it possible for a city to be not much more than a cliched hippy theme park, where most of the 'work' people seemed to be doing amounted to peddling ethnic junk such as bags and slippers, glass ornaments and badges, hawking left liberal slogans, turned into the foundation of a city's economy, is that a viable model?

 Brighton has a substantial but not overwhelming non-white population, blacks, mulattoes and Asians of Oriental and Indian ethnicity, mainly. The blacks appeared to be taking care of manual labour while the middle class whites danced on the grass and strummed guitars on the paths. But again and again I raised the point: Where was the wealth for all this sloth being generated? if extreme liberalism and a successful multicultural experience was possible in Brighton then why wasn't it being exported? why couldn't whites in Sunderland work 5 hours a day flogging Chilean panpipes and cartoons of Donald Trump?

The fact is Brighton's wealth comes down to just a few sources, tourism, retired celebrities and businessmen/women and a massive government refurbishment program which vastly increased the wealth of home owners in the late 90's and early 2000's. 

As ever, it takes an enormous amount of unearned wealth to become a socialist revolutionary, or an owner of a shop called ''Choccywoccydoodah''(!). 

 Brightonians, then, have what they themselves might call 'privilege' because until the sun stops shining and the sea dries up they'll be guaranteed an annual economic boom. The scenic Victorian and Edwardian architecture helps too of course, but their modern liberal model didn't create that either. However, exploiting their privilege the Brightonian liberals have managed to punch far above their weight in the liberal media and use it to enforce their own liberalism onto the wider British population, at least to a degree. When the Greens and LibDems look to Brighton and all the cheerful spastics doing ''performance art'' for a living they might well assume that the only thing preventing Burnley or Hull achieving this nirvana is old fashioned white racism, or at the very least, their social conservatism. 

 But even then you have to ask, how much more liberalism can a city take? one shop featured a banner in the window saying ''Let's fill this city with artists!'' by which they mean, ''Let's increase our output of left wing bollocks via pretentious pro-refugee and anti-Brexit propaganda!''. The targets of their ire, of course, are the working class whites slaving under 12 hour shifts in bottle factories who, if they're lucky, might be able to afford a holiday in Brighton...where they can be lectured to by these self obsessed, narcissistic, spoiled retards.

 As I mulled over the arrogance and general weirdness of Brighton we wandered past the impressive Brighton pavilion building, outside side by side sat a fat African woman and yet another shambolic white man, matted dreadlocks and the ubiquitous commie star on faded t-shirt combo. The African woman played bongo drums (really!) and he played some sort of tambourine instrument and danced, or rather, swayed from side to side on his bench. 

It occurred to me that blacks, including the fat woman, must view this nutter with extreme contempt but at the same time know on a deeper level that he's no threat to them in any way. You can castrate a rapist and he'll never rape again, but he might continue to think about raping. But the white cuck coward with dreads who acts as the dancing monkey to an African woman is far more gelded, he can't even think of breaking his programming.

 As Orwell didn't quite say ''The Middle Class lefty is allowed intellectual freedom because he has no intellect''. His intellectual castration has been so complete, so total, that he's literally become the dancing monkey sidekick of an African immigrant.

 Brighton's public library reinforced this in the foyer where they had a couple of book stands wrapped in stripped police tape like a murder scene. A sign hung on the tape explained ''Banned Books'', these books were controversial, dangerous and edgy, yet from today's perspective the books were innocuous, Lady Chatterley's Lover, Lord of the Flies, Fifty Shades of Grey, 1984 and Richard Dawkins ''God Delusion'' were among the titles. We can quibble about whether or not Lord of the Flies is Right Wing or not, but the general trend was to celebrate cultural battles the Left had won 50 years ago.
 Tommy Robinson's ''Enemy of the State'' or Douglas Murray's ''Strange Death of Europe'' are recent books which many in ethno-nationalist circles would regard as tame, but to the Brightonian they are so completely beyond the pale that they can't even be described as controversial. They don't exist, and the ideas and arguments held within them are simply ''Hate''.

 In a recent interview with Mark Steyn Douglas Murray quipped: 
''Being a masochist is all well and good until a genuine sadist arrives''
To which Steyn replied:
''Yeah, a sadist who doesn't even know that there is a safe word!''
They were of course referring to Islam and Muslims, Brighton still has relatively few Muslims and so that is just another hardship they've ducked, and yet their ideals are an absolute guarantee that they, like the working class whites of the North, will meet them sooner or later. They do have some though, and so on Brighton promenade the question was answered, what does happen when a masochist meets a sadist?

 The answer is this:

A white woman in full Islamic garb walking ten feet behind her non-white Muslim husband, that is what happens when a masochist meets a sadist.

 There are certainly good people in Brighton, one of them put me up for the night, yet as a northerner I can't help but feel a deep contempt and resentment to what Brighton is, what it represents. The story of the North is one of betrayal and neglect, visit Blackpool or Middlesborough and the evidence is impossible to miss, we had to live their ideals while they were buffered from the reality of what those ideals meant if you weren't cocooned from them. But they'll discover all of this themselves in time, and perhaps then we can begin trying to get England as a whole out of this mess.

I'd like thank all my friends in the South for their warmth and hospitality and I hope to see you all again soon......

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