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Feminist Journalists Are Horrified By Alt-Right Valkyries

Searching for news on the Charlottesville drama last week I found myself stumbling over a freshly emerging trend when searching ''Alt-Right'' on the internet. Now I'm well aware that the mass media think white men such as myself are scum, but what surprised me is that the liberal press now have our Shield Maidens in their sights too. The problem; Too many white women are dropping off the edgy but not 'Whoa! crazy edgy!' safety zone of complaining about feminism and 'identity politics' and instead deciding to wander wistfully into the wheat-fields. 

 Here's a sample of the articles 

The article above was published in the New Statesmen and is a bit of a mind-bender, essentially it's a rebuttal of all the other articles on white women joining the Alt-Right by arguing that they're an oppressed victim of...yeah, white men, of course. 

As I waded my way through this stuff I began to notice that all of them were written by liberal left white women, and that they were feminists, and they all cited extensively from an article by Seyward Darby, another female, liberal, feminist journalist. 

What actually happened here is worthy of comment, one liberal left journalist feminist actually did the leg work and interviewed and watched content by prominent women in the Alt-Right and produced a 10,000 word article on it. Her work was then feasted upon by a her peers who're, presumably,  too lazy to produce their own original content. This indolence is quite shocking when we consider that all of the Alt-Right women in question can be found on Twitter and easily interviewed there.  

 The system of White Privilege and the supremacy of white males is one in which I, a white male, stand in a factory for 45 hours a week pushing a button for a smidgen over minimum wage, while the people I oppress collect handsome salaries for being too lazy to send a Tweet! This is the worst supremacy ever!   

So Darby's article is the ''Big Kahuna'' and we shall dispense with the ''work'' of the slouches and get right to hers. Darby's article is based around an interview with Red Ice Radio's Lana Lokteff which took place at the recent Charlottesville demonstration. Her report quotes white Nationalist women such as 'Wife with a Purpose', Tara MacCarthy and YouTuber Bre Faucheux extensively.

Jonathan Bowden once said that there were two areas of discourse which liberalism can't deal with, liberalism, he said ''breaks its teeth on them'' those areas of discourse are racial Nationalism and religious fundamentalism. The reason for the inability of liberalism to defeat either is because neither have a liberal values system at their core, they are not different branches on the liberal tree, they're different trees entirely. 

 What's interesting about Darby's article is that she's attempting to apply two strands of Jewish left wing intellectualism to white Nationalism: Feminism and Critical Theory, but as we shall see, neither apply, they ''break their teeth on it''. 

Darby introduces Lana Lokteff as the ''Queen Bee'' of white Nationalist women and then paraphrases her to introduce our ideas to her audience:

 By design, the sexes are not equal, physically or otherwise, but they are complementary and equally important. Men are strong and rational, women yielding and emotional; men are good at navigating politics, women at nurturing family units; men make decisions, women provide counsel. The survival of the white race depends on both sexes embracing their roles.

The above quote applies to all people throughout the world, throughout history, it is only in the last 50 years, since Jewish academics such as Adorno and Betty Friedan had their Neo Marxism bulldoze its way across the American university campus, that these norms, for whites, were turned on their heads. Consider, in terms of distance traveled, the traditional relationship norm has walked from Manchester to Vladivostok, a comparable distance traveled by second wave feminism and Cultural Marxism would be the distance from your sofa to your TV set. And yet the liberal idiot sneers as if the opposite were true, as if their ideas were eternal, and not just a decades old scam played out for the ethnic interests of others.

No movement can survive on men alone. As one female pundit recently wrote, the prospect of the alt-right attracting women “terrifies the left, and it should, because they know that once a threshold of female involvement is reached, there’s no going back.” The philosophical answer is more complex — as are the intellectual contortions women must perform to justify participating in a movement so hostile to their freedom.
The definition of ''freedom'' here is an interesting example of a liberal applying liberal thinking to a non liberal world view. In what way has feminism made women ''free'', it has done sexually, but this simply meant men had an abundance of sex on tap with no need to commit themselves to a single woman. Women were liberated in the same way chickens were liberated from the coop to be met by hundreds of hungry foxes upon ''liberation''. 

Women can work of course, indeed, most women have to work whether they want to or not, and the vast majority of women don't have careers which involve being too lazy to pull a story written by somebody else off Twitter. For most women it means leaving the house at 06.00 am and dumping the kids, if they have any! on a day care centre which will swallow much of the wages she's earned by working in the first place. 

 An inability to devote themselves to one man who deserves her, while working night-shifts and competing with men on the job have left so many women depressed and confused there'll probably be stats on it...oh....there is.... 

The bloggers noted how unhappy modern women are. To an extent, research bears out this idea: In 2009, the economists Betsey Stevenson and Justin Wolfers published a seminal study which found that as women’s rights expanded, their happiness declined.

For a feminist to blithely quote that and then move swiftly on is astonishing, what, then, is the purpose of feminism? here again we see the problem of applying liberal left thought to Nationalist thinking. The Nationalist wants our women to live happy and fulfilling lives, we believe that can be achieved by giving way to nature and biology, understanding each and building our lives in accordance with them. To the left it would seem that happiness is irrelevant, what matters is that women are ''equal'' to men materially, but if that doesn't actually make women happy then...whatever, just deal with it!  

Throughout her article Darby attempts to try and find a divide within the Alt-Right to separate men and women.
She claims that many of the highest-rated Radio 3Fourteen episodes have female guests — to her eyes, a sure sign that male viewers like them.
There's obviously a lot of men in white Nationalist circles who're simultaneously amazed and overjoyed that so many white women are taking an interest and joining our ranks, but once again Darby is trying to crowbar ''equality'' into the discourse. The simple fact is more women will be interested in Brittany Pettibone's advice on finding a ''Traditional Man'' than will be interested in David Duke's latest exposure of Jewish Bolshevism and Holodomor. There is no issue in that, it is not ''problematic'' we do not need to look into the demographics and neither Brittany nor Duke need to form a think tank to try and make more young white women interested in Bolshevism and more young white men interested in how to find the perfect guy! Girls like girly things and boys like boy's stuff.

The wider problem liberals, especially feminists, have with young white women joining the Alt-Right is that such women are not ignorant of what liberalism and feminism has to offer. No demographic in history has been subjected to the sheer volume of brainwashing propaganda that white woman under 40 have today. And yet despite it all increasing numbers of them are rejecting the program, all of it. 

Feminism, like the left in general, holds that capitalism enslaves women, yet their response is to have women beg for just as many crumbs from the capitalist table as men. However, if white women all left the Western workforce tomorrow to concentrate on home and child rearing the capitalist system would collapse over night. Weirdly this never occurred to the left who're obsessed with women partaking in the system. The Nationalist response is to let the system die, indeed, to stamp it into the earth and burn it, the left demand that women lie back and think of the central banks and ''career choices''.

 Now that's a pithy summation, a ''critique'' if you like, of second wave feminism and the New Left, but there in lies their fear of white women, as I noted in another post  critical thinking of the leftist, Jewish variety, is like a mighty old canon, it can dish out the damage and the slaughter, but when circumvented and attacked itself it's revealed to be hollow, to be fragile and weak, like a little girl.

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