Monday, 14 August 2017

SS Britannia: The Right Gets United

Radio Aryan

Sven Longshanks and Subal take a break from discussing British topics for the week and look at the recent Unite the Right event in Charlottesville.

Making Nationalists walk through Antifa to get to their rallying point and putting the counter-demonstrators right next to the protesters is exactly what the police always do in Britain. They are supposed to be there to protect the peace, but instead they create conditions guaranteed to cause a breach of the peace so that they can then use it as pretext to shut the event down. The enemy is so terrified that people will hear what we have to say and support us instead of them that they stoop to using this tactic every time. Stop them from doing this and you will stop them from shutting it down.

The protest happened on a very auspicious date, with many revolutions beginning on the same day and God was obviously not happy at the way his children were being treated as he sent one car flying into a pack of 30 Antifa and caused a police helicopter to fall out of the sky killing two of the traitor police. The media is full of lies about how violent the Nationalists were, yet it was the Nationalists that were carrying defensive shields, not the Antifa, who were throwing missiles and went there looking for a fight.

This was a huge win for us, it has succeeded in getting support from Anne Coulter, Infowars, Cernovich and others, while British soft Right pundits Katie Hopkins and David Vance showed tacit support and even Tommy Robinson applauded it at first, before caving in after seeing a swastika. The mainstream right wing commentators are still denouncing it, but the alternative ones have all come onside, so the mission to unite the Right has succeeded, even if in a way different to the one planned. Even Rebel media were supportive and the majority of the protesters were clearly Jew-wise and Hitler-friendly. This showed that we have huge numbers behind us and what we are doing is massively attractive to young people, as it shocks the older generations so much. All youth movements break taboos, but this is the first time that one is not controlled by the Jews and has genuine noble aims behind it.

Best wishes to Henrik and Lana on the birth of a child and we hope they get Red Ice back up and running soon.

Presented by Sven Longshanks and Subal

SS Britannia: The Right Gets United – SS 081417

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