Monday, 31 July 2017

SS Britannia: Flying Pyramids and Hadrian’s Wall

Radio Aryan

Expanding on the heretical article that seemed to shock Kraut and Tea so much, Sven Longshanks and Subal discuss the Dalston riots and children’s BBC series ‘The Story of Britain’ which features Black Celts, Black Romans, Black Saxons and Black Normans and casts the indigenous British Whites as thieving dole-scum in need of a superior Negro intellect to teach them how to place one brick on top of another.

It is bad enough that Negroes have to be inserted into every BBC TV program but making the Whites out to be thieves is just vindictive and spiteful. Africans did come to Britain, but they were White Africans, they were not the cannibal savages that live in north Africa today. Carthage used to be the bread basket of Europe when it was a part of the Roman empire, clearly it was not being maintained by Black Africans. Diodrus Siculus even wrote about the Negroes in 30BC effectively saying that they could not be civilised and were no better than savages with the nature of wild beasts.

At the turn of the last century in America, it was decided that since the Negro had no written language or history of his own, that he would be given a new fictional one, designed to elevate his self esteem and get him interested in learning. This is why we have Negroes thinking they built the pyramids and this same madness has now made it’s way to Britain. The Black student head of Cambridge University’s equality group even seems to think Blacks have always been in Dalston and that Whites are trying to colonise it. Never mind the fact he is only in university because White people paid for him to go with a scholarship fund.

Blacks will never be equal to Whites and it is cruel to teach them that they can be, it just leads them to resent us because if they are equal to us, then their failures and incompetence must be caused by the White man somehow keeping them down.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

SS Britannia: Flying Pyramids and Hadrian’s Wall – SS 073117

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