Friday, 11 August 2017

Living In A Madhouse: A Hero Of The North Tells His Story

Many readers will be aware that Newcastle, my home town, has been hit with a major Islamic 'Grooming' scandal this week, with 287 white girls reported abused and other investigations underway.

 I'll certainly be writing full posts on this outrage in the coming weeks but for now I'd like to highlight the bravery of James Lamb, a young local lad who was arrested for staging a one man protest by walking straight into Newcastle city centre with ''Stop Muslim Grooming Gangs'' and ''White Children Matter'' written across his face, forehead, chest and back. 
After seeing his Tweet posted in the comments of the previous article I contacted James and asked him if he felt like telling me what happened, his motivations etc and he has done. What follows is James's story in his own words.......

What happened was I was in Gateshead city centre. I live in Gateshead. And have lived in Gateshead and Newcastle all my life. I walked into home bargains and as soon as I walked in the front page of the chronicle (our local paper) hit me and I felt mad. I am well informed about mass Muslim grooming of white girls in England. I heard something on the telly in the days leading up to this but couldn't bare to listen because it makes me sick and I've had enough of it. So I didn't know it was in my local area until I looked at the front page of the chronicle in the shop. I felt like shouting in the shop and telling all the English what we are all going to live with. Where I live in Gateshead has changed in the last two years from 99% white to immigrants everywhere you turn. 

So I left the shop and said I am going to Newcastle city centre to protest in some way. So I went to poundland I bought a sharpie marker. I still wasn't to sure how too go about it. So I went to the toilets in Gateshead high street and said I will write it on my head. Then I realised I couldn't do it right on my own. So I wrote it on my arms. I then went to look for someone who would write it on my head. I passed a bar and seen four girls drinking and asked if they would do it and they agreed. So then I walked to Newcastle over the bridge I was really mad. A lot of people where looking at me already. As I walked to the centre of Newcastle I thought I would go and get some card or something then I thought just take your top off and write on your body. So I went to a back lane that had a car that I could use as a mirror and tried  to write it myself but again I couldn't do it properly.
 So I said I'll walk around and look for somebody who's not to snobby to do it. I walked around for a while...
Than came across the young lad who was at work on his break I said ''do is a favour will you write this, this and this on my front, back and face. And he said no problem I'm down for that'' course he knew what it was all about. I really loved him for helping me at that moment I shook his hand and went to greys monument which is the centre of Newcastle city.

 I then stood there for about 30minutes. Then the police came and told me to put my top on and leave. At this point I still wanted to get the message across for longer so left. When I passed the police I took my top back off and headed for the metro I wanted to go to my home town Gateshead and do the same I had in Newcastle. So I got to Gateshead. Only one stop. Went to the centre and stood on a platform that is there with steps to make myself bigger. All the workers where looking out of the shop windows I was getting a lot of attention like I had in Newcastle. Then after a while I decided to go back to Newcastle but then the police van pulled up that had been tracking me from Newcastle I was arrested and taken back over the water to Newcastle.

 I was put in a cell then interviewed. This was all new to me. I was charged I believe with something like racially aggravated. I'm not 100% sure it's my personality I just couldn't give a monkeys what was being said it all went over my head. I didn't get a charge sheet so I am honestly not sure. But before I left the copper said it will now go to the cps to see if it will go any further. 

When I got home I went to my nana's house which is where all my relatives gather I seen my family and felt really sad that she would grow up in a terrible country. I will do whatever I personally can to keep it from my door step. I have no money and can't do anything about the rest of the country's problems. But will do my best for now to oppose it in my local area. To me it will be a war simple as that. I'm willing to go to jail for this cause it has been going on long enough. Lastly I'll just say the pictures don't show I had stop ''Muslim grooming gangs'' and ''white children matter'' on both sides of my face and head. The police made me wash it off before I left the station. 

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