Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Banned From Paypal!

This is just a very brief and impromptu post. Many regular readers will be aware that giant tech companies are purging non politically correct content of the ''Right Wing'' variety from the internet by any means at their disposal, and they have a lot of means.

 Thus far I've gone largely unnoticed, I'm not involved with real world politics or any organisations, I'm literally just a bloke who pontificates from a blog, it's what blogs are for! However, it just came to my attention that PayPal have blocked me. The purpose of this post is to tell everybody who donated a few quid each month into the blog pot via Paypal to stop doing so as soon as they can. PayPal have allowed me to empty the account before they lock it. 

 Few people did donate, but unlike many content creators in our sphere I've never been dependent on the blog for my income. So money was never really an issue here, but I do feel it my duty to inform everyone who did donate to stop doing so. PayPal's issue, judging from the emails and notifications I've received, is not me, and certainly not anyone who donated, but that they don't want their ''brand'' associated with a blog like this.

 Obviously we aren't communists and it is a nice feeling to receive donations for the work  I do here and I'll figure something else out in the coming weeks, probably ''Hatreon'' which everybody is talking about.

 For now, however, I'd just like to thank all the people who made small monthly donations via PayPal from the bottom of my heart, it was very much appreciated, thank you. 

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