Monday, 21 August 2017

SS Britannia: The Fallout From Charlottesville

Radio Aryan

Sven Longshanks and Brutus of Troy cover the fallout from Charlottesville in this week’s episode of SS Britannia. Subal starts by explaining why he now wishes to be known as Brutus of Troy, drawing attention to the Trojan heritage of the British people. He has a new blog and has also been looking at alternative platforms and software that we can use to get around the silencing of our views on the internet.

Anyone from the centre to the Right is now a designated nazi white supremacist and the Left are going to do all they can to pretend that our views and opinions do not exist. The BBC were calling the free speech rally in Boston at the weekend a ‘so-called free speech rally’ implying that the organisers were just as bad as the Islamic state. There were dark-skinned Indians  speaking at this event with ‘Black lives do matter’ placards, yet still the speakers were labelled as white supremacists. Barely 20 people turned up after the organisers distanced themselves completely from the Alt-Right, which shows us 2 things. 1. We are what people are attracted to, not conservatism and 2. No matter what you do or say, if you are not a Leftist then you will be called a nazi by the media and be seen as fair game for violent attacks by their stooges the antifa.

Hosting companies that you hire a name from for a site have now become the arbitrary deciders of whether or not your voice can be heard online and this goes against all principles of fairness and open debate. Payment processing companies are refusing to honour their contracts if they dont like the ideas of their customers and even Wordpress and Soundcloud have been removing people’s accounts for daring to have a different opinion to the politically correct one.

There are ways around these stumbling blocks and Brutus has been looking into some of them, suggesting using new video hosting platforms and a browser that isn’t Google. We could also try writing to the companies that host our sites pointing out that even though they don’t like what we say, none of it is illegal and none of it calls for violence. We should congratulate those companies that do host us and we should help to advertise them.

In the end, all these attempts to silence us will just make us stronger, as we find new ways to defeat them and develop software and companies of our own to compete with the Jew owned ones.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Brutus of Troy

SS Britannia: The Fallout From Charlottesville – SS 082117

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